Creative and Unusual Ways to Use Artificial Grass in Your Office Space
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Artificial Grass and Plant Installation
Updated on 12th Sep 2019 by Planters Artificial
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Artificial Grass and Plant InstallationOffice spaces have evolved dramatically over the past few decades. In the beginning, they had a strict 'place of business' vibe going on. They were strictly places of business, and their design reflected that; private offices for management and cubicles for employees were the norm. However, with time, employers began to view their employees as resources, and offices evolved to reflect this. Tech companies have substantially incorporated open plans into their designs – wide-open spaces that allow employees to interact and share information. Some companies have taken it even further, installing landscapes including artificial grass within their offices. It is a great way to bring a natural element to the drab office atmosphere. More and more business owners today are now willing to follow suit by looking at the latest office design trends appropriate to their existing office layout.

Use of artificial grass in the UAE

Artificial turf is synthetic fibre designed to look like natural grass. What makes it most attractive to any prospective buyer in the UAE is that it requires no water and very little maintenance. Dubai and the UAE as a whole do not enjoy a lot of rainfall. In fact, studies have predicted that Dubai will face a water shortage by 2022. However, the demand for beautiful lawns and creative green designs for indoors has hit an all-time high in the past decade. Due to this, there has been a steady increase in the number of artificial grass manufacturers in the UAE. A variety of overseas companies also offer their services.

What do you need to know about artificial grass?

Well, in simple terms, it is a surface of tightly packed synthetic fibres designed to imitate the look and feel of real grass. It was first used in 1956, but it gained fame in 1966 after it was installed on the Astrodome in the USA. After that, it was mainly used in sports arenas, though its use on lawns and indoors has become long since customary. High-quality artificial turf is designed to withstand heavy and constant usage, and it can last up to 20 years with proper care and maintenance. There are a few factors you would have to consider before purchasing it:

1. The amount of traffic you expect. High volumes of traffic will wear the grass out faster. The amount of traffic you expect will determine whether you get a high quality, more expensive version, or a cheaper, lower quality one.

2. Pile height refers to the length of the grass blades. Longer blades will result in a lush, greener lawn but the blades will bend over with time, making the lawn look flatter. Shorter blades may not look as good, but they will maintain posture and look good longer.

Artificial Grass_office
3. Colour also affects your choice. Turfs that come in single and perfect green shades are easily distinguishable from real grass. Imperfect turfs with different shades look more realistic but are more expensive.

4. Maintenance: Spring for a turf you can easily maintain. Cheaper grasses will have more maintenance costs than the more expensive ones in the long run. Consider the weather in your area and how it would affect the maintenance.

Why should I choose Artificial Grass over Natural Grass?

Nature does something to us that just can't be explained. There's a reason why, despite our technological advancements, people have always tried to incorporate nature into their environment. Then why, you may ask, would I look over real grass for this plastic alternative? Artificial grass has been a popular alternative for decades, and with good reasons. Let's look at a few:

- Its most significant selling point would be that it needs very little water since obviously, it's not real. This is especially important in places like the UAE that don't have abundant water or for indoor use.

- Maintenance requirements are low. They don't need any weeding, pruning, watering, or mowing.

- A natural lawn would need fertilisers and pesticides, which leach into the ground and cause pollution. Artificial turf eliminates the use of such chemicals, thus reducing the amount of pollution.

- Natural turf is dependent on the seasons. Fake turf doesn’t need either rain or sunshine. It will always be green.

- People with grass allergies cannot have natural lawns due to the contact required to maintain it. Artificial lawns, however, can be used by people who suffer from such allergies without any medical consequences.

artificial_plant wall
- Mud and puddles are intrinsic to natural lawns. Synthetic grass is designed to be absorbent and allows water to pass; hence no mud or puddles which form in case of rainfall. This is especially helpful if you have pets or kids who might track mud indoors.

