Artificial Plants for 2019
Artificial Plant Walls at Parkers
Updated on 28th Feb 2019 by Planters Artificial
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Here we are, moving into 2019 with steam! This year promises to deliver quite a number of new exterior and interior design trends, and Planters Artificial is excited to showcase our collection of artificial plants and trees that will ‘wow’ everyone from guests to customers.

Before getting started, take a moment to note where you’d like to spruce it up in 2019. Which areas bring artificial plants to mind? In this article, we’re going to cover a broad spectrum, so grab a pen and paper, and be sure to take some notes! Our representatives are ready to talk ideas and help you bring your 2019 design dreams to life.

In this article, you will learn:
  • How to get started with artificial indoor plants for your home or office, and which ones are best for feeling out the process?
  • Which artificial plants are best in outdoor spaces, and which do best indoors?
  • How to use green walls, arrangements, and décor to create a setting and mood in your home or business. We’ll also touch on why this is so important.
  • How to optimise potted plants for maximum impact?

2019: The year to get started with artificial plants

Plants have the power to transform any space, whether it’s an office or your home, into a warm, colourful and lively setting exuding a whole lot of positive energy. Faux greeneries are greatly advantageous to those who want to incorporate this hot trend in the landscaping industry into their home décor but are unable to meet the demanding needs of caring for a real plant.

A simple way to get started with artificial plants is by understanding the basic arrangements; the right plants to choose for a particular space and its overall effect on the appearance of the space. When starting out, think small and versatile. Do not be afraid to experiment with different locations and arrangements, taking note of any colours and textures that can richly add to the appeal. Feel free to reach out to our experts at Planters Artificial, who are standing by to offer suggestions and answer to any questions you may have.

Artificial Plants for Indoor Spaces

Using plants indoors can make quite the difference to your décor, giving your home, restaurant, hotel or office an elegant and grand feeling.
Artificial Plant Walls at Parkers
Artificial Plant Walls
One of the key factors you have to consider when designing interiors is the available floor space. Less space means you should probably go for plant designs that don’t require much space such as hanging plants, potted plants and plant walls.

Hanging Greens

Hanging plants are basically plants that grow hanging. We have quite a variety of those including the Pothos, English Ivy, Feather fern burgundy and Grape vine. They are great as they add height to the room by drawing eyes up from the floor level.

In the cases of cramped up cubicles in the office, these plants help to bring the outdoors in, boosting employees’ creativity and productivity while improving the general appearance of the office. These hanging artificials are especially great if your home or business is located in the middle of a busy city with little sceneries and you would like to add a touch of nature to lighten things up. You can get them in beautiful baskets and suspend them from the ceiling or wall preferably by the window.

Small Potted Artificial Plants

Feel free to be creative and play around with different ideas to get your preferred design with smaller potted plants. For example, try staging a succulent elegantly placed in a glass cylinder, as a decorative centerpiece on the conference tables or even on your working desk at the office. Do not hesitate to use beautifully designed pots or any other unique accessories such as pots with river rocks, fruit baskets or even old tableware. Because these plants are mainly small, they can either be set on their own or used as part of much larger displays.

Ideally, you can place a pot of coloured plants such as peacock or caladium bushes on top of cabinets where space is too limited or use them as bookends on shelves. If you would like to highlight certain features in the room such as coloured walls, paintings or mirrors, a pot of artificial flowering Spathiphyllum will go a long way towards helping you achieve this.

Large Leafy Artificial Plants

In the case of scarcely furnished homes, offices or entrance halls, large leafed plants are best advised as they take up much space, creating a larger impact in otherwise awkward and wasted spaces. The stemmed yucca is an example of these large space artificial plants and is perfect for solitary standing pots on either sides of an entrance to create symmetry. These plants are great in adding different layers to your existing plant displays to form a little indoor garden or to use as single pots where you do not have the space for a tree but small plants just won’t cut it. When designing such, be careful to place them where you would otherwise place the real ones, in sunlight for example to make them look more real. Not to mention you can design these by placing them atop partitioning walls where spaces can benefit from creating separation to establish different rooms without undertaking any major construction.

Re-decorate your walls with artificial green walls

Artificial plant walls are also a great way of pepping up your indoor spaces. These green walls are a great option if you want to create a unique decorative feature but have major issues with floor space. They can be installed in lobbies, conference rooms and ceilings to bring some exclusivity to your décor by adding colour and texture that will never go out of fashion.

Artificial green walls don’t require much maintenance like the real ones. Landscape contractors can design unique artificial green walls that display logos, patterns, and other designs that you can use to advertise your company, achieving two things at once.
Artificial plant walls can be used to create special effects on the walls, without other factors such as drainage and sunlight dictating what is possible.

Because artificial plant walls can be made to fit any size and can be applied to almost any surface. They are perfect for hiding pipes, wires or any other infrastructure. The effect that this will have on your office or business is beautiful natural textures covering up the workings of the building.

In your hospitality business, UV-stabilised green walls can be set in the balcony or patio, upgrading it to a mini garden where your guests can get cosy, read a book or just relax. You can also opt for an artificial plant wall in the reception or lobby area that will drape on the wall like a fine piece of art and surely catch every guest’s eye.

Artificial Florae

Artificial flowers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Artificial blossoms, roses, and gerberas are among the most popular selections of artificial indoor plants in the retail and hospitality business as we move into 2019, sprucing up any room with vibrancy and colour.

