5 Reasons to Choose Artificial Plants for CEO's Office Design
Artificial Plant Wall in the Office
Updated on 17th Jan 2018 by Planters Artificial
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Artificial Plant Wall in the Office

Artificial Plants for CEO's Office Design

Give your boss a taste of ornamentation in 2018 by considering artificial plants for their workspace! There’s simply no better way to liven up that big corner office and make it more welcoming than by adding one or more trees, palms, or other faux plants. For those located in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, Planters Artificial is your go-to source for artificial plants in the UAE.

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons to choose artificial plants for your CEO’s office design. Each is sure to improve the vibe of the office and hopefully the entire workplace, because you know what they say – happy boss, happy staff!

In this article, you will learn:
  • Why artificial plants are the best option for a CEO who wants to spruce up the office but is indecisive about where to turn;
  • Why Planters Artificial is the best choice in the UAE for office décor requiring no maintenance and no fees down the road;
  • How to work with your CEO to find the best plants possible for their office and where to find them;
  • The perfect strategy to convince your boss that their office needs to be livened up!

1. Change your mind. Anytime.

Artificial Tree in the Office
Is that small tree in the corner no longer serving its purpose? Swap it out! One of the most appealing perks of artificial plants in the office is that they are easy to replace. In most cases (outside of full installations), they can be easily moved, turned, or stored away.

On that note, it never hurts to order a few extra and keep them in the storage closet for when the CEO must hold a meeting and needs décor, or when he or she just wants a change of scenery. You’ll find artificial plants to be among the most versatile decorative choices in the market – good for any time, any place, and anyone (perfect for the busy boss!)

2. No maintenance

That’s right. With artificial plants, there’s no watering, trimming, cutting, or replanting. What you see is what you get, and there’s never a worry of showing up to the office one day to find a plant dying, growing in an obtuse direction, or dropping seeds or dead leaves down onto the floor. When it comes to office décor, artificial plants are as simple an option as you’ll find.

They also appeal to just about everyone without taking time to study or engage with – a stark contrast from pieces of artwork, family photos, or personal souvenirs that do nothing but alienate and distract any visitors that come in for a meeting or chat.

3. Cater them to the CEO’s personal tastes and preferences

Artificial Plant Wall

Some people just don’t like large plants in their workspace. The problem with live plants is that they grow and may need repotting and additional space. With artificial plants, you’ll never have to worry about that happening. In fact, you’ll never have to worry about anything. Once you’ve got the CEO’s approval, there’s nothing to be unsatisfied with or disappointed in.

Perhaps the boss likes a nice artificial tree adjacent to the desk, greeting visitors as they walk in and hiding that scratch in the pane or hole in the wall. Or maybe a preserved palm to set that beach tone. We can even go so far as to install a small artificial green wall behind the desk to contrast the view outside the window. Whatever is up their alley, they’ll find it at Planters Artificial.

4. Artificial plants celebrate the decorative culture of Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Ask anyone who’s been to Dubai in recent years to describe the city. A number of things are likely to come up, but here’s one term that you likely will never hear: boring. The UAE headed into 2018 as one of the most lively and promising nations in the world. Why is it then that Gulf News noted 8 in 10 people in the UAE are bored with their jobs?

One way that office spaces can counter this is to have a fun work space, and this starts in the CEO’s office. Artificial plants liven up the room and add a bit of local flavour to an otherwise dull office. Planters Artificial is your home for the most variety and best service with artificial plants in the UAE.

Employees won’t dread those one-on-one meetings as much when they feel relaxed by the setting instead of being intimidated, and the CEO will benefit from that feeling as well. The end result? Increased productivity!

5. Contrast your artificial plants with a living green wall

Living Green Walls from Planters
Perhaps a bit much in CEO’s office itself, a living green wall from Planters Group offers a number of styles to serve as an attractive complement to the rest of the office. Whether you already have a green wall in place or are considering one as part of your décor plans for 2018, the designs of our artificial plants can be uniquely tailored to your style and wishes.

Saddling up your CEO with a great plan

We all know how tough it can be to get the boss on board with spending money. You want a livelier, more beautiful place to work (or else you wouldn’t be reading this!) and we’re on your side. In that light, we’ve developed a foul-proof plan to bring your CEO that will have him or her on board with adding a bit of artificial plant touch to the office. It works like this:

Employees and customers are happier when they enjoy the ambiance of where they work and shop. Bland spaces are boring, and no one likes boring. This turns away customers and affects the mental state of employees.

So much so in fact that Entrepreneur magazine noted a University of Texas study finding the impact of bland, beige, or otherwise boring walls in the office actually leads to worker depression and lowered productivity. Nobody wants that to happen!

It makes sense, then, that the boss should invest in sprucing up the workspace! Better décor equals better returns, and that means everyone is happy – from the investors to the staff. If that’s not worth a few office plants and a vertical garden, we’re not sure what is!
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