Top 40 Artificial Indoor Plants for Your Office Design in 2019
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Artificial Plant Installation
Updated on 24th Dec 2018 by Planters Artificial
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Artificial indoor plants and why your office needs them  

Artificial Plant InstallationWith 2019 just around the corner, there is an increasing pressure for offices and workspaces to update their old boring office designs. The world is moving forward and so should you. One great way of transforming your décor to bring it more in line with the office design of the future is with artificial office plants. Created by skilled craftsmen, the artificial plants that are available from industry leaders like Planters Artificial are amazingly lifelike and require less maintenance.

Not only are artificial office plants less hassle than their living counterparts but they are cheaper as well. There is only the initial cost and that’s it, no watering or maintenance costs included. If you want to know more on how these “fake plants” be at par with the real ones, why not have a look at our blog to learn on what to expect from your artificial office plants?

The technology surrounding artificial office plants is making it increasingly easy to get amazing results for a fraction of the lifetime cost of living plants. The current quality and selection of artificial plants that is available is astounding. See how you can make the most of your indoor landscaping with this informative blog, “The best indoor landscaping ideas for your office using artificial plants.”

Top 40 Artificial Plants for your Office Design in 2019

Here are the top 40 artificial office plants you can choose and some useful tips on how you can incorporate them into your interior design when you decide to go for artificial on your next office revamp.

Hanging Plants and Trails

By using artificial hanging plants and trails as part of your office design, you can cover larger areas with fewer plants needed. This type of artificial plants also works amazingly well when used in high planters or as part of a planted shelf structure. Hanging plants can also be used to create beautiful focal pieces. These artificial office plants are designed in a way that lets them hang down or trail along surfaces.

Artificial Hanging Plants                 
                                   Holland Ivy                                                   English Ivy                                                                 Pothos
1. Holland Ivy – The first on our list of hanging plants or trails is the beautiful artificial Holland Ivy. It is the perfect addition to any display. With mock variegated leaves to further its realistic look, this type of Ivy has a dark green leaf with lighter green edges.

2. English Ivy – Another great artificial Ivy is this English classic. This type of Ivy has a lighter green colour which makes it great for use in trail decoration. One interesting use of Ivy trail is to cover up unsightly pieces of infrastructure in the office such as pipes or vents.

3. Pothos –
The artificial Pothos bush is a very attractive evergreen hanging plant with dramatic ‘falling’ foliage. Use this type of hanging plant in pots places on high shelves to get the best effect as the leaves will delicately reach towards the floor. Artificial Pothos come in both bush and vine form, and can have either solid light green leaves or some varieties have a darker green leaf with light spots.
Artificial Hanging and Trail Plants                                Grape vine                                                           Boston Fern                                           Feather Fern Burgundy

4. Grape vine –
The Grapevine is a classic aesthetic that will add depth and texture to the right arrangement. Although this type of artificial office plant is not for everyone, in the right setting and with the right plants around it, the grapevine can be a very strong visual indeed. Also, choose from either green or red grapes to further enhance the effect.

5. Boston Fern hanging trail –
With their delicate leaf structure, artificial ferns are a great choice for offices as they add touches of nature without ever being overwhelming. The Boston fern is a perfect plant to use in large displays or to simply spice up some boring shelving. The Boston fern has light green fern leaves that cascade over one another.

6. Feather Fern Burgundy – Another great artificial fern to use for hanging baskets displays or trails is the burgundy Feather fern. This hanging plant has green leaves with highlights of burgundy giving them a great flash of colour. Use the Burgundy Feather fern alongside Ivy or Pothos for a dramatic and beautiful effect.
Artificial Hanging Plants and Bush               Cedar Hanging Trail                   Asparagus Vine                         Springeri Bush                              Stephanotis Bush

7. Cedar hanging trail
– For a lighter and more autumnal feel, you could go for the Cedar hanging trail. The leaves of this forest tree have been made into an artificial hanging plant that has all the wonder of its natural counterpart but with minimal maintenance required. Adding these conifer like leaves to a minimal display will really let them stand out.

8. Asparagus vine –
An artificial hanging plant that you will not see that regularly is the beautiful asparagus vine. For those that are looking for something different to set them apart from the rest, the Asparagus vine might be for you. These artificial office plants have wide and delicate reaching branches with almost fern-like leaves along them.

9. Springeri bush -
Another artificial hanging plant that seems to take its aesthetic cue from the trees of the forest is the Springeri bush. This almost cedar-like artificial plant is great for creating a fuller display and its dark green colour means that it can be used to create dramatic shading within larger displays.

