15 Best Artificial Trees (They Do Not Look Fake At All!)
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preserved palm trees at Mirdif City Centre Dubai
Updated on 31st Jan 2018 by Planters Artificial
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All About Artificial Trees

Most business owners love to add some touch of greenery in their interior (and even exterior) spaces but they lack the time to allot for its maintenance. Fortunately, artificial plants, flowers, and trees offer the best solution to the problem. There is no need of watering like live foliage requires, yet they provide aesthetic and psychological benefits like their real counterparts. Artificial trees, for example, add exotic ornamental glamour and colour to any space, plus, they do not wither and are very low maintenance.

preserved palm trees at Mirdif City Centre Dubai

If you’re searching for the best artificial trees in 2018 to add to your space, you’ll have to realise that even the most basic understanding of landscaping make it easier for you to make a decision. Therefore, to make sure that you’ll be choosing the best type of artificial tree for your interior or exterior needs, you need to consider different aspects which include size, quality, and material. You also need to look at how it will fit within your existing design.  

Important Features to Consider When Choosing Artificial Trees

When looking for the most realistic artificial tree, there are certain key features that you must consider. These trees can last for a long time. It’s good to look for the most perfect one in order to enjoy a rewarding artificial tree experience. Here are some factors to consider:

Number of Branch Tips

The number of branch tips is usually connected to how real the fake tree will look. The more the tips a particular tree will have, the more real it will appear. 

Type of Branches

The type of branches that your artificial tree has affect the arrangement and assembly of the tree after purchasing. Some trees have hinged branches while others have the ones that need to be screwed in. The one with hinged branches is easier when it comes to assembly.

Material Used

Artificial trees are made of polyethylene and/or PVC. Polyethylene is usually considered as posing fewer health dangers than PVC. It is therefore good to go for a suitable combination or alternative that will balance realism and environmental or health concerns. 

Assembly, Disassembly, and Storage

You need a tree that will be easy to assemble and disassemble. If the tree provides you with a hard time fitting it back to the box for storage, it may not be worth your efforts.


Depending on where you want to put your artificial tree, the height, width, and girth are important specifications that you need to consider. You also need to consider displaying a unique, natural-looking artificial tree using specifications that are unique to your specific circumstances.


It is easier to think that since you’re purchasing fake trees and may dispose it later on, you’ll have to opt for the cheaper variants. However, you’ll realise soon enough that you’re actually compromising the image of your brand. Most clients and customer nowadays evaluate the companies’ reputation by how their business offices’ look and when you choose cheap artificial foliage that exudes “fakeness”, it may actually convey a negative message.
It’s better to invest on artificial trees that do not only enhance your office’s character and promote your brand, but can also last longer without spending too much of a fortune. 

And this list is what it’s all about. 

15 Best Artificial Trees for your Business

1. Artificial Green Bamboo Tree 

Artificial Green Bamboo at Apparel GroupThis artificial tree, like all others, does not require watering. It comes in different sizes and designs that suit all displays. You can choose from the popular four-foot bamboo silk tree that features nine stalks with more than 540 leaves. This beautiful tree provides one of the most realistic artificial trees that you can get in the market. 

You can decide to display it on its own or display it together with other bamboo plants. This can create one of the most beautiful indoor or outdoor bamboo landscapes. 
Artificial Ficus Silk Tree features several advantageous qualities compared to its real counterpart. The Ficus Tree is usually fussy and leafless in all light environments. This artificial one is always luxuriant. It also has deep green leaves that make it beautiful and exciting to look at. 

Artificial Ficus Tree at SAMA Lagoons

2. Artificial Ficus Silk Tree

The tree contains more than 1010 leaves fitted on a number of strong branches. It stands at six feet and makes the perfect life-like Ficus Silk Tree experience. It can be displayed on its own or be beautifully placed beside your picture window. This can even be placed at the entrance of your office or home.  

3. Fruit Olive Ball Tree 

If you are looking for the finest artificial trees of 2018, these artificial trees will provide what you are looking for. The trees feature tall, slender yet strong trunks. 

Fruit Olive Ball artificial tree needs no maintenance and can be displayed anywhere. It comes in different sizes; you can choose from 90cm to 180cm. 

