Making the Most of Artificial Green Walls Indoors and Outdoors
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Artificial Plant Walls
Updated on 2nd Sep 2018 by Planters Artificial
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Artificial: The real green alternative

Artificial Plant WallsWith all the recent advances in artificial plant and green wall technology, the possibilities of installing a green wall design are indeed endless. The wide range and variety of artificial greenery available today have seen the design of green walls become an art form in itself. As companies like Planters Artificial become more specialised in this new way of utilising all manner of spaces within a business, the design possibilities continue to grow.

Different regions have experienced their own trends in artificial green wall designs. Some have chosen to go with a more detail-oriented approach, while others like the artificial plant wall Dubai is known for installing, are somewhat more creative. The large-scale coverage of many of the designs that artificial plant walls suppliers Abu Dhabi and Dubai-wide are using, serve as great statement pieces as well as functional décor. Businesses throughout the UAE are turning to industry leaders like Planters Artificial in order to have the latest products and techniques make their artificial green wall design stand out from the rest.

The world has recognised the many benefits attached to using artificial plant walls instead of the real alternative. It has been long since artificial greenery is seen as simply a low maintenance and money saving alternative to having actual plants as part of your décor. Now it would seem that the focus is slowly shifting away from seeing these as the best attributes of the artificial plant wall Abu Dhabi landscapers are now fitting. This shift is moving in favour of viewing the design possibilities as amongst the best reasons to go artificial when it comes to office green walls.

Artificial Green Wall Design Ideas

Planters is one of the most trusted landscaping specialists in the whole of the United Arab Emirates and across the Gulf region, providing innovative interior and exterior landscape design services. Planters Artificial, as a part of the Planters Group, is able to provide a wide range artificial trees, as well as artificial green walls that would help businesses transform their properties inside and out.

Artificial green walls provide many of the benefits of regular plant walls, but require less maintenance and allow you extra creativity. Artificial plants don’t need water and nutrition, and a wider range of designs can be achieved because of this. So what are some of the great design ideas that benefit you when you go artificial for your green wall?

Save Time and Money

Planters offer a range of artificial plants, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. These artificial plants used in plant walls could save you time and money on maintenance. Green walls consisting of quality artificial flowers and plants don’t require irrigation or maintenance throughout the year, meaning expert interior and exterior landscape designers can work with you to create custom designs.

Artificial plants can be used to create special effects on the interior and exterior walls, and neither drainage nor access to sunlight will dictate what is possible. Planters has a team of highly qualified landscape designers who are happy to sit down with every client and discuss their individual needs.

Planters can help your business save time and money on plant maintenance while creating green walls that look completely authentic.

Indoor Designs and Ideas

Planters Artificial can help businesses throughout the UAE make the most of their indoor space, creating unique artificial plant walls, and other designs. What the inside of your business looks like says a lot about you to your clients or customers. This is the case whether you run a small office or you own a large hotel or restaurant. The impression that your décor makes is one of the first and most lasting on your clients. Making the most of the innovative new design ideas will have the ability to maximise the effect your décor has.

Let’s look at some of the functional yet creative uses of Artificial green walls for the interior of your business or company.

Picture Frames

For a creative way of adding touches of green to offices or restaurants, why not try framing your art with artificial plants? As well as traditional artificial plant walls, expert designers from Planters can create picture frames made from artificial plants. Artificial plant walls can be used to frame artwork, or the plants themselves can become artistic pieces on the walls of an office building, commercial space, or other business property.

Artificial plant walls can be made to measure, in a variety of sizes. Customers can also choose the kind of flowers they prefer, making artwork and picture frames totally customisable. The lightweight nature of the installation means that there is very little limit to how big or small your chosen picture frame can be made. This also means that the artificial plant frames can be installed in spaces high up on walls or on ceilings where real plants would be impossible to fit.

Lobby Focal Pieces

The lobby is often the first opportunity that your clients or customers will have to take in the décor of your business. Many customers will spend more time in the lobby of a business so you don’t want it to be a boring and featureless space. Why not make the most of the design opportunities that artificial plant wall suppliers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are now able to provide.

Every lobby needs a focal piece, and artificial green walls are very ideal. These walls can serve as an artistic statement, no matter the size of your lobby. A team from Planters Artificial can discuss your goals and vision, and show you a range of flowers and plants that reflect your taste and brand design.

Feature wall

Artificial Plant Wall
The lobby is not the only space within your business that can benefit from a focal piece. The areas of your business that are used regularly are the perfect spot to install a feature wall. Across the UAE, the artificial plant wall suppliers Abu Dhabi and Dubai restaurants and hotels are in contract with can now offer a wide range of design choices and artificial plant types.

The relative ease of installation means that there will be little disruption to your business. The low cost will mean a low impact on your business’ budget with a maximised use of an otherwise empty space. Artificial plant feature walls can be used to add panels of colour to hallways or communal spaces. Or why not use an artificial plant feature wall to completely transform your conference room?

Utilise previously unused spaces

Many restaurants, hotels and commercial units will find that they have a lot of unused space within their business premises. These areas might be large empty walls or even high ceilings waiting to be utilised. Why not make these spaces work for your business rather than leaving them bare? The perfect means of doing this is by installing artificial plant walls as they can be created to suit any space.

The artificial plant wall Abu Dhabi and Dubai landscapers are installing across the UAE do not require maintenance and therefore can be fitted in any space. This means that you could cover the whole ceiling in beautiful artificial plants if you wanted to. Another benefit of artificial plant walls is that they can be created to fit any shape or size.