10. Stephanotis bush –
One of the few hanging plants or trails that has flowers on it and the last in our list of hanging plants is the Stephanotis bush. This artificial hanging plant has wide and dark green leaves which are off-set by the beautiful and minimal white flowers dotted along the vine.

Not-so-ordinary Artificial Plants

This section looks at the artificial office plants that are great for various types of use. These are smaller plants that are great for pots in offices. Because these plants are smaller in size, they can be used either on their own or as part of larger displays.
Artificial Plants for Pots                              Aloe                                                         Boston Fern Bush                                                   Spathiphyllum

1. Aloe –
Aloe is another classic plant that has a somewhat comforting and calming feeling when seen. These qualities make it a great addition to the artificial plants collection in any office. Artificial Aloe comes in a variety of sizes and can be ordered as a smaller potted plant or a somewhat taller one with a tall stem.

2. Boston Fern Bush – As we have seen with the hanging plant version of this artificial plant, the green separated leaves of this fern plant make it great for pots that are dotted around the office. They give a delicate but very realistic effect.

3. Spathiphyllum – The Spathiphyllum is a great artificial plant for use in single pots. Because they can be ordered as either flowering or non-flowering plants, you will be able to choose the type that works best for your décor. It also allows for flowering and non-flowering to be used together in the same displays. It has a wide green leaf with cerated edges and a beautiful white flower.
Artificial Plants for Pots                     Aglaonema Bush                                                     St. Bernard Lily                                                    Dracaena 

4. Aglaonema Bush – Commonly used as desk plants or alongside other plants in long planters, the Aglaonema is a green leafed plant with lighter green markings down the centre of the leaf.

5. St. Bernard Lily – This artificial plant is more reminiscent of a grass than a plant but with leaves that are long and thin, it can be used to great effect when planted alongside shorter plants. The leaves are darker green with a pale green edge.

6. Dracaena – Another grass-like plant is the Dracaena which has long and slightly wider leaves. The leaves of this artificial plant are green with a red colour around the edges. Goes well alongside the St Bernard Lily.
Artificial plants and leaves                    Sea Grape                                   Cordyline                                     Dieffenbachia                                      Magnolia

7. Sea Grape – With wide almost lily-pad leaves that spread out from a central stem, the Sea Grape is a good choice for creating depth. If you want to cover larger areas with fewer plants, then this is a great option. The Sea Grape has wide flat green leaves.

8. Cordyline – With long flat blade shaped leaves this is another great plant to use in an arrangement. Add depth and texture with this artificial plant that can be ordered with green leaves or in a burgundy colour.

9. Dieffenbachia – This potted artificial plant looks great as part of a display on shelves in the office. It can also be used as a standalone desk plant. The leaves of this plant are wide and green with a lighter patch down the middle of the leaf.

10. Magnolia – Magnolia is a classic full-looking plant with green leaves. Use Magnolia as a foundation to build on using more interesting leaf shapes and some colour for the best effect in your office.

Colourful Artificial Plants

While many of the artificial plants on offer are not only extremely well-crafted and beautiful to look at, they may not be exactly what you need to create that real wow-factor. Here is a list of some artificial plants that have some great colour running through them which makes them perfect in adding a touch of drama to any display or just a flash of colour to the office.
Colourful Artificial Plants                       Tropical Bird of Paradise                                      Peacock Bush                                      Caladium Bush

1. Tropical Bird of Paradise – Here, we have what can be classed more as a flower than a plant but still, its large and wide green leaves make it a great addition to your office interior. The focal piece of any display, this plant has a shocking bright orange flower making for dramatic effect wherever used.

2. Peacock Bush – The Peacock bush is a great artificial plant to use when creating partitioning walls using shelving and plants. The bush has both light green leaves with even lighter spots and then some burgundy leaves that create a beautiful mix of colour.

3. Caladium Bush – The Caladium is a very interesting type of artificial plant as it has several different colours in the same plant. The top of the long flat leaves are a mix of lighter and darker green and the underside is the same mix of light and dark colour, this time in burgundy. This is a plant that looks different every time you look at it making it an interesting addition to the office.

Colourful Artificial Plants
                          Flowering Rex Begonia                                     Podocarpus                                         Flowering Aloe Succulent

4. Flowering Rex Begonia – With large wide heart shaped leaves, this is another artificial plant that works well when attempting to cover a larger area with fewer plants. The leaves boast its very light burgundy-almost pink colour which means that they could be the perfect fit for your fun yet professional looking design.