4. Paradise Artificial Palm Tree

If you are looking for a chance to enjoy the tropical ambience, the paradise artificial palm tree will provide you this. It is tall enough to make out well and short enough to fit in your small office or apartment room. The tree features beautiful fronds that extend to every direction covered with flashily styled leaves. 

Designed to fit in the majority of display areas, this palm tree is a great choice for your next office revamp.

5. Artificial Bay Laurel Ball Tree

This tree is suited for almost all landscapes, especially outdoors. The tree comes in different sizes and shapes so you can choose whatever meets your height preference and where you want to display them. If you are looking for that unique yet vibrant artificial tree for your display, Bay Laurel Ball Tree is perfect for you. 

6. Artificial Areca Palm Tree

This artificial Areca palm tree ranges from 90 to 360cm in height. It features a real-looking palm trunk in order to replicate that tropical feeling of palm trees. This artificial tree blends well with all décors and styles at your home or in your office. 

The tree is so natural-looking that no one would think that it’s only a replica!

7. Spiral Artificial Topiary Tree

Spiral Topiary on Planters
The spiral artificial topiary tree provides an exotic feel to any space. It has the capacity to make any ordinary-looking office to appear luxurious and expensive. It will definitely impress any visiting client and makes the employees feel more relaxed. To make the most out of this tree, it is best displayed beside your door and office window.

8. Artificial Kentia Palm Silk Tree

Loaded with beautiful fronds of realistic palm leaves, these four-feet artificial kentia palm silk trees are perfect for both home and office displays. If you are looking for the perfect addition to your gloomy, dark office, this is your perfect choice. The tree does not need a lot of maintenance throughout the year. Just a simple dusting will do to keep its freshness and vibrance.

The tree provides a perfect real-life palm experience in any home or office environment. You can display it anywhere you like, either indoors or outdoors.

9. Artificial Palm Robellini Tree

This artificial palm robellini tree ranges from 180 to 305cm in height to provide that tropical style needed in a bigger indoor and outdoor space. This tree is perfect for your office lobby, showroom, department store and any space where you need that tropical look from. 

To complete the look of your perfect-looking palm tree, you may choose from Planters’ containers to make a more personalised and branded look. 

10. Artificial Palm Phoenix Tree

This is a cost-friendly artificial tree that can be displayed indoors. Like all other fake trees in the market, artificial palm phoenix tree does not need watering or being exposed to sunlight. It also does not require pruning as compared to its real counterpart, though it looks just as real. This tree is best suitable for displays in areas where live trees would not be supported. 
You can use any preferred planter or pot for your tree to achieve your desired style. 

11. Artificial Japanese Maple Tree

Are you considering adding a maple tree to your landscape design? The Japanese artificial Japanese maple tree provides a perfect example of how these types of trees can bring luxury to your modern house or office. As a result of the fact that this tree is hand-made, you will find that each tree is unique. It is also made of genuine barks and fine leaves and comes in different sizes, shapes, colours and designs. You can choose from Burgundy, Winter Green, Red Green or even Capensia. The choice is yours depending on your preferences and tastes. The tree ranges from 90 to 180cm, providing a range of choices for the areas you want your trees displayed. 

12. Artificial Cherry Tree Spring Blossom 

In most interior landscapes, and even in some exterior designs, you would need an additional colour to add some excitement and character to it. In these instances, artificial Cherry Tree Spring Blossom would be the perfect choice. 

It’s best to add in dull-looking and monochromatic interior. This tree provides the new alternative that brightens up the mood and ambience of a certain space with its light pink blossoms. It is a stunning copy of Japanese cherry blossoms, perfect for those who love springtime bloom.

13. Artificial Banana Tree

Artificial Banana Tree on planters

Artificial Banana tree is a perfect replica of its natural counterpart. It does not require a lot of maintenance. Though artificial banana trees are best for exterior landscapes, when purchased with the perfect plant container, you can still add it to your interior design and transform your office and lounges to a unique, tropically-inspired environment. 

14. Artificial Pure Garden Ficus Tree

The artificial pure garden ficus tree is carefully crafted to replicate the same green look of the real one. This tree can be displayed anywhere in your office, both indoors and outdoors. Wherever it is displayed, this tree will certainly give a welcoming impression to all guests and employees.

