Your First Steps to Artificial Outdoor Landscaping
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Artificial Outdoor Landscaping
Updated on 7th Aug 2019 by Planters Artificial
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Artificial Outdoor LandscapingEver dreamed of having a perfect and always blooming yard, but never had the time to take care of the plants and usually your green attempts end up in tones of yellow and brown? We have just the answer for that! Artificial outdoor landscaping is the best option for busy people who still would like to relax in a green yard, without having to think about constantly watering the plants. And the best thing about them is that they’ll be blooming all throughout the year!

Do you still have second thoughts about artificial plants? Or maybe you have the tendency to associate them with the old terrible and dusty looking flowers your grandmother used to have in the vases at home. Then check out our blog and find out why artificial plants are here to stay. You’ll see that the industry has changed a lot and what used to be in the past has changed so much nowadays that it’s difficult to see a major difference between faux and real plants with your bare eyes.

Putting up a perfect and unique garden using artificial plants

If you’re thinking that artificial plants resume to small items meant to fill in a small gap between the rose bush and the palm tree, it’s time to find out that you can build an entire garden using only artificial plants

No need to wait until the tree grows in order to benefit from its shade

Usually, if you want to plant a tree, you have to start from a few twigs that will grow with time. And for your business, this wouldn’t be ideal. If you don’t want to wait for years until the tree grows, you can just replace it with an artificial one. And if you’re wondering if it’s possible to have big artificial plants outdoors, the answer is yes, and it’s easier than you’d think! Even though the tendency is to keep them indoors, there are plenty of them suitable to also create a lovely outdoor environment especially if you want to impress your guests, clients or even investors. 

Artificial TreeThe biggest benefit of having this kind of artificial trees installed in your office garden is that you don’t have to wait until they grow and you don’t have to worry about how large they will end up in a couple of years either. An artificial tree will always fill in the exact same spot! You don’t need to worry about setting them up! At Planters Artificial, we can take care of that for you and deliver the best and real looking trees to fill the spots in your backyard! If you want to find out more about installing artificial trees outdoors, check out our blog!

But a garden can’t be made up only with trees. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of various big and colourful plants that you could use to create that relaxing and varied environment you want for yourself and guests. First, take a look at topiary balls. Now this is a plant that if it would be real would require a lot of maintenance. So using the faux version is definitely one of the best options if you want to use this element, without going through the trouble of grooming the plant on a regular basis. 

In order to have a good looking garden, you’ll also need various colourful flowers and plants. Our list of large and colourful indoor plants can also be used for outdoor office garden or lawn. These have been particularly popular in workspaces and offices for therapeutic purposes. Besides, they are perfect in order to achieve a natural looking and complex design without the need of tender loving care just to see them blooming – because they’re just it, they’re always in bloom. 

Artificial green walls create an intimate space without any commitment

Artificial Plant WallGreen walls or vertical gardens are particularly difficult to maintain because not only they need care but they also require regular grooming. You wouldn’t want your office to have some messy green walls that will distract your employees, or worse, disappoint your clients. The best solution to not give up the idea of surrounding your business with green walls when you do not have the luxury of time is having some artificial ones. This kind of aesthetic is used in various spaces not just at homes and offices, but also in hotels, restaurants and retail stores because they are low-cost and low-maintenance. These vertical gardens got more and more attention and that is because they create a great visual impact. 

When it comes to outdoor artificial plants, decorating, for example, the patio from your little green sanctuary with a green wall gives consistency to the whole picture and helps put on the complete picture of a nicely designed garden. Find out more surprising facts about green walls in our previous article!

Another must-have element of an outdoor artificial landscape is the green fence. Having a thick green fence surrounding your garden gives a feeling of privacy, compared to replacing it with a normal fence. And if you have decided you want to go for this kind of fence, you should know there are various options for you. First is creating one out of freestanding artificial plants. You can choose both the thickness and the type of plants you want, depending on your needs. If you already have an existing fence, then you can just fill it up with vines and cover it completely in green. Another option is using nets that would later cover the existent fence, dressing it up in pleasant looking plants. And last but not least, panels – these can be assembled into fences from smaller pieces. 

The lawn you won’t have to mow every morning

There is no complete garden without a green and fresh lawn. But a lawn can also be difficult to maintain especially during busy months unless you have a contractor who will look after it. This is where the artificial grass can help you out and save the image of your green sanctuary.

artificial grassWhen choosing what type of lawn you want there are a few things to keep in mind such as the pile height and the density of the pile. There are also various types which can vary in colour, height of turf and, of course, material. Also, another aspect to keep in mind is the sustainability of choosing to have a fake lawn – it saves water and reduces emissions, since you won’t have to water nor mow it. 

When it comes to having a complete garden, you should also consider the possibility of adding some bushes that will make the discrepancy of the tall trees and the low lawn less visible. This way you will build up a gradual transition from the tall and short elements of your garden.

Evergreen ponds for everlasting pleasure

Sama Lagoons LandscapeIf you want to take your garden to the next level, then a pond can be your best bet. But in order to have the right vegetation for a pond and keep it in the right conditions, then you would definitely have to get some help from professionals. Unless you go faux and get all the benefits of having a pond without the hustle of taking care of it. The good news is that you get a whole variety of artificial pond plants which can be used and combined in any way you like. Either you enjoy floating plants or you prefer those that add weight to the pond and are placed on the edges, you can try out any combination you want until you reach the desired result.

