Creative Ways You Can Use Artificial Plants to Design Your Balcony
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Artificial Grass in the Balcony
Updated on 20th Nov 2019 by Planters Artificial
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Artificial Grass in the BalconyWhen artificial plants broke onto the scene a while back, no one would touch them with a ten-foot pole. Still, at the infancy of its design, the product had a shiny, plastic look that even a drunk toddler could spot from a mile away. However, with the numerous strides technology has taken since then, faux greenery has quickly gone from tacky, design no's to every interior designer's dream.

A lot of samples today look so realistic that many an unsuspecting plant owner has watered a potted plant for months only to discover later that it was not real. The growth of the artificial plant industry has been a blessing, especially to the interior and outdoor design industry. They have widened the scope of what it is to design and landscape. In many ways, the industry has been a game-changer.

Previously, any design that incorporated greenery was dependent on the climate: breathtaking landscapes could be designed on a wetland, but that locked out arid places. Dubai, located in the heart of the Arabian Desert, is an example. The sweltering heat of the summers also played a big part in landscaping and design which were carried out. Greenery quickly wilted in the harsh sun, but the rise of artificial greenery put a stop to that.

Numerous companies that manufacture artificial plants, have sprung up all over the UAE, and with good reasons. It has become increasingly common to find designs based entirely on faux flora. More and more households and businesses are turning to such option to spruce up and improve their aesthetic.

Furthermore, research has shown that green increases productivity. Many offices are investing in plants to improve the atmosphere and charge up their employees' batteries. A simple search will show you the numerous diverse ways offices are incorporating green into their designs.

However, an area that many seem to be neglecting is the balcony. While balconies may be a little removed from the day to day operations of the office, they are still part of the business’ premise, and they can be exploited. Do not be afraid, though, for you don't have to break the bank making your balcony as beautiful and inviting to your clients as possible.

Ideas using Artificial Plants for your Office Balcony

Faux plants have a wide range of design applications that can help turn your balcony from cold and drab to bright and fabulous. Read on to learn some ways to use artificial plants to design your gallery.

1. Artificial Potted Plants

Artificial Potted Plants
Potted plants led the initial charge when artificial plants first emerged. They have significantly evolved from their unsightly neighbours. These days, they look extremely realistic, and they last longer, look better and are easier to maintain compared to real plants. Here are a few potted plants that will look great on your balcony;
  • Fiddle leaf artificial tree - This potted plant has an array of dense, broad green leaves set close together, making it look very realistic. Place it right next to a couch, and its dense foliage will make you feel like you're sitting in a forest.
  • Artificial rubber plant - Its leaves perfectly imitate the two-tone colour scheme common to rubber trees. It is small enough to be moved around depending on your tastes. It will not be the centre of attention but it will add colour and especially texture to your balcony.
  • Golden cane palm six trees - This tree could easily be the centrepiece of your balcony. Its leaves closely resemble pine needles and it looks a little like a skinny Christmas tree. What it lacks in size is more than made up in stature: it exudes graceful beauty and power. 
  • Artificial fiddle leaf fig tree - This fig tree imitation boasts sparse leaves set on wide, reaching branches. The sparseness of its leaves against the backdrop of the sky can create a nice contrast.
  • Japanese maple executive tree - Just like the name suggests, the Japanese maple looks very regal. It has a thick trunk and dense cropping of small leaves at the top. The real trees tend to thrive outdoors and take years to grow. Using this artificial maple tree in your balcony’s design will leave your balcony looking stately and dignified.
  • Cedar bonsai decorative plant - The bonsai has long been a staple in interior design. It requires a lot of care and maintenance, and that may be a concern to those who may not have the time to spare. Spring for the synthetic imitation to give your balcony that extra pop it needs.
  • Faux philodendron - The philodendron is a classic indoor plant. They grow best in bright, indirect sunlight. They would thrive in a closed balcony with some shade. Opting for the faux version of the philodendron will save you the hassle but deliver all the benefits. 
  • Boston faux fern - The design of the Boston faux fern is magnificent since it looks like a typical fern pushing out of a ball of soil, except the soil and roots are all synthetic. The bright green of the leaves will brighten your patio, and the faux soil and roots make it look even more realistic.
  • Artificial topiary ball boxwood trees - Traditionally, the foliage of the boxwood tree is pruned and shaped into different geometric shapes, but usually a sphere. A ton of work is needed to maintain the shape. The faux versions come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are an excellent way to spice up a drab looking balcony.
  • Artificial ficus bush - The ficus bush is native to the tropics, so chances are it won't survive in the UAE climate. The artificial version uses real wood for its trunk and a wicker basket with real soil as a pot. The different colours create nice contrasts and look extremely realistic. The ficus bush, with its wooden trunk and magnificent foliage, could easily be your centrepiece. You can get wicker baskets in different colours to make the plant stand out even more.
  • The artificial yucca plant - This plant brings to mind images of the tropics. It has spiky, sword-shaped leaves, clustered together and pointing upwards. They are quite common in many offices due to the elegance they exude, and they are sure to bring a touch of class to your balcony.
2. Artificial Succulents