- Synthetic grass can't be infested with weeds and pests. Your lawn will look fabulous year-round, and you won't be plagued with the pests that are attracted to natural lawns.

- Artificial turf is versatile. It can be cut into all kinds of shapes and installed anywhere. It could be used on a lawn, an indoor floor, a wall or even on seats.

Bare spots and ruts caused by high volumes of foot traffic can be unsightly. Synthetic turf is designed to withstand wear and tear, and it will bounce back to its original pristine condition.

14 Design Ideas Using Artificial Turf

In recent years, organisations have become more and more conscious of the atmosphere, and its effect on employees and employee performance. Companies are spending a lot of resources creating office spaces that allow employees to perform at their best while simultaneously allowing them to rest and rejuvenate both mind and body. Artificial grass has mainly been used for sports arenas and lawns, but its applications are more versatile and wide-ranging than that.

Do you feel like there's something intangible your office space lacks? Do you want to spruce it up a little and make it just a little bit more open and inviting? Based on how versatile it is in its applications, synthetic turf might just be the way to go. Here are a few ways you can use it in your office space:

1. A quiet space for meditation or yoga
 The workplace can cause a lot of stress that can negatively affect employee efficiency if left unchecked. Meditation is a great way to quell all the disquiet in the mind and achieve a calm, focused state. Set a room aside and carpet it with artificial turf. Install big windows to let tons of light in. Have a couple of thick mats in place for those who want to do some yoga. You could even carpet the ceiling to complete the effect. This will create an atmosphere reminiscent of wide-open nature that will leave your employees fresh and rejuvenated.

2. Breathtaking beauty
Rooftop gardens, when done correctly, can be objects of admiration. However, they tend to exert a lot of pressure that many office buildings aren’t designed to withstand. A synthetic garden looks incredibly realistic and is quite simple to install. It could be an excellent place for employees to have team lunches or sit and relax while on their breaks. The effect will be even more magnified if your building has a killer view. You could also use the garden for office functions and events. Plus, an impossibly green rooftop garden looks good on a brochure.

3. Set up an indoor or outdoor putting green
Golf has been found to stimulate the mind of the players. You should take advantage of this. Employees could play a little golf to relax during their breaks or even during meetings as they bounce ideas back and forth. It's a great way to increase productivity and innovation even during pre-appointed leisure time. If you have a spacious lawn, set up an outdoor green. It could be a place for executives to talk shop and brainstorm while also having fun and letting off some steam.

4. Set up a play space
Multinational tech companies have been investing in play spaces for years. The goal is to have satisfied employees, and letting them play a little and let loose is a big part of it. Set up a play space with artificial grass carpeting, lounge chairs covered in green turf, bean bags, and a couple of games. Employees will come from their breaks refreshed and rejuvenated, but they will also be more appreciative and willing to work for a company that lets them let loose once in a while.

5. An excellent first impression does wonders
Especially for your clients. Have artificial grass carpeting set up in the reception area? For the walls, spell out your company name and create large, colourful designs of your logo. Make sure comfortable lounge chairs are installed in the waiting area and cover them with fluffy green turf. Green is an open and inviting colour. The effect will be beautiful, and it will create a vivid impression that will stay with your clients long after they leave.

6. Enhance productivity
Greenery has been found to increase productivity by up to 15%. Take advantage of this. In rooms where people meet to brainstorm and discuss ideas, cover sections of the walls with green turf. It can be cut into whatever shapes you want, and they can be placed depending on the office's design. Carpet the room in green, and place a few potted plants around. The room will be more open and inviting, and the employees will be more productive. The atmosphere will encourage ideas, and you will find better brainstorming sessions from such rooms.

7. Enjoy their versatility
If you are looking for a more subdued design, fake turf can still work from you. It can be cut down into smaller pieces that can be used as area rugs. These rugs look especially good when paired with wooden floors and earth tones. They also add a pop of vivid colour, and they make your office more homely and inviting. You can have a little fun with them: place a couple in a variety of different patterns to see the effect that they create.