If you decide to use artificial plants, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to limit yourself to a lifeless pond. Fishes can benefit from the faux vegetation as much as they do with live plants. It offers them shade and shelter from the direct sun rays, as well as a varied environment. The only disadvantage is that you can’t expect to create a full ecosystem with these artificial additions, since they are synthetic. This will lead, eventually to the necessity of performing regular cleaning of the pond. But this is a small price to pay in order to have the garden you’ve always dreamed of with as little maintenance as possible. It can work for your home or even for your hospitality business.  

A good mix is the key to a balanced garden

If you want to have an exquisite one, yet are a bit reserved about having a full artificial landscape, you can always go for the middle ground: a mix of artificial plants with an addition of live ones that will bring your garden to life without being too time consuming.

As we’ve mentioned before, artificial plants are time and cost effective. They don’t need watering or grooming, can be moved around easily if you ever decide to redecorate and will always have the same dimensions and appearance no matter the temperature or the time of the year. But on the other hand, there are some benefits that live plants can offer, even if they require more care – they clean up the air, and help you have a fresh ambience thanks to the fragrance they emit. 

Having a mix of artificial and live plants can help you bring the best of both worlds and have a varied and evergreen oasis where you can relax. But before choosing your plants, it’s better to think about all the advantages and disadvantages they would bring you. For example, if you want to have vertical gardens and green fence yet are struggling with maintenance, maybe having the real plants would not be the best idea for you. On the other hand, having some perfumed live flowers can bring much more benefits, since they will spread a nice fragrance in your yard and make the entire garden more alive. You can read more about the benefits of mixing both types of plants in our blog 10 Benefits of Combining Artificial Plants with Living Plants

They may be artificial, but they still need attention 

Even if you’ve managed to put up a perfect garden only with artificial plants, this doesn’t mean you’re done with maintenance for good. Low-maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance, and if you don’t follow some simple steps in order to keep your artificial garden in shape, they might fade in a shorter time. It’s important to always be aware of the fabric and materials used in creating the plants you have in your garden to know how to take care of them and what products to use for each of them.

Artificial Landscape at Times SquareSince these plants are not made to process the sun rays like live plants, once placed directly in the sun, the colours will eventually fade. It’s only natural, since the sun does the same with all synthetic materials. But there are some ways to get around this. The main goal would be to place a thin and invisible layer of protection between the plants and the direct sun rays.

First of all, you must make sure there is no dust on the plants. Otherwise the protection intended for the plant will end up wasted on the dust particles. After this first step, you have to clean the plants with water and dish washing soap and then let them drain for a while. Once dried, go ahead and applying a UV resistant spray, and make sure it reaches all the parts of the plant. After this process, leave the plants dry completely for a couple of hours and then you can finally display them wherever you want, without worrying about fading. Also, check for each flower how often this process should be performed and what products suit best for the material that the plant is made of. 

Another thing to keep in mind when building up your garden with artificial plants is the fact that you pay the price that the plant is worth. Higher prices mean better fabric and materials for the artificial plant and that means it will deteriorate slower. Some faux greenery can last for as long as you want, if they are UV protected and are made of high quality materials. So don’t spend too much time searching for the cheapest products. It’s better to be informed and pay more for a more long lasting plants. 

There are still a lot of poorly discussed topics regarding artificial greenery and a lot of people discredit this option based on false or obsolete ideas. It is often believed that they are even harmful for the environment when the truth is that having artificial landscape will save a lot of water.

When you choose the best quality artificial plants, most of their materials are eco-friendly, making it possible to mix them with live plants. Check out our blog on The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Greenery (Myths, Facts, and Tips Revealed!), in case you still have second thoughts or you feel that you lack some information about modern artificial landscaping. Also, you can see the artificial plants FAQs we’ve prepared with our very own artisan.

Going Green? Go Artificial Outdoor Landscaping

Our century is a century when everything happens fast and people don’t have time for the little things that used to be treasured in the past. If mowing your lawn every morning used to be considered a modern life ritual, nowadays, this is slowly disappearing, being replaced with having a coffee with your friends before going to the office or taking your kids to kindergarten. Time flies fast and we have different priorities which guide our lives in different ways. Same goes in business. More focus is being directed to actual business acquisition, and less on trivial things. 

Dubai and all over the GCC region is developing fast and we expect to see more changes in the next couple of years. One thing for sure will not change, our need for something easy and constant. That’s where artificial landscaping comes in. 

Using faux plants can give you back your time to enjoy a nice outdoor environment, without the time consuming challenges that come with growing a garden. And, nevertheless, lower bills especially if you’re trying to make profits from your startup business. Therefore, artificial landscaping seems to be a great compromise for this fast and modern style of living we have today. Now, you can have your own artificial garden outside your home even outside your business premises without having to worry on how you can maintain it. 

Need more artificial landscaping tips? Read our blog or contact us directly – we’ll be glad to get you onboard. 
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