15 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Landscaping
15 Facts About Landscaping You (Probably) Didn't Know!
Updated on 22nd May 2018 by Planters Artificial
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Interior and Exterior Landscaping

 Interior and exterior landscaping have always been popular, and today these forms of landscaping are even most important; especially for businesses located within the confines of concrete cities that are looking to add a touch of colour to their premises. Exterior landscaping can add value to your property and interior landscaping helps bring about more harmony, which is always a huge plus in the business world. Artificial landscaping has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. The selection of artificial options for your landscaping project now available is truly staggering. This means that whether you choose to hire a professional landscaper landscaper company in Dubai to plant real-life trees and plants or install artificial trees and artificial green walls, there are still probably a few things you didn’t know about landscaping and how it could benefit you, your business and your employees.

You’ll be amazed at how much of an impact a good exterior or interior landscape design can have on your workplace. No matter what kind of business it is, there are plenty of positives regarding interior and exterior landscaping. And in contrast, there are very few negatives. Older cities like London have over hundreds of years built over and around the natural landscape that was there already. This means the few green spaces are well-planned and well-kept, not to mention historic for the most part. Newer cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi are making use of landscape to better shape the businesses and the way the people work. This is why the number of landscaping contractors Dubai uses has risen and why there is now more need than ever for Dubai landscape companies.

There are a number of things you need to consider when hiring a landscaper to take on your corporate or business landscaping needs, but first, you’ve got to understand the true benefits of hiring a professional landscaping service to transform the property.

Here Are 15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Landscaping:

Add Value to your Property with Great Exterior Landscaping

Did you know that by simply calling in some exterior landscaping experts to overhaul your outdoor space, you could increase the property’s value significantly? It’s true. Research suggests that with the correct use of exterior landscaping, it is possible for you to boost your property’s value by approximately 20%. The use of smart landscaping can push up sale prices whether it’s with real trees, a beautifully maintained lawn area, living roof or artificial green walls.

Businesses tend to overlook the above fact; it’s often one thing that’s not really considered, but the truth is, one day your current business premises could be sold. If and when that time comes, use landscaping to ensure that you get the highest possible return.

Perhaps you’re not looking at selling your property just yet. Perhaps it’s not even on the cards in the foreseeable future, but a well-maintained landscaped exterior garden areas will make the premises all the more attractive, so when it does come to finally selling up, you won’t have to settle for any old offer – your company will get premiumdeals.

Interior Landscaping can also add Value

It is not merely the outside of your property that you will be looked at if it comes time to sell, the inside can be one of the biggest opportunities to raise profit. The use of interior landscaping as a tool to add value to a property is on the rise. Many companies specialising in landscaping Abu Dhabi wide, can be seen to use the preserved palms Dubai cannot get enough of in order to decorate the interior of offices and other businesses. The use of both real or artificial trees and greenery to make an interior space more appealing is not only a smart choice but it is one that will add value in the long run.

The indoor artificial trees and plants Dubai has seen installed recently, have made a tremendous difference to the look but also the overall feel. It would seem that Dubai landscaping companies are beginning to see the real benefit of both real and artificial landscaping; and as so are starting to implement it in their designs for both inside and outside businesses.

Artificial Landscaping is the New Attraction

Landscaping Dubai over has seen a sort of revolution in the materials used on projects. Differing conditions and environments have meant that the need to find adaptable landscaping solutions has risen. Following that rise has come an answer to that growing need; artificial landscaping. By using artificial office trees and plant walls, Dubai has brought the feeling of growth and nature to offices with limited need for maintenance. With the use of artificial trees for indoor use, Abu Dhabi is showing that you do not need to have all that dirt and water to have the appearance and atmosphere of real trees.

Although the artificial trees Dubai landscape companies are using aren’t quite the real thing, believe it or not, there are some benefits to going artificial. These artificial trees need far less maintenance than the real deal, this means less work once they are installed as well as less of an overall cost.

Attract Serious Investors with a Better Property Design

On the subject of money and financial gain, you might be able to improve investment interest by improving the business’ overall look. Potential investors are interested in the business as a whole, such as the books, profits, risks, and collateral, which also includes the property and everything that goes with it! So, if you were to use the type of artificial plant wall Abu Dhabi landscaping companies are currently installing to create a green space within your business, this could up the level of investor that you are appealing to. Remember that any potential investor would also be interested in your companies carbon footprint so some sustainable landscaping could also help.

Reduce Stress Levels with Beautiful Exterior Landscaping

Life can be tough at times. There’s the daily pressure of office life, familiar pressures and many other things, but these stressors can be limited with more greenery. It’s a well-known fact that that looking out at a garden with trees, plants and flowers reduces job pressure. When people are able to see green, they’re more satisfied with both their personal and work lives.

Statistics would even suggest that when people have access to green exterior landscaped areas, there are fewer reported sicknesses and headaches in comparison to those who don’t have the luxury of having a beautiful green outside view.

Better Productivity using Interior Landscaping

While ensuring that your staff are happy and satisfied makes you a great boss, the benefit that your company will see does not stop there. The fact of the matter is that while being able to see green outside does help, if you take that one step further and introduce green spaces inside your business, then you will also better the productivity of your staff. It is proven that the addition of greenery to an office increases productivity. This means that the artificial plant walls Dubai landscape companies have installed over the past few years have helped raise productivity.

Only Skilled Landscapers will Match the Landscaping Project to the Architecture

A professional landscaping company’s knowledge doesn’t just stop at plant and tree types or tree placement. They’ll also be able to gauge a much bigger picture. As well as having exterior landscaping knowledge, they’ll also be able to advise you on what to go for in terms of trees, plants and so on so the greenery and outdoor area design will seamlessly complement the building’s architectural style. Skilled landscapers will also be able to advise you as to what would be the best choice of artificial or real trees and plants should be used to decorate the spaces inside your business.

