Artificial Plants Boost Mental Health
Artificial Installation in Hospitality Space
Updated on 14th Jul 2019 by Planters Artificial
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Artificial Installation in Hospitality SpaceHow does a walk in the park make you feel? What about going outdoors to get some fresh air and be with nature? It’s rejuvenating, isn’t it? Replicating this within your office or business space can be a challenge mainly because plants need to be maintained. They require certain environmental conditions for them to thrive. However, there's a saving grace. Artificial plants can perform similar functions with less management. They're not affected by the environment around them. All you need is to install them and you're good to go.

Where can artificial plants boost your mental health

In as much as the modern world has become a concrete jungle, achieving the same ambience of nature can be done with artificial plants, be it in business premises, medical offices, school campuses, or public areas. They have a positive direct impact on our mental health. And good mental health equals increased productivity. Here are some areas where they’ve become significantly useful.

Artificial plants in medical offices

In more ways than one, hospitals are associated with negativity. It's the place people go when they have ailments. When you visit a hospital, it's almost always not out of leisure activity. As such, hospitals and medical offices are known for making people anxious including the doctors too. Breaking bad news often to patients can drain the happiness out of them.

Artificial plants therefore become a help for lifting the mood in medical offices. For instance, artificial greenery in medical facilities can lower depression cases for long-term patients. Furthermore, they don’t require a lot of maintenance hence saving hospital costs. They remain vibrant throughout the year, devoid of watering or pruning or landscape management.

Medical offices and hospitals are reserved when it comes to adding natural plants in the premises. This is because natural plants can harbor organisms that can help spread illnesses. Natural plants can be unhygienic to a certain extent when not properly cared for. Artificial plants therefore are the best option.

Synthetic grass used in wellness centres

artificial grass on a balconyImagine going to yoga class, having to sit on a concrete floor to perform asanas. You wouldn't last a minute now, would you?

A wellness centre is not a wellness centre if you cannot relax and feel at home or if they exacerbate the problem further by making it hard to concentrate. It is not a wellness centre if the environment around it looks chaotic. It defeats the purpose if you'll leave that place worse than when you came in.

But advanced and well-known wellness centres understand this. That's why you'll find that most of them have installed synthetic grass around their premises.

Synthetic grass makes the area attractive and relaxing. It has a beautiful green color, seldom wears out, and has a good feel beneath our feet. It's conducive for lying down especially when doing those stretches. In fact, in this kind of environment, it can help solve 50% of mental problems just by making a person feel relaxed. To top it all, it requires little to no taking care at all unlike natural grass. You install it and it never has to be watered, cut, or trimmed. A win-win for everyone.

Synthetic lawn on campus

Artificial Grass at KHDA
Lawns in universities and colleges need to look clean to be attractive. It is therefore important for the playground to be covered with grass. Unfortunately, maintaining natural grass can be tedious. So, when the campus lawn is poorly kept, it may discourage students from playing in the field. In the long run, lack of play may cause depression and may directly affect their studies.

What's the easy way out? Synthetic lawns. Synthetic lawns won't shade off with seasons, they're always evergreen, comfortable to play in, beautiful to look at and require less maintenance than real grass. This makes them the perfect fit for school playgrounds.

Impact of artificial plants on your overall mental health

We've already alluded where artificial plants can be used. They just do the same things as natural plants do when improving your mental health is concerned; only they last longer, are easier to maintain, and are cost-effective.

Keeps the environment clean (as well as your thoughts!)

Artificial plants don’t leave any biological waste behind when the plant withers. You won't find rotting pieces along the road. No dried leaves flying around. They also cover the ground (faux turf) and prevent soil erosion.

Now, a clean environment is directly related to your peace of mind, eventually reducing your stress and anxiety. Quite overstated but worth it. Just as you would find peace and solace just by observing the natural trees swaying, the leaves swooshing, the flowers blossoming, you would feel the same with the right artificial plants and trees.

Offers “outdoorphins”

Landscape at Sama LagoonsEver wondered why stepping out of the house after a long day indoors suddenly makes you feel more energetic, happier and generally makes you feel good? Well, it's the release of “outdoorphins”. Not yet scientifically proven but by going outside of your home and especially to a cool place with beautiful plants and surroundings allows your body to release the feel-good hormones such as serotonin.

This is because your brain is stimulated by the beauty of nature and of plants in particular. Something about plants allows people to feel comfortable. It has also been proven that just by looking at plants, our mood improves drastically. Remember the green colour is associated with safety. So, it's your body telling you to remain where you feel most safe at.

So where do artificial plants come in? They offer the exact same feeling. The quality artificial plants being manufactured nowadays is so indistinguishable from the natural plants that the brain cannot directly differentiate faux from the natural ones. Therefore, these artificial plants work to release outdoorphins just as the natural plants would. Remember this when you are planning to incorporate landscape within your interiors.

They enhance your sense of purpose

Everyone deserves to feel meaningful, and when that sense is taken away, we become just a shell of ourselves, a figment of our images. Something about plants revitalises our sense of purpose. Plants give you this sense of fulfillment. They can speak to our minds without words.

It's the same thing with artificial plants. Put some in your place of work and see the magic that it unfolds.

Read more about the importance of artificial greenery here.

They can boost productivity

Not only will you feel an enhanced sense of purpose, you will become more productive too.

Studies show that just by adding plants in your offices improves concentration and productivity by up to 15%. It's still the exact thing with artificial plants. They resemble their real counterparts in almost every way – shape and form. So why not add them to your landscape?

Final Words

Plants have a direct impact on our mood, our thoughts, and our feelings. Beautiful plants act as natural antidepressants, enhance our sense of purpose and create a conducive environment to perform different functions. This translates to reduced depression and improved mood. They're the magic wand for mental health.

Same with artificial plants. They can be used in places natural plants wouldn't thrive. They don’t need water and definitely no need of sunlight. No constant maintenance, no attacks from insects and bugs. It is essential though to get high-quality and good-looking artificial plants to ensure you reap the mental health benefits mentioned above. Our qualified team at Planters Artificial will ensure everything fits perfectly depending on your specifications.

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