8. Decorate your desktop

decorate your desktop_artificial_plants

Another option for those seeking a more subdued design is using the synthetic turf to decorate desktops. Most offices have drab, brownish coloured desks, and this colour has been found to increase feelings of lethargy. Be smart and use little offcuts to cover your employee's desktops. Green has been found to reduce eye strain, so your employees will be able to use their computers longer without straining. Plus, the grass will add a pop of colour that will change the atmosphere of the office.

9. Create an outdoor park
For the more adventurous ones, you could use the grass to build your own outdoor park. People usually go to parks to relax and get some quiet time. Using fake turf will give you plenty of landscaping options. This way, your employees will have somewhere to get some air, some sun, and a little break from work. They could bring their laptops along for the odd idea that pops into their head or to get some work done. You can also use such a space for meetings, outdoor events, and to hold inter-employee competitions.

10. Use them on Open-plan designs
If your office design incorporates open plans, then there are a few creative ways to use fake turf. Cover employee terminals with area rugs. The pathways can be left bare. The contrast between the grey concrete and the vibrant green mats will create a beautiful effect. Plus, the terminals will feel more homely and open to the employees. You can further the impact by covering the walls in green turf, and have a couple of potted plants placed around the office.

11. Spell out your business name
You could be even more creative with the fake grass. Spell out the name of your company in fake grass letters. Since they are synthetic, they can come in any colour you want. Order the turf in your company's colours, and spell out the company name in large letters at the entrance or the reception area. You could even have a large design of your logo made with the grass and installed on one of the walls of your reception. Distance yourself from the dark, depressive atmosphere that pervades offices and creates an open and fun workplace setting.

12. Spruce up the staff canteen
Many employees have their meals at the canteen. It is a place of transition, from the struggles of the morning to those of the afternoon and eventually home.  It should be an open, laid back place that the employees can feel free to relax in, interact with each other, and have a bite. Cover the floors with synthetic turf, or if your design is a little subdued, throw a couple of rugs around the room. If there are stools in there, cover the seats with turf. Have a large design of the company's logo and name placed on a wall. All this greenery will make the canteen more inviting and open. Your employees will leave their lunch breaks refreshed and ready to tackle what the rest of the day will bring.

13. Create an attractive daycare centre
Carpet the entire place in artificial turf. This way, the kids can play and roughhouse without hurting themselves. Have fun cutouts designed and placed onto the walls in a variety of patterns. Cover the chairs present in green turf. Throw in bean bags for more colours. Create an atmosphere the kids will be happy to be left in. This way, your employees won't be distracted with thoughts of their kids, and they will perform their duties efficiently.

14. Recreate your exterior environment
You can also use fake grass to spruce up your exterior and match it to your office's interior design. Cover the lawns in front of your premises in a carpet of lush green turf. Use gravel or concrete for the walkways to create a nice contrast. Install it on your walls in a sort of climbing or upward-moving design to give the building an illusion of age and strength. The grass could even be used on the stairs to create beautiful contrasts with the concrete. This design will create a compelling and inviting ambience that will grab your client’s attention the moment they lay eyes on it.

Final Words

Artificial grass has come a long way from its infancy in the sixties. More durable, better looking and very easy on the environment, faux grass has really widened the scope and range of interior and lawn design and what you can do with it. However, like all enterprises, proper knowledge and resources will go a long way in ensuring you get to where you envisioned. Planters Artificial is a UAE-based landscape company whose mission is to provide the best quality and most creative landscaping solutions for both indoors and outdoors. Have a look at samples of artificial installations we’ve done here. Ultimately, you want a designer with experience, who will understand what you want for your green office design, and who knows how to give you what you want. Planters Artificial will provide that and so much more. Contact us to gain access to designers, and specialists who will help you bring your design needs to live.
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