The Demand for Quality Exterior Landscaping Services is Growing

More and more companies are recognising all the benefits of hiring a professional team to take on their exterior landscaping needs. There are many benefits of having a well-landscaped area, which is putting a great deal of pressure on the industry. In the Middle East, where natural greenery is much rarer, landscaping is one of the most sought-after services at the moment. That is why in terms of landscaping, Dubai has one of the fastest growing markets; also, the market for landscaping Abu Dhabi is seeing is on a similar track.

Aesthetic Landscaping vs. Functional Exterior Landscaping

When the mind conjures up images of landscaped outdoor spaces, it automatically represents beauty. Naturally, one of the main aims of any kind of landscaping, whether it’s interior landscaping or exterior landscaping, is for aesthetic purposes.

However, you can still make use of landscaping to improve your working spaces' appearance while taking into consideration its function within an area. Your landscaping design and placement of trees, green walls and plants can divide the landscape. With the careful placement of artificial green walls and trees, you can create public and private areas.

Create a Tropical Look

Landscape at JW Marriott

Certain trees only thrive in certain areas. However, if you opt to use artificial tree varieties, such as an artificial palm tree, you’ll be able to create a unique tropical look no matter where you are in the world. Turn your concrete courtyard into an oasis or create a tropical space where there used to be a corridor or store room. With the use of artificial trees and artificial plants, many businesses have been completely transformed.

A tropical exotic landscaping design adds to a luxury feel, which is why this particular landscaping design is a popular choice amongst hotels and international schools. Not only this, it’ll transport you to lands afar and help create a trademark look for your company. What’s more, adding more colour or a tropical touch to your landscaping will improve moods and happiness levels, so it’s a win-win situation!

Landscaped Areas Doesn’t Always Mean High Maintenance

Many people are put off undergoing extensive exterior landscaping projects because of the so-called maintenance involved. In the busy business world, no one really has time for such things. However, this doesn’t have to be so.

The answer lies in landscaping with artificial trees and plants instead. Artificial plants and trees are almost maintenance free. There’s zero watering involved and no trimming of hedges, leaves or branches. This is why many companies and even homeowners now prefer to have specialists install artificial garden walls and trees to complement their external location.

Artificial Green Walls and Trees are Flexible

One of the great things about choosing artificial green walls and trees to complement your outdoor business space is that they’re totally flexible, meaning they can be easily installed and moved from one location to another if need be. This also means that you do not tend to run into the same installation problems that you might with real plants. Artificial green walls and plants can be made to measure and adapted to fit almost any surface, especially certain places where real living walls or plants would not be suited.

It could be that you’re moving premises or it could be that you’d like to change the design of your external areas once again – whatever the reason might be, the removal of artificial trees and plants from your garden area is just as easy as the installation process. Leave it up to the professionals, and there’ll be no need for you to forgo your high-quality artificial greenery should you need to move.

Reduce Crime Using Landscaping

You would not necessarily think that crime and landscaping went hand in hand, but believe it or not, they do. It has been widely proven that areas that are maintained in a professional way manage to remain free of crime. This is due to the fact that these areas are usually designed using lighting and plants to cover areas that would otherwise be dark and inviting to the unsavoury types. If your business’ exterior is designed in a manner that lowers the possibility of crime, then your staff will have one less thing to worry about and increased comfort leads once again to better productivity.

It is also worth thinking about that it is not just your business that benefits from a lowering of crime in your immediate area. The businesses and residences around yours will also share in that drop in crime rate which could potentially push property prices up in the area and add yet more value to your business.

Landscaping Can Better your Sustainability

Turns out that it is not just your local crime rates and productivity that are affected by your landscaping choices; landscaping can also better your sustainability. If your company’s carbon footprint is something that you care about, then the correct use of landscaping can be a great help. The use of artificial plant walls and trees has cut down on the maintenance costs of many businesses. Other companies have seen their carbon emissions lowered by the use of real plants and trees both inside and outside their premises.

Creating a more sustainable business offers you the chance to join the new movement that is sweeping the globe. One which is making the future better by caring about and doing something to change the devastating effect we are having on the earth. Just one piece of sustainable landscaping has the ability to offset your company’s carbon footprint in a massive way.

Clever Exterior Landscaping Protects Against the Elements

Size matters! Not only can you monopolise your space, but you could also cut energy bills by going with a well-designed exterior landscape plan, and thus reducing costs in all areas is something of interest to every business.

Careful planting of trees or the installation of artificial green walls and trees can reduce heating costs in the winter months and cooling costs in the summertime. This also saves on maintenance costs.

Landscaping can provide shade. If placed in the right location, a real or artificial green wall can reduce solar heat in an office, lobby or classroom; it can even lower air-conditioning bills.

Tall trees or artificial garden walls can also act as effective windbreaks. Reduce wind chill towards the building by blocking out the wind. If done properly, this will create a space of what is referred to as ‘dead air’. This ‘dead air’ space helps insulate a building better, and as a result, you might even be able to cut your heating costs in the cooler months as well.

In closing, you can see that there is far more to landscaping than meets the eye. Not only that, but you will be able to take from this article that there are more than just a few ways in which landscaping, whether interior or exterior, real or artificial, has the ability to both make and save you money in the short term but also over the life of your company. You will now see the importance of choosing the right company for the job and the different money saving options that artificial landscaping can offer. While there are many landscape contractors Dubai businesses can choose from, Planters Artificial are the best option when it comes to artificial landscaping. Call us or send your enquiries today.
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