15. Bespoke Artificial Ficus and Oak Liana Trees

Artificial Trees Landscape at Le Meridian Extension
With roots spiraled around the trunk and vibrant green leaves arising from the mid branches to the top, no one would ever imagine that these trees are not real.  These personalised ficus and oak trees cater to the clients’ preferences and design requirements. 

When you opt for these type of artificial trees, you need to have the perfect planter to achieve the desired look for your office or space. Remember that these are tall trees so you might want to consider the available vertical space of your office before the purchase.

Design Tips (and Hacks) for Artificial Trees

Once you’ve decided on the artificial tree for your space, you can now arrange them according to your personal preferences, according to the display areas and according to the existing design. It is therefore important to ensure that your trees are arranged properly to bring out the best of them. Here are a few things that you should remember when putting up designs for your artificial trees:

  • Check with your supplier if the artificial plant you purchased is UV protected. If not, avoid displaying them on areas with direct sunlight for a long period of time. Direct sun will expose the stalks and leaves to the effects of UV rays which can, for prolonged exposure, damage the tree or even cause discolouration. 
  • Avoid displaying your artificial tree in an area that will expose them to prolonged wetness. Wetness for a long period will damage your trees.
  • Wipe the tree leaves, constantly dust them off and remove any foreign materials that can settle on them. This is to keep your artificial trees in perfect condition. Whether your trees are displayed outdoors or indoors, they should be cleaned regularly to make them last longer and maintain their beauty and splendor. 
  • To enhance stiffness, most of the artificial trees have steel and wires in the stems, trunks and leaves. A little exposure to water or rain does not damage them. However, caution should be taken to ensure that these materials are not damaged over time. 

The Verdict & Why Choose Planters Artificial 

Artificial trees provide perfect alternatives to real ones. They come with quite a number of benefits in comparison and can be used in places and areas where live plants cannot thrive. These trees are long lasting and do not require a lot of maintenance. Unlike natural trees that take time to grow to suitable sizes, artificial trees come with the desired size or height to fit the display areas and personal preferences. 

Interior Landscape with Artificial Trees

Still not convinced to try artificial trees for your next revamp? Here’s a quick recap of the benefits you’ll get:

Artificials are low maintenance

They don’t need watering, weeding and pruning. They don’t even need sunlight.

Reduced Water Bills

Since these artificial trees do not need watering, you don’t have to worry about increased water bills.

Health Benefits When You Choose Artificial

Appearance of greenery in different environment, including schools, hospitals and offices, makes the people feel better.

  • It reduces stress.
  • Greenery increases productivity in office settings.

Availability throughout the Year

Some living foliage and trees are seasonal so you won’t get the same freshness and vibrance throughout the year. But with the artificial ones, you’ll still enjoy the same benefit you get from day one plus a little dusting and maintenance.

Lifetime Saving

At first look, it may appear that artificial trees are more expensive than the real ones. However, when you take the maintenance (which includes watering and pruning) cost to consideration, you’ll realise that you’ll be saving a lot more!


Artificial trees last long and you won’t have to worry about it being damaged when handled incorrectly compared to their living counterpart which you need to handle with absolute care most of the time.

Final Words

Indoor Landscape with Artificial Plants and Trees in Times Square Centre Dubai
Though artificial trees are generally durable, there will still be drawbacks when not properly installed and low-quality types are chosen, especially in Dubai and the whole UAE and Middle East where temperatures can go up as high as 54 Degree centigrade. This is the reason why Planters Artificial makes sure that only the best quality of materials are used to produce the most botanically accurate artificial trees. Aside from that, the artificial trees were also manufactured with UV coating to ensure the long-lasting appearance and colour.

The consultants at Planters Artificial have the capabilities and expertise in artificial installations, enabling them to design great landscapes for your office spaces. 

So, if you are looking to improve your business offices’ interior or your building’s outdoor ambience but doesn’t have the time and resources to maintain natural trees and foliage, artificial trees are your perfect replacement to the real, living ones, either indoors or outdoors. 

Consult the expert team of Planters Artificial today and be amazed by how they can make artificial trees and landscapes transform your previously dull space. 
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