10 Reasons Why Artificial Plants and Trees are Beneficial for your Retail Business
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Updated on 17th Mar 2019 by Planters Artificial
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Investing in well-maintained plants and trees is probably the best decision you can make in today’s business environment. After all, human beings are known to have an innate emotional feeling and connection towards plants and other living things. From creating a relaxing mood to even improving the overall quality of air in an establishment, it is hard to downplay the importance of plants and trees. Artificial plants and trees go further by eliminating all the disadvantages of natural trees such as the need for regular maintenance and offers you a myriad of benefits.

Artificial Trees - Ibn BattutaWhile there are a lot of benefits to having artificial plants at home and in your office, having artificial trees in your retail space presents even more advantages. The retail space has changed rapidly over the last few years. Previously, people only went to retail centres to shop when they needed something. Today, these spaces have transformed to places that people indulge their consumerism. For example, people visit malls to catch up with their friends, visit the bank, do grocery shopping and take lunch among other things. Natural plants often present some challenges to retail owners or managers that want to incorporate some greenery in their premises. Here are a couple of reasons why artificial plants are a better option for your retail business.

10 Reasons to Add Artificial Trees and Plants to your Retail Space

As a retailer, it is important to make sure that all conditions around the retail space are conducive and enhance the overall shopping experience. Adding artificial trees and plants is a sure way to improve business in your mall or retail store. How is this possible? Read on.

1. Create a positive mood and reduce discomfort

Various studies have revealed the effect of greenery on the stress and discomfort levels of individuals and this could not be more important in the retail industry. Shopping is often affected by different factors that ultimately decide whether your clients purchase anything in your store. Although some of these factors may be beyond your control as a retail manager, they can turn shopping to be a stressful or even irritating affair. Since shopping in a retail store is often a time and budget constrained activity, any obstacles that your clients meet can lead to avoidance behavior.

Retailers can rely on the multiple research findings to remove any negative experiences from shopping and enhancing the shopping experience. This strategy has been popular as many malls will always alter the ambiance of the place through proper design, good lighting, playing good music and even altering the temperature. While all these work just fine, the use of artificial greenery has not been as popular but would produce better results.

A retail environment that lacks some ‘natural pauses’ can lead to attention fatigue and information overload, which is linked to confusion and cognitive strain. As a result, such clients are likely to postpone purchases, offer negative word-of-mouth marketing, reduce their loyalty, show dissatisfaction or shopping fatigue among others. With artificial plants, you can always ensure that you uplift your customer’s shopping experience and mood.

2. Provide a relaxing shopping experience

Retail spaces such as malls comprise a large number of stores and clients are bound to visit a high number of shopping outlets. After looking at the various shopping options that they have, it is necessary for them to have a cool and relaxing atmosphere where they can relax. One way to achieve this relaxing atmosphere is by adding artificial plants and trees to the environment. By setting up these plants all around the retail space, shoppers will often feel compelled to purchase more and extend their stay in the retail space.

Preserved Palms at Dubai Mall
Since retailers are often finding ways of gaining a competitive advantage over their rivals, creating a good shopping experience is necessary for their long-term success. Creating an inviting and green shopping space where clients feel welcome will not only improve your client’s loyalty but will prompt them to return sooner.

3. Build an attractive shopping space

Many businesses and even homes have earned a great reputation for installing attractive artificial plants & trees in their premises and retail spaces can enjoy this too. Although you are most likely to hear about the functional benefits of artificial greenery, one major part is often left out, and that beauty. Let’s face it, natural plants will also help you get an attractive workspace but at a high cost such as high maintenance and procuring costs. A good option would be to integrate artificial plants that would both be functional and cost effective.

Why the fuss of having an attractive shopping space you may ask? Well, apart from improving the moods of both your clients and employees, an attractive retail space will also make you stand out among competition. The good thing with artificial plants and trees is that they can easily be mounted on walls or even ceilings unlike natural plants. When you decide to decorate your retail space your clients will be happier and will want to do more business with you.

4. A wide variety of options

Every retail business has its own landscaping needs due to factors such as spacing among others. If you decide to go with natural plants and trees, it will not take long for you to realise you are limited in terms of plant choices. Your landscaping designer is likely to give you a list of about 2 or 3 options that fit with the space, environment and resources of your retail business. Those that decide to go with artificial options like artificial plant walls in Abu Dhabi, realise that they are no longer curtailed from choosing the type of plants that they want. For example, palms are often a preserve of coastal towns and places with tropical climate. With a reputable artificial plants supplier in Dubai, you can easily get preserved palms for your business.

Artificial trees and plants do not need any special conditions, which makes it possible for you to choose a wide range of greenery. Remember that the best landscaping designers in UAE will not only offer you artificial trees for your retail space but will also offer you a wide selection to choose from. From orchids to preserved palms and even lilies, there is really no limit when it comes to artificial plants and trees. Regardless of the season, you can choose to create a different vibe in your retail space by going for a Mediterranean feel or a tropical vibe. The list of options that you have is endless, as long as it works to serve you and your client’s needs.

5. Nothing is more convenient

Do you have an event in a couple of weeks but you need to beautify your retail space? Good luck growing natural plants in two weeks. Convenience is another important reason that makes people pick artificial trees over natural plants. Installing natural plants can sometimes be more of a hassle than it is worth. This is especially true if it relates to the time, cost and even effort that is necessary to plant live trees. Artificial trees such as preserved palms are easy to install and may take less than half the time it takes to install live plants. Furthermore, artificial landscape is relatively easier to install and does not take a lot of effort.