Artificial Succulent
Succulents are plants that usually have thickened and fleshy parts to retain water. But who has time to water plants in the office anyway, right? Here are a few alternatives you could go for:
  • Agave Plant - This is the kind of plant you see next to a sleek, futuristic water fountain. It has thick fleshy leaves. If you’re thinking of a breezy, futuristic look, the agave is the best way to go. An agave plant on a simple wooden table and chairs combo would give you that future, minimalistic look.
  • Sansevieria plant - Also known as the snake plant, these plants can be found in many offices. The plant is comprised of sleek, long leaves pointing up to the sky. They exude an elegance that immediately elevates any room they are placed in. If you're looking for a subdued, elegant mood for your balcony, the sansevieria plant is the way to go. It'll look almost vulnerable sitting secluded on a lone table.
  • Artificial cactus - The most classic of succulents, the cactus is a go-to for those seeking a touch of green. They give texture and character, and most important of all, they look good. A couple of cacti on the balcony rail with the sun blazing in the background will create a breathtaking effect.
  • Artificial echeveria - These plants have diamond-shaped flowers sprouting from rosettes of fleshy, brightly coloured leaves. They are minuscule and can be moved around to suit your design needs. One will give your balcony a little more texture, and its colourful leaves will brighten your room.
3. Artificial Flowering Plants
Want some flowers in your balcony? You can get some beautiful artificial flowering plants to redecorate your balcony space. Here are some artificial flowering plants that you should consider.

Artificial Flowering Plants
  • Peace lily artificial flower - Naturally, the peace lily flower is poisonous, but the synthetic version still packs the same punch. It leaves almost look like an unfolding rose, and right in the centre a white flower blossoms. They can be used to add a touch of colour or enhance the decor of your balcony.
  • Artificial paradise bird plant - This plant could look great on the balcony. It has wide, green leaves resting on slender, almost wispy stalks. It has bright flowers guaranteed to add a pop of colour to your design. Placed next to more subdued colours, like a grey couch, the flowers of the paradise bird plant will stand beautifully.
  • Phalaenopsis moth orchids - These plants are known for their array of brightly-coloured flowers. Their leaves are stacked at the bottom of the trunk, letting the large flowers take centre stage. Placing one of these lively orchids in your balcony will give it a touch of drama and colour.
  • Shuheng mini artificial potted plant - It comes in a variety of leaf styles to suit different tastes. What stands out most about this minuscule plant is the clusters of flowers that grow interlaced with the leaves, creating an effect that will brighten up whatever room it is placed in.
4. Artificial Hanging Plants
Artificial Hanging Plants
Hanging plants offer a great way to beautify your balcony without needing the extra space that other plants require. With these simple hanging plants ideas, you can give your balcony a refreshing look.
  • Spider hanging basket decorative silk plant - If you decide to be a little whimsical in your design, spring for this exotic looking plant. It is made of slim, elegant leaves sprouting out of a pot hanging in mid-air. It is the kind of plant that will grab your employees’ and clients’ attention.
  • Mini ivy hanging bush - Imagine walking out to your balcony to see lush, green ivy hanging gracefully from elegant black pots. They create a lovely aesthetic that will change the feel of your balcony.
5. Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass in Balcony
Artificial turf is made up of synthetic fibres designed to look and feel like real grass. It requires no watering and very minimal maintenance, and it can last for up to 20 years with proper care. The applications of such grass in interior design are versatile and wide-ranging. There are so many ways to use it that the mind just boggles. Let's look at a couple of ways fake grass can work for you as you design your balcony:
  • Area rugs - Faux grass can be cut up into small pieces of whatever design you choose. Throw one or two of them around the balcony for mood and texture.
  • If you are looking for an entirely green design, carpet the floor with the artificial turf. Its versatility allows it to be cut into different shapes that can fit into your balcony.
  • Green walls could also be a beautiful touch when designing your office or apartment balcony. The effect, when done correctly, is truly breathtaking. Carpet the walls of your balcony with fluffy turf of different shades of green. Paired with hanging artificial vines and good lighting, the aesthetic produced therein will be immensely pleasing.
  • You could also opt to cover any couch in the balcony with artificial turf. Green has been found to increase productivity, so employees who spend their breaks relaxing in the balcony will come back refreshed and rejuvenated.
6. Artificial Mini Trees

Potted Artificial Tree
Faux trees are a great way to bring the atmosphere and mood to a room. A potted mini tree can completely change a place, especially if the room is small. In an apartment or office balcony or patio, the effect can be magnified; the play of the wind and the sun on the leaves can alter the entire mood. Here are some mini trees you could use to spruce up your balcony:
  • Artificial mini palm tree - They come in a range of heights depending on the vertical space of your balcony. You could opt for the free-standing versions or go with a variety of bases that complement your decor choice.
  • Potted mini fig tree - Fig trees are among the more common indoor plants. They come in various sizes, and you can get a size that compliments your design and available space. They are fun-sized, and they add a pop of vibrant green to your balcony.

Getting Creative with Your Balconies

Superior interior design captivates the eye and ensnares the mind. You can use artificial plants to create a balcony that your clients and employees will never want to leave. There are a plethora of companies that offer interior design services in the UAE, but if you want quality service and expertise, consult Planters Artificial. Our design specialists will guide you through your design journey and help you achieve your vision. Contact us here to get started.
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