Pussy willows and leaf orchids add a touch of the outdoors to artificial indoor settings, and work particularly well along walkways and as a liner to terraced gardens. You can arrange these well, as the stems can be bent, twisted and shaped, changing the design occasionally to take a break from the basic arrangements. The flowers can be set in the kitchen or pantry by the window together with other artificial potted plants or combine with real herbs to add in to the vibrancy and radiance of the otherwise dull room.

Artificial plants for outdoor spaces

Our artificial outdoor plants, as real as they look, are great substitutes for particularly difficult or high maintenance plants that come with a myriad of problems, especially to those of us that are not green fingered. They are quite durable, weather resistant and make a lovely accent for your business premises. Ensure your outdoor spaces are looking lush throughout the year with quality artificial plants to suit your needs in every season of the year when the real plants would otherwise be shedding.

Artificial Landscaping at JW Marriott HotelFor outdoor spaces, it is important to plan the landscaping before beginning and to locate the areas you will place the plants as focal points. You can create borders for outdoor premises using our various types of artificial shrubs and grasses such as the river ferns and dogtail grass. Window boxes with colourful flowers can be used to complement the exterior design of your building too.

For hotels’ pool areas, you may want to accent it with preserved palm fronds and artificial bamboos to create an aura of a tropical paradise without the plants being affected by the chemicals used in the water. If you choose to add a private area in the pool, you can use our tall artificial trees and preserved palms and hedges as a visual wall, giving you the much needed privacy from the public eye.

Larger air plants and succulents come in clay pots or where they are viewable from the walkway as a welcome to guests. Our favourite artificial trees for indoor use, especially for those living in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, is the Lemon Tree. Complete with appealing real-looking lemons, these arrangements come multiple potted settings and sizes for your selection that will make sure the space looks especially crisp and sophisticated.

We also offer an extensive collection of ferns and aloes that perfectly complement the 9 latest design trends for 2019. In warmer climates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi, yucca plants are used to add a touch of weather-centric flare.

When scenarios call for an incredibly life-like setting, we suggest items such as branches or moss grass to complement the more ‘visually stunning’ elements of décor. Visitors really react to aesthetics that tickle their senses from multiple angles.

Grasses and items carefully staged in the background provide a 360-degree experience and make people want to linger for a few extra minutes, critical for shops trying to push a sale or business executives looking to close that big deal. Many of these grasses, such as the Zebra Grass, come potted and can be relocated as necessary.

Setting the big scene with vertical walls and preserved palms

Artificial Tree
Think about Chicago’s Wrigley Field. What is the first thing that comes to mind? It’s the ivy, isn’t it? Such a defining feature is a great way to set your space apart from the others around it. Perfectly customisable, ivy can be hung in large or small plots, completely covering an area or leaving open space to share the glory. Ivy is 2019’s best way to liven up that large, open wall or balcony which currently sits exposed. The ivy is also a great ideal for privacy fencing to hide that eyesore of an ugly chain link fence.

If you have the space, artificial trees and preserved palms can really increase the aesthetic appeal of your home or business. Large plazas and yards allow decorators to put multiple items together into one cohesive theme, giving the space a characteristic all its own. Our large collection of Fichus trees is among the most popular, as are the natural trunk trees like bamboo and olive ball.

Artificial Plant Walls
Vertical walls are popular because they command attention immediately. Similar to the ivy as we discussed earlier, guests will walk away with a memory (and likely a photo!) of your green wall and how much they loved it. Boring be gone, vertical walls can drastically improve the appearance of any space and are one of the most customisable options we offer.

Preserved palms have a similar effect, albeit offering the advantage of more strategic placement. While a green wall can only fit in certain spots, there are few bare spaces throughout a home or workplace that a preserved palm can’t liven up. Hosting a party in one room today and a different room tomorrow? Simple! Move them around, use them as greeters or background, and don’t be shy about adding an extra.

Potted pleasers

Inside homes and businesses, potted artificial plants are rapidly increasing in popularity. A big reason for this is that they can easily be moved. Perhaps your first go is to put them between a couch and a loveseat, but after a while decide to relocate the potted plant by a nearby window to allow more attention. You can lighten up any dark corner with pots of colourful stem flowers, break the monotony of a space or a patio, and create an ambient scene when grouped in strategic places. You can also build a simple theme garden around a colour or concept, and switch it up anytime to suit the season or your moods.

This is easily done – and adding to the collection is just as easy. Many choose to add a potted plant with each new piece of furniture or every room remodel, and we say why not?! 2019 is going to be all about personality. Trends are shifting from stagnant art pieces built for only one location in the home or office into more mobile options such as potted plants.

Enhance those Potted Plants

If you want to maximise on the effects of artificial plants in any setting whatsoever, it would be important to add accent lighting to better highlight their beauty. You can achieve this for smaller potted plants indoors by making use of table lamps.

You can also spice up and personalise the space by adding some fun accessories such as ribbons and bow ties to make the display more visually interesting. What’s more is that you can play around with these accessories in the different holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter to make sure you are up to date.

There are also some customised plant containers to enhance your selection of artificial greeneries. You can choose from Luxury, Stainless Steel or Glass Reinforced Plastic among other plant containers available in the UAE market.

And remember, these artificial plants tend to get dust and webs with time so keep dusting them to maintain that green lustrous colour. Because of course, you don’t want your faux plants looking anything but real!

Thinking big picture: Your décor, your attitude!

No matter the setting – inside or out, home or office artificial plants and trees are the perfect accent as we move into 2019. Planters Artificial has an extensive product range that is sure to offer multiple décor options appropriate for any situation. Whether it’s versatility, lifespan, or customisation, we have something that will fit your needs. Decide on a new and ‘artificially green’ design for your business or office to make this the best year you have ever had.
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