This means that a retailer who decides to use artificial trees will do it faster cheaper and take less time than one who decides to use live plants. It is this convenience that has partly fueled the on-going trend of using indoor artificial trees and plants in Abu Dhabi and other parts of the gulf region. Since these plants do not need any sunlight unlike natural trees, they can be used to decorate all sections of your retail business without the hassles of proper maintenance.

6. Be as creative as you wish with artificial plants

Artificial Plants at Time Square AtriumThere are a lot of challenges and limitations that come with installing natural plants and trees in your retail business. You will limit your creativity because of the planting and watering needs of the natural plants as well as the weight and even maintenance requirements of live plants. These limitations are, however, little or even non-existent when it comes to using artificial plants in your retail business. For example, you can easily get plant walls and ceiling plants if you decide to use the services of artificial plant walls suppliers in Dubai. With such type of walls, you will easily discover that artificial plants have wonderful designs that are not limited by any factors unlike natural landscaping.

Since your creativity will not be limited, you can now explore the different options that you have always thought about in your retail space. You can use artificial plants to create a wonderful green oasis between aisles in your retail space or even use green walls to create partition in any large space. The possibilities will only be limited by your creativity, or lack of it.

7. Artificial plants are maintenance-free

One of the main reasons why only a few retail businesses have been enthusiastic with installing green plants and trees is the many costs and effort required to maintain them. What if you learned that indoor artificial trees and plants in Dubai need 0% maintenance? With the use of artificial plants, you are now able to achieve the same effect as natural plants at a fraction of the total cost and with little to no additional maintenance services needed. Your plants will not need any watering, meaning you will save a lot on costs and can virtually plant any trees. Furthermore, you no longer have to train your staff in pruning and cutting your plants as you would do with live trees.

Lack of any maintenance means that you can finally place plants in those hard to reach places that are not ideal for natural plants. This can include the unused places in your retail store. While we insist that artificial plants are maintenance free in relation to watering or pruning, it is still important to dust the plants as you would dust your furniture.

8. They will last longer

Businesses often spend large amounts of money on landscaping with the knowledge that the plants they are investing in will ultimately die when not properly taken care of. As pointed earlier, there is nothing as worse as having dead plants in your retail space. This means that they might end up affecting the overall appearance of your premises or even scare away your clients. Even with proper maintenance and care, it is very likely that your natural plants will wither after a while. This is not only a loss of investment but also necessitates other replacement costs.

Investing in artificial trees, on the other hand, will save you from this problem since they do not die. You can finally rest assured that your plants will not age or fade in comparison to natural plants. Artificial plants are therefore a long-term investment that will last as long as your retail business. To ensure they are at their best, it is important to clean and dust them occasionally.

9. They are made of strong and fire retardant materials

This is an important feature that most people often overlook when they are looking for a great landscaping design for their businesses. It has, however, been proven that green plants or trees can play a part in fueling the spread of fires in an enterprise. Natural plants can even feed the flames if a fire incident arises at your retail store. Good quality artificial plants, on the other hand, are made from fire retardant material that will not fuel the fire but will actually stop the flames from spreading.

It is also unlikely to have broken branches or even falling parts when you choose to invest in artificial plants. This is due to the strong composition and light weight nature of these plants. What does this mean for your retail business? You are unlikely to have any safety-related problems or accidents at your premises that is brought about by your artificial greenery.

10. They fit perfectly

Artificial Tree in a Retail StoreFinding the perfect tree or plant for your retail business is not a walk in the park. Even if you can find the perfect tree or plant, your joy will be short-lived as real trees and plants will easily grow out of their desired shape. With artificial plants and trees, your plants will never grow taller than you want or occupy more space than they were meant to in the first place.

One of the main perks of artificial landscaping, mentioned above, is that you can get a wide variety of options depending on your actual needs. This also means that you can get a range of plant sizes. Having a wide variety to choose from means that you can easily find the perfect tree to fit your retail space or the best artificial green walls that serve your needs. Your landscaping contractor should be able to help you through every step of this journey i.e. from creating the design to the installation of the plants.

Wrapping It All Up

Retail businesses have special needs and decorating them may present more challenges than, say, decorating your home. Plants can be used for various reasons when they are installed in a retail space.

One of the main reasons for investing in artificial greenery in your retail business is to alleviate the stress and discomfort that clients get when they are shopping. Shopping is often a time and budget constrained activity and the large amount of options presented to clients may make them tired, confused or prompt them to leave. Artificial plants and trees improves the mood of the clients and offers a natural pause that can be useful for stressed customers. This subsequently enhances their shopping experience and builds loyalty.

Artificial trees and plants also offer a great chance for retail managers to beautify their retail spaces. Since there has been an increase in the number of retail businesses in Abu Dhabi and all of the UAE, creating attractive shopping spaces can easily set you apart from your rivals. The convenience, low cost, safety, little maintenance and wide variety of artificial greenery are other reasons why you should add these plants and trees to your retail business.

While you probably want to enjoy the benefits that these artificial plants present, you can only get them if you get the services of the best artificial landscaping business in Abu Dhabi or Dubai. We make sure that your retail business will stay ahead of its peer by offering you various options to choose from. Whether you wish to accentuate the look of your retail business or simply want to offer a cosy and welcoming shopping experience, you can always count on us to offer you the best landscaping services. Contact Planters Artificial today to find out how our services can help you take your retail business to the next level.
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