5. Podocarpus – The artificial Podocarpus plant is a small yet almost tree-like plant with a wide array of blade-like leaves. While you can order this plant in green, it is also available in a subtle brown colour as well. Not all colour has to be dramatic, so for those looking for a more delicate and earthy touch, this plant is a great choice.

6. Flowering Aloe Succulent – Another more delicate touch of colour comes in the form of the Flowering Aloe Succulent which has long stems reaching from the aloe succulent with small pink flowers at the tip.
Colourful Artificial Plants             Calathea Makoyana                                     Boxwood                               Pandanus Burgundy          Small Burgundy Yucca

7. Calathea Makoyana – Another great mix of colour is visible in the Calathea Makoyana which has wide and fairly large leaves. The leaves of this plant are a mix of dark and light greens on top and a more solid burgundy underneath. It works well when used alongside the Caladium bush.

8. Boxwood – The artificial Boxwood plant looks almost like a succulent with its thick leaves which produce an interesting mix of predominantly green leaves with subtle yellow patches.

9. Pandanus Burgundy – The burgundy variety of the popular Pandanus is another artificial office plant that has a solid burgundy colour. This makes the long thin blade-like leaves even more attractive to look at.

10. Small Burgundy Yucca – These plants are the smaller variety of the Yucca plant in a burgundy colour. They are great to use as standalone focal pieces or as part of a bigger interior display.

Larger Plants for Larger Space

If the type of design that you want to create requires taller or wider artificial plants, then we have the right selection for you. The artificial office plants below are generally over 60cm tall. They are great in adding different layers to your existing plant displays or to use as single pots where you do not have the space for a tree but small plants just won’t do.

Tall Artificial Plants
              Stemmed Aloe                                                                  Yucca                                                         Dogtail Grass

1. Aloe stem / double stem – All the beauty of the classic and much-loved Aloe plant also comes in a stemmed variety allowing the plant to take up more space and have a larger impact on its surroundings. You can also have stemmed artificial aloe that has double stems for even more of a feature.

2. Yucca – This gorgeous bladed leaf plant like the Aloe comes in both smaller bush and larger stemmed varieties. The tall stemmed yucca is perfect for housing in tall solitary standing pots either side of an entrance, making them great artificial plants in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE.

3. Dogtail Grass – With height that can reach up to 180 cm, the Dogtail Grass has a wider spread compared to other artificial plants of its kind and so is great to use when trying to occupy, say a corner or large space. 
tall fake plants                               Maple Bush                                                                   Ixora                                                     Staghorn Fern
4. Maple Bush – The Maple is another artificial plant with a wide spread that is great for covering larger areas with one plant. The leaves on this plant are not densely populated and are a light green colour.

5. Ixora – With some varieties coming in at over 90cm, this bush resembles a small tree and is great when used on its own in a single large planter. The dense foliage of the Ixora bush and light green leaves make it a great focal piece for the office or perfect to offer your meeting room a much needed touch of both nature and colour.

6. Staghorn Fern – One of the larger varieties of fern, the Staghorn has the tell-tale delicately separated leaves of the fern family but in this case they are sat atop long stems making for a far more dramatic effect. This is an excellent choice if you want to cover a larger space or you can layer them on top or underneath other plants.

Tall Artificial Plants
                            River Fern                          Mother-in-law Tongue                      Zamio Zami                                Cyperus Alterni

7. River Fern – Possibly the largest type of artificial fern on the market, the River Fern has slightly darker leaves that give the plant a wide spread. Use this type of fern in pots on larger pieces of shelving or atop separating partition walls.

8. Mother-in-law Tongue – These long grass like bladed leaves almost resemble seaweed with their green leaves that are marbled with a lighter green colour. They are available in a number of sizes and can be a great addition to displays containing other plants.

9. Zamio Zami – Resembling a small tree with thick stems at the bottom that open out into beautiful green leaves, this artificial plant is perfect to sit in its own pot or placed in a hallway.

10. Cyperus Alterni – This plant is a wonderful choice for those wanting to create a lighter touch of nature in their office. The Cyperus Alterni is a potted artificial plant with long stalks and dramatic almost firework-like leaf displays at the top of each stalk. The light green colour and delicate leaf structure make them great for use on their own or alongside other plant types.

So which artificial indoor plants will you add to your office design?

There are a lot of artificial plants that can complement your current office design, and this list features just some of the best in the market. So, in the year to come, when you are thinking through your new office design, why not include some of these artificial plants. Whether you opt for a hanging plant or trail, or something with a little more colour or texture, the current available selection of artificial plants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai is amazing and there will always be something for you and your office interior design.
And if these are not what you were looking for and you require taller or broader types of greeneries, then why not check out our list of the 15 best artificial trees?
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