Caring for Your Artificial Outdoor Plants during Summer
Interior and Exterior Artificial Plants
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Interior and Exterior Artificial PlantsUAE’s cold season is over. While the sun is good for the soul, it can be harsh on artificial plants. These are made from several synthetic materials such as plastic, polyblends or silk that make them fade and lose their colour when exposed to direct sunlight. The good news is that artificial outdoor plants can maintain a stunning appearance and vibrant colour for months and even years. However, this is only possible when they're well taken care of.

So, how do you take care of artificial plants during summer?

Undoubtedly, artificial plants can transform any space, and when you care for them, they will maintain their colour and luster. However, artificial outdoor plants are like any other object – they get dusty and lose their vibrance over time. Fortunately, there are ways of taking care of these faux trees and plants.

Purchase High-Quality Faux Plants

Faux plants are trendy yet smart outdoor landscaping add-ons. They create a lovely appearance and add life to empty spaces. It is, however, worth noting that not all faux artificial plants out there are high-quality, but if you know what to look for, they’ll be worth every penny.

During summer, the weather in the UAE can be quite harsh. It is, therefore, imperative to have the right plants to avoid seeing them fade and crack later on. Get plants that can withstand summer heat and sail through sand storms.

The first step to purchasing a high-quality artificial plant is finding the right vendor. While many brands out there purport to offer quality plants, many of these will deliver low-quality ones. This is why you need a reliable company that can offer quality artificial greeneries and with a lot of experience in installing and maintaining artificial plants. If you're buying online, ensure you get it from a reputable store. Read reviews and, if possible, ask for recommendations from friends.

Use UV-Treated Artificial Plants

UV treated artificial plants can resist the harmful UV rays. Fake plants are usually made from different materials, including natural wood, plastic, wire, and silk. These materials are not UV-resistant and can discolour, fade, and become extremely fragile.

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The UV resistant artificial plants are treated with a premium grade absorber, stabiliser, and blocker. This absorbs the UV rays, protecting the structural and colour integrity. It makes the plants become inherently UV resistant because it ensures the entire foliage is well-protected.

These plants are more durable compared to non-UV outdoor artificial plants. Hence, your plants will look fresh and vibrant throughout the year.

UV protection will also minimise dust build-ups. It means you will clean the plants less often, preventing them from fading. Harmful sun rays can make the plants become extremely brittle, but if you have your plants treated, you won't worry about the summer heat anywhere in the Emirates.

If you've purchased non-UV treated artificial plants, then you may want to consider using UV spray on your plants. UV sprays provide superior sealing and protection. The spray penetrates deep into the foliage and adds flexibility and protection. It also protects the plants against fading, enhances colour, and keeps dust and dirt down while forming an abrasion-resistant surface. This is important, especially during sand storms. A reliable spray is odor-free and will protect the surface against heat and efflorescence. For effectiveness, clean the artificial outdoor plants thoroughly, let them dry out, and then spray.

Some of the non-toxic products that will prevent your artificial plants from fading, at a minimal cost and effort, include:
  • UV-Resistant Acrylic Craft Spray – Outdoor plants get a significant amount of UV rays exposure. It dries quickly and can protect the plants from sun damage, prevent fading, breaking or bending.
  • Acrylic Craft Spray – This is a smart choice for maintaining luster in artificial plants. It comes at a competitive price, and with only one coat your plants will get a glossy, sturdy finish that prevents fading.
  • UV Sunblock – If your main goal is to prevent fading rather than preventing cracking and damage, then UV sunblock might be the ultimate choice. Spray on plants for a glossy finish that dries in 2-4 hours.
  • Foliage Sealer – Foliage sealers are designed to revive the original colour of artificial plants. It also prevents the plants’ cracking and fading. It might be a bit expensive, but it's better than replacing your expensive artificial outdoor plant, isn’t it?
Maintaining Artificial Plants

Dust your Artificial Plants

Artificial outdoor plants have become popular. They transform the landscape and compliment the outdoor décor. During summer, these plants collect tons of dust, and you must wipe them often to maintain their colour.

A feather duster can be ideal for cleaning your artificial plants. Ensure you reach every nook and cranny. When dusting is not enough, use a dry or wet cloth depending on how thick the dust is. Once you're done, spray the plant with Ammonia D to restore them to their original colours.

Limit direct sun exposure

Even if you have UV treated artificial plants, you still may want to reduce their exposure to sunlight. Temperature in the UAE can reach up to 41°C during the peak of summer so it can still affect your artificial greeneries’ appearance and “health” overtime. Come up with an effective artificial outdoor landscaping plan that will shield your plants.

Use artificial plants landscaping strategies

As discussed earlier, using different artificial plants landscaping strategies is also an effective way to prevent fading. It’s a smart idea to move artificial flowers and trees around depending on the season. Varying the angles and location of the artificial plants to minimise the sun exposure will lessen the chances of colour fading over time.

It is worth noting that even the highest quality artificial plants do fade. The summer sun and outdoor elements will take a toll on your outdoor faux flowers, plants and greeneries. Alternatively, you can rotate the plants yearly between sunny areas and high shade areas. If your patio is exposed to the harsh summer sun, adding a live green wall can do the magic.

Artificial Plants Outdoors? No Problem!

Gone are the days when people could only rely on live plants for decorations. Today, artificial plants have made their way into both outdoor and indoor settings. There are silk and plastic plants that are designed, painted, and shaped to feel and look like real flora. However, the choice of outdoor plants still depends on your preference.

Artificial plants are made of different materials, and they're a smart choice for both indoor and outdoor decoration. The outdoor plants are, however, tougher compared to indoor plants. Their foliage can be coated with weatherproofing to withstand the harsh outdoor weather conditions. By using a fabric protector to cover the leaves, the plants will sail through the worst weather.

So, if you’re looking to install durable outdoor or indoor artificial plants within your business space, get in touch with us today.
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