Advantages of Using Artificial Office Plants for Your Business
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Updated on 10th Dec 2018 by Planters Artificial
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The rise of artificial office plants 

Plants have long been known to bring a number of benefits. Whether in people’s homes or businesses, the effect is the same. Now, a newer and far more cost-effective trend is taking root throughout the UAE - artificial office plants. Previously, there was not that large a market for artificial plants for office decor. This was mainly due to the fact that the overall quality of the artificial office plants available was fairly low. Now, technological advances have allowed skilled craftsmen in the industry to create fake plants that look real and the quality has finally caught up with the design needs of your business.

This article will take you through some of the most important benefits and advantages associated with using artificial office plants for your business.

Increases productivity in the workplace

In the fast-paced world of business today, it is imperative that you take every opportunity to better the productivity within your workplace. One of the best ways to do this is by introducing some artificial office plants. Some studies carried out by Washington State scientists have shown that the increase in productivity in a plant-filled environment can be over 12% higher than in the same environment without plants. The study which was published in the ‘Journal of Environmental Horticulture’ also showed a 10% increase in the attentiveness of those tested in an office with plants.

Artificial Plant Walls - Dubai Media
While the study referred to live plants, the use of artificial plants and trees for offices has sparked a revolution in the way that green decor and infrastructure are being used. Why not increase the productivity within your workplace by installing some artificial plants for office desks or perhaps some large artificial floor plants? With companies like Planters Artificial pushing the boundaries on what is possible when it comes to artificial plants for office spaces, there are so many ways that you can make your office a more productive place.

Makes for a more interesting office environment

Artificial Tree at Planters Showroom
The idea that an office space needs to be sterile and featureless in order to be efficient and productive is now becoming a thing of the past. While the old dynamic of countless cubicles with few personal effects and all similar features might have worked before, but times have changed. The workplaces of today and indeed the workers have more requirements for their work environments. Modern offices and other workspaces are more regularly being designed with their workers and clients’ interest at heart. After all, the tests show that a happy worker is more productive, which means a better business for you.

With grand features like tall artificial floor plants, you can transform corners of the office into green spaces that help calm the mind. Or why not use other varieties of large artificial floor plant in meeting spaces as a means of adding colour. This will also have the added benefit of dampening sound, therefore serving both decorative and functional uses at the same time. Some of the most profitable companies in the UAE have accredited part of their success to the implementation of greenery within their office spaces. And Planters Artificial has been there to help create those green spaces.

Increases employee well-being

Employers are now gradually becoming aware of the correlations between the well-being of their workers and the functionality of their business. Nowadays, it is well documented that when an employer creates a business or office environment that is geared towards the well-being of their employees, the results are always positive. Not only that, but these positive results across the board in their effect. Increased well-being amongst employees has seen lowering the rates of absenteeism and even a reduction in sickness.

The fact is that the results of bettering your employee’s welfare have the ability to be so far reaching within your business. The use of plants in general and now the use of artificial office plants is one of the best ways to introduce a better sense of well-being to your office. Let your employees enjoy the benefits brought about by the implementation of artificial floor plants or other types of artificial plants for office spaces while you enjoy the benefits that it brings to your business.

Helps in the reduction of stress

The world we live and work in today can be a very stressful place. There is a direct link between the levels of stress that a person feels and their ability to work effectively. Just as well-being and productivity are affected by the correct placement of green infrastructure or artificial office plants, so too is stress. If you have a high paced office or work environment that is conducive to high levels of stress then the use of artificial office plants can help greatly to lower those stress levels.
artificial office plants
Here we see an artificial plant installation stylishly serving as a partition wall.
Why not create a stress-free zone by using an artificial plant wall in an area used for coffee breaks. Or, you could see the effect that realistic fake outdoor plants have on your outdoor spaces and in turn on your employees’ stress levels. Whatever type of artificial green solution you choose for your office, you will be taking a massive step towards reducing the stress levels within your business. Industry-leading artificial office plant suppliers will be able to offer you a dazzling range of design ideas that will work for whatever workspace you have.

Create a more attractive workplace

Of a large number of benefits attached to the installation of artificial green features within your office or workspace, there is one that must not be overlooked; beauty. Many of the benefits that are mentioned in connection to artificial plants are somewhat functional, either that or financial. Then there are those features of implementing patches of green throughout your office space that serve to be both functionally and financially beneficial and more. One such feature is decoration and the benefit that comes from having a more attractive workplace. Having a more attractive place of business does not merely affect you or your employees; it has the power to affect business in a positive way.

Here we see how the main desk and the area surrounding it are made more attractive with the addition of an artificial plant wall.
Creating a more attractive workplace can be as simple as calling in the professionals. Top artificial landscaping contractors and companies who specialise in artificial office plants are still coming up with new ways to utilise plants within spaces. Some of the best artificial plants for office spaces have been seen installed on walls or even ceilings in order to create amazing and attractive workplaces. When you have an attractive workplace, your employees will be happier and not only that, but you will also see how it affects your clients’ perceptions – wanting to do more business with you.