Cover up infrastructure

There are various parts of the infrastructure within any business that may fail to fit in with the rest of the décor. While they are essential to the running of the business or operation of the building, they may become an undesired aesthetic. The artificial plant wall Dubai is now favouring over real plant walls has the ability to cover up these pieces of the building.

Because artificial plant walls can be made to fit any size and can be applied to almost any surface, they are perfect for hiding pipes, wires or any other infrastructure. The effect that this will have on your business is beautiful natural textures covering up the workings of the building.

Outdoor Statement Pieces and Designs

While most thoughts about design and décor will naturally be turned towards the interior of your business, the outside décor should never be overlooked. This is the very first impression that you give as a company and no matter what type of customer base you have, this first impression will remain one of the strongest your company gives. Landscaping companies and contractors are now using artificial plant walls as a means of creating eye-catching exteriors for businesses all over the UAE.

By using artificial plants, business owners can do so much more with their outdoor space. No soil is required, no complicated irrigation systems need to be set up, and the season never matters. Outdoor commercial spaces can be bright and beautiful all year round, and you can make the most of the artificial plants in your plant walls in a number of ways. Here are some of the design ideas and ways that businesses are choosing to use artificial plant walls Dubai and Abu Dhabi-wide.


Outdoor walls can be decorated in mosaic patterns, with square and oblong panels containing unique and different flowers. These panels which are covered in natural textures and varying shades or colours are able to transform any surface. Creating a mosaic pattern from artificial plants on a large outside wall is a great way to show potential customers your attention to detail as well as increased foot traffic through the door from passing trade.

Customers can choose from a wider variety of plants than normal, as it doesn’t matter about the climate or the season. Combining different flowers in mosaic patterns allows you to create stunning outdoor designs. Mosaics can also be a good way of incorporating different colours into one space.


Artificial Plant Wall designed as Gravity Gym's Logo
As well as block patterns with mosaics, Planters Artificial can design unique artificial green walls that display logos, patterns, and other designs. Why not make your artificial plant wall work for you by including imagery that means it is not just pretty to look at but also offers you advertising space with a difference.

By using plants of different colours, you can create an artificial plant wall that reveals a hidden image or branding. This is a great branding and marketing exercise, and it can be installed permanently in a space of your choice. These vertical walls can be installed as a standalone unit, or up against commercial property walls.

Door Frames

Artificial plants can also be used to create door frames and archways, which creates a whole new dimension in outdoor landscaping. Outside spaces need not be boring or simply functional. Why not create a unique nature driven experience in your business’ outdoor space by introducing artificial plant door frames or archways. These frames or arches can be used to make the portal between interior and exterior far more of a feature.

Artificial plants can be installed onto panels around doors, or panels can even be bent into shape, creating standalone archways. Planters Artificial have created a wide variety of artificial plants in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Businesses can choose the exact style, and colour scheme for their door frames and other outdoor artificial green walls.

Great for special events

When guests turn up at your next business event, why not impress them with an entrance display made of artificial plant walls. Add a grand arch made of artificial plants and flowers for an extra special and extravagant focal point.

This is the innovative use of the artificial plant walls Dubai and Abu Dhabi are becoming famous for. It is not only a good way of getting people talking about your business, but it is also a great means of setting the tone for any promotional event. Utilise branding and logos within your artificial wall design to add yet more of a personal touch to any event.

You can also choose to retain the artificial plant walls or opt to transfer them to another space which needs your special attention.

Roof Garden / Terrace

Many businesses will have outside areas that were originally designed to be used by customers or employees. But if these places are bare or without character then they tend to be overlooked and therefore unused. Why not use artificial plant walls to create a whole new space within the old one.

Your terraces can benefit from artificial walls of greenery that not only create a far more comfortable setting but also cut the space off from traffic noise or other distractions. Landscapers like Planters Artificial specialise in being able to turn an unused roof garden into an Eden type oasis for staff and clients alike. So open up your terraces and gardens and use artificial plant walls to give them a new lease on life.

Now that you have seen just some of the design options that are possible, why not give the experts a call and see how artificial plant walls can change your business today.

Contact Planters Artificial for your artificial plant wall needs

Planters Artificial is one of the industry leaders when it comes to the artificial plant walls. But do not just take our word for it. Here are some samples of the amazingly creative and downright innovative design that Planters Artificial have installed.

Gems, Dubai

Artificial Green Walls at Gems Dubai
This installation of artificial plant walls shows what can be done with the high and hard to reach areas that would otherwise be left bare. The variation of colour within each panel makes them even more eye-catching and together it is a standout statement piece.

Dubai Media

Artificial Plant Walls at Dubai Media

This installation at the Dubai Media offices shows how you can utilise the space within a hallway. The atmosphere created by the heavy panels of artificial plants means that the hallway becomes far more than just a space connecting rooms.

Mercedes, Dubai

Artificial Plant Walls - Mercedes Logo
Here, Planters Artificial has created an artificial plant wall panel with the Mercedes logo in it. The different coloured plants make the branding stand out and it serves as a great focal piece.

Artificial Walls
Another installation for Mercedes sees the use of artificial plant wall to previously empty spaces to add touches of greenery. Placing them high on the wall leaves the space functional while allowing it to benefit from the natural textures and colours of the panels.

Discuss Your Needs with UAE Landscaping Experts

Planters Artificial has the expertise and experience in the landscaping industry to provide companies with the highest quality artificial plant designs, working with experts who have innovated in this field for decades. Make the most of the artificial green walls by installing plants that would not grow in your region, using bright colours, and making a statement.

Companies can represent their brand perfectly through interior and exterior plant wall designs. Be sure to contact Planters Artificial to arrange a consultation, where you can discover the wide range of artificial plants on offer, and discuss your ideas with an expert.
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