Using Artificial Plants and Trees in High-style
Artificial Plant Wall Dubai
Updated on 24th Oct 2017 by Planters Artificial
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Landscaping with Artificial Plants & Trees

What are the biggest landscaping trends of 2017? Two of the biggest focuses are environmental sustainability and increased aesthetic appeal. Proving that landscape design trends can be quite versatile, many of the most popular ideas feature artificial plants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

We know you might wonder if the artificial plants would go out of style in a few years. The fact of the matter is that artificial plants can in certain circumstances be rearranged and relocated, meaning they can often keep with the times better than live plants. Even when they’re in a fixed spot, proper installation will have them presented in a contemporary manner. In fact, artificial plants are trendy and more versatile now than ever. Here are five examples that prove artificial plants are in high-style in 2017.

In this article, we’ll cover:

Use Artificial Plants to Create Blocks of Colors in Common Areas

Artificial Plant Wall Dubai
One of 2017’s biggest design trends is the idea of color blocking. This refers to identifying and implementing a color scheme for an area. This can be done in a few ways:
  • Artificial plant walls. A vibrant wall of bright green artificial plants defines common areas such as waiting rooms, courtyards, and cubicle spaces. Artificial plant walls give an otherwise boring room a splash of personality that feels as electric as it does comforting.
  • Minimalise lawn space. Lawns and wide-open garden spaces have been on the decline for years. Replacing water-sucking grass with color blocking artificial plants not only looks great, it is far more environmentally friendly. You’re basically knocking two birds with one stone, as the saying goes.
  • Meld artificial plants with the surrounding space. Color blocking doesn’t have to be contained to one thing. Artificial plants can be used to complement other features such as a wall that is painted green, or a piece of artwork with a strong green focus. The versatility of the plants means that they can serve as a primary focus or background balancing act, whichever is more appropriate to your home or office situation.

Artificial Installations Bring Dull Spaces to Life

Perhaps your storefront or home needs an extended area of plant life to spruce up the vibe. With a full-scale artificial installation, the space can take on the ambiance of nearly any climate imaginable. Artificial plants in Dubai are popularly used to create desert oasis and beachy scenes, with preserved palm trees anchoring displays also featuring smaller but equally lively artificial plants. Designs can be built to just about any size and dimension.

Preserved Artificial Palms
  • Bring a walkway to life by lining it with a row of artificial trees and shrubbery stretching as far as the entryway.
  • Make a large, open space feel calmer and collected with a centerpiece of preserved palm trees or other artificial trees set in an inviting pattern.
  • Go garden-sized with an all-encompassing display of artificial plants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Many see xeriscaping as not visually appealing, despite the minimal upkeep and lack of water required. Full-scale artificial installations from Planters Artificial keep the attractive elements of outdoor and indoor gardens without the maintenance and continued costs.

Vertical Gardening and Green Roofs Lower Energy Use and Benefit the Aesthetic

The landscaping trend of vertical gardens continues to attract more attention in the UAE. What many may not know is that artificial plants can be used in many of these situations. Using artificial landscaping gets rid of the hassle of removing dead branches and plants from inconvenient heights.

Many businesses and residential complexes can benefit from the increased shade and cooling effect of vertical gardening and green roofs as well. Shade reduces the need for air con use, and the weather in Dubai and Abu Dhabi is often quite sweltering. Not to mention, an otherwise standard looking building or storefront can become one of the neighborhoods visual highlights with the use of artificial plants.

Use Artificial Plants as a Boundary

Landscaping is increasingly used to signify boundary lines   and points of distinction between places or things. Picket or other fencing is becoming less common in many situations    as businesses and individuals prefer a more natural looking, less intrusive border marker.
Artiificial Plants in the Office
  • Separate play areas. Rows of artificial trees or artificial plants can serve as boundary markers for children’s play areas. Kids can easily iden-  tify where they are and aren’t supposed to be with the help of the artificial landscaping. This also removes  any chance of a child injuring themselves climbing on a fence  or wall.
  • Mark property lines. Furthering the case against traditional fencing, one of the year’s landscaping trends is to use artificial plants to mark property lines. This can be done in single-family homes, apartment balconies, even office cubicles. For ground level situations, artificial trees are more common, but smaller artificial plants may better serve other situations.
  • Fill unused space. Simple, potted artificial plants take up as much or as little space as you need to fill in your home or business. Start simple, and add to the collection if necessary.

Mix With Live Plants

Remember earlier when we mentioned the versatility of artificial plants? Thinking outside the box is one of the biggest landscaping trends of 2017. Surrounding flowers and other live plants with distinctive colors with artificial plants and artificial trees makes a planned space really come to life.

No one wants to work or shop in a plain, boring space – especially in Dubai. Creating colorful, attractive designs is a top way for businesses to turn unprofitable and unproductive spaces into attractive, mixed-use space that helps business and increases employee morale. Planters Artificial can consult with businesses to plan the perfect design to liven up their space.

Implementing the Landscaping Trends

Do you have an idea for how artificial plants can liven up Dubai and Abu Dhabi or help define your space? View the examples on the Planters Artificial's website to get a better idea of exactly how artificial trees or plants will fit into your home or business. Our team is happy to help you design and implement a winning display – please get in touch!
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