A more creative workspace

Many of the region’s leading companies have earned their place on the top spot by relying on the creative efforts of their employees. In order to move forward in a fast-moving business environment, it is imperative that your workforce is thinking on their feet and being as creative as they possibly can. A great and easy way of upping the creativity within your office or work environment is with the addition of green spaces. Due to the massive costs attached to traditional plants or real plants, the smart decision is to install artificial plants throughout your office.

indoor_ artificial_trees_and_plants_dubai
This artificial green wall is used as a feature within a small meeting space for employees or clients.
Some offices have chosen to harvest this creativity in a more direct manner by offering their employees sectioned off spaces where they can think creatively either alone or in groups. As studies show that the presence of plants aids creativity, what better way to decorate these creative spaces than with the use of artificial office plants. A well-placed artificial green wall can be just what a space needs in order to help your employees think their way through a problem.

The business advantages of artificial office plants

With there being such a wide and diverse array of advantages associated with choosing artificial office plants, it can sometimes be difficult to see the ones that are purely business related. Well truth be told, most of the advantages attached to installing artificial plants in your office space can be looked at from a financial standpoint. All of them will go some way towards upping profits and bettering work ethic and productivity which in turn help the business turnover more revenue. But there are some advantages that are more focused in this area.

The main advantages of artificial office plants to businesses have to do with cost and ease of installation. The initial cost is already lower when compared to choosing real plants. Professional artificial landscaping contractors will be able to install artificial plants and trees for office spaces with the absolute minimum of disruption to your workflow, and even less mess. This would not be the case if you were to choose real plants and trees. With the perfect artificial green design, you will be able to transform your office space into a far more productive and effective working environment. A more attractive space will bring in more clients and help to raise overall efficiency.

Maintenance-free green spaces

The many costs that are attached to the maintenance of real trees and plants have long been the reason that very few offices and working environments made full use of them. Now with the rise of far more realistic artificial plants and trees for office décor, you are able to create the same effect and far more for a fraction of the price and with the added major benefit of less to no maintenance. So, now you can be safe in the knowledge that there is 0% maintenance needed and your new artificial office plants will require no watering (which is another cost saved). There is also no need for you to have staff that is trained in the pruning or cutting of your plants.

The lack of maintenance also has the added benefit of allowing plants to be placed in hard to reach places. These unused areas of your office that would otherwise be impossible to plant in. With no need to water or maintain your artificial greenery there is almost no end to what can be achieved within your office space.

Please note, however, that when we say maintenance-free artificial plants, these primarily refer to the plants’ water, pruning and lighting needs. If you want to maintain its quality, occasional dusting is still needed like how you clean your furniture or fixtures.
indoor_ artificial_trees_and_plants_dubai
Here an entire office floor has been made an open plan and consists of separate working and seating areas all connected with an artificial green floor and decorated with artificial plants and trees for office spaces.

A cost-effective move for your business

As mentioned in the previous section, the financial advantages of installing plants and trees in your office space do not merely stop with the money saved when you choose artificial office plants over real ones. The choice to introduce any type of plant to your working environment is a good one but the more financially viable option is to make those plants artificial ones. The initial cost will speak for itself as you will begin to save money right away. Real plants are far more expensive than their artificial counterparts.
The cost-effective nature of artificial plants for your office or workspace lies in the fact that after the initial cost, there are no follow-up costs attached. You are able to sit back and watch your investment work for you. Because artificial plants come fully grown, they do not need to be fed and will never outgrow the space that they have been put in because they do not grow.

Long-term value for money

When it comes to value for money, there are few better ways to make the most of your office space or working environment such as investing in artificial greenery. As we have already mentioned, financially, it makes so much sense. There are not many times that you will be able to clearly see an investment you make work for you, and for so long after the investment was made.

Top quality artificial plants and trees for office decor can serve your working environment in so many ways, from purely decorative purposes right through to the more functional and profitable for your business. If used in the right manner, artificial office plants will offer great long-term value for money.
artificial office plants dubai
This office has chosen a more functional yet still decorative use for their artificial office plants.

No loss of productivity

Any design change or even the addition of real plants and trees to your office would usually have the adverse effects of disruption to workflow, not to mention the noise and mess. This means that normally, for you to implement a change that would have the ability to transform your business, you would have to stop work altogether. Either that or have long periods where you attempt to work and have these changes made at the same time (trust us, this can be most uncomfortable for everyone involved).

By getting an industry leading team of artificial office plant specialists to do the job, you will be able to get the same amazing effects with no loss of productivity. Not only is the installation stress-free with minimal disruption of workflow, but there is no maintenance or watering needed either. Also, due to the fact that these plants are artificial and not real, you do not leave yourself open to productivity-killing drawbacks like hay fever or other allergies.

A high rate of return on your investment

All the advantages and benefits that have been mentioned above all lead back to artificial plants and trees for your office space being a great investment. Not only is it a great initial investment but it is one that will continue to give you a high rate of return. This return will come in the form of a more creative and productive workforce who will produce far more efficient and effective work. It will also come in the form of more clients that have more time to spend in your offices or prospective clients and customers who are willing to invest more and do business with you.

Honestly, integrating artificial plants and trees in your office or workspace design could be one of the best investments that you make for your business.

Office plants are a viable solution for so many parts of the modern-day workplace requirements. Serving as functional pieces of the decor that brighten spaces and add a soothing and inspiring touch of green or whatever colour you think works best for your office.

Now that you know how beneficial artificial plants and trees can be for your business, why not check out what industry leading experts like Planters Artificial can do for you today. Contact us today.

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