10 Surprising Facts about Artificial Green Walls
10 Surprising Facts About Artificial Green Walls | Blog
Updated on 21st Mar 2018 by Planters Artificial
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Artificial Green Walls Facts

Artificial plant walls, artificial plants, and artificial trees - the world has gone mad about anything artificially green, and with good reasons. Used in both exterior and interior landscaping designs, more and more people, especially businesses, are opting to ‘fake it’ when it comes to their greenery needs.

Benefits such as the following are why interior designers and landscapers now opt for artificial plant walls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi;
  • Maintenance free since you do not need to water or weed them for sustenance;
  • Cost-effective now that they stay green and luscious for as long as they are hanging on your walls which can amount to a minimum lifespan of ten years;
  • They are noise absorbent;
  • Easy to install on either the exterior or interior walls without having to bother with the limitations of sunlight or the confine of space;
  • Staring at green has been proven to relax your eyes by reducing strain to your overtaxed vision.
The ability to include the exterior green beauty into your indoor without having to face the pressure of breaking the bank or your back by watering and weeding, let alone the risk of mold and pest infestation is what artificial greenery provides. That has made them gain vast popularity over the years becoming one of the biggest interior design trends in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In the past, having artificial vertical gardens installed in the home or workplace was conceived as tacky, but gone are the days of unrealistic fake-looking artificial trees and plants; in fact, some of them appear to be even more real than their live counterparts. So, if you’re still not convinced, here are some amazing facts about green walls and why you should consider having one (or more) installed.

1. The Long History of the Plant Walls

Beautiful exterior landscaping has been a part of history for centuries. In the ancient times, living walls were often a part of architectural designs. While they haven’t all been of the artificial type, the first ever example of a green plant wall dates back to the ancient times in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. This is proof enough that humans have always craved and needed greenery in their lives whether it’s for aesthetic or functional purposes. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were one among the seven of the world’s ancient wonders of architectural history. It included plants ranging from running vines, stationary plants to trees, combined to create a grand view of green beauty.

Inspired by the magnificent beauty of the hanging gardens of Babylon, designers by the 1920s begun to incorporate plants more frequently in their designs. Equipment had been created in the 80s and 90s with the specific purpose of helping vertical gardens grow. Structures with open space whether it was indoors, outdoors or building entrances, plant walls become a common architectural addition to these structures at the time.

Over time with advancements in the artificial green industry designers of the modern world have gradually turned to the use of artificial plant walls. The evolution to faux plant walls in itself was facilitated by a number of factors but the ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness take top place. What is even more amazing about this shift is that with the improvement in the artificial green plants' production, artificial plant walls today look as real as naturally growing living plants. Most people cannot really tell the difference judging from just their sight.

With a fast-improving society today, people are realising that the benefits of installing artificial plant walls are not only suitable for the home but can also enhance the workplace environment. And due to that realisation, artificial plant wall suppliers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are now taking their artificial plants to office walls in the cities.

2. Artificial Green Walls Create Peace

Artificial Plant Wall at House of Comms
Another great benefit of having an artificial vertical plant wall is that they are noise absorbent. That means that if they are constructed and installed properly, it can help lessen the noise levels in buildings. Individuals and even corporate businesses have long used green walls to reduce noise around their premises, especially if they’re situated along highways, traffic lanes, roads or motorways. Green walls can be functional in ensuring the necessary serenity required for a proper working environment. Their structure helps block high-frequency sounds by absorbing acoustic energy, such as traffic and noise pollution from outside the building or even from adjacent rooms.

The ability of the artificial plant wall to absorb sound enables this aesthetic structure to turn your working environment or your home into a beautiful relaxing sanctuary. One that is both charming to look at and pleasant to be around with or rather be surrounded by. Note that this ambiance can be quite effective in relieving stress especially at the workplace, significantly impacting the office mood. You can achieve this even when the situation would have, otherwise, compromised the intended productivity.

For institutions such as hotels, medical facilities, retail stores and even schools where it is essential for the client to directly interact with the organisation; there is a need for a tranquil and calm environment to ensure the satisfaction of the service they receive. Providing this peaceful, calm business environment has a significant impact on the customer retention rate of the institution. Artificial plant walls will offer you the serene environment you desire to make that extra profit for your business without extra maintenance cost.

Less noise at the workplace will definitely lead to happier employees and satisfied clients, resulting in better productivity and subsequently, increased profit. It’s a win-win situation! Plus, you do not even have to water the plants.

3. Artificial Plant Walls aren’t Just a Feature

Having a faux garden wall installed will undeniably transform your space’s appearance. It’s amazing what a little bit of green (even if it isn’t real) can do to the place. But that’s not all; an artificial vertical garden wall can also be functional. Ask the team at Planters Artificial and they’ll quickly tell you how installing a fake garden wall can act as a boundary, windbreak and in some cases, it can even help protect a building against the elements.

Now that you are reading this, however, it is only proper that you get a clear idea of what answers to expect from Planters Artificial in terms of the extra features of the artificial plant walls. Aside from the already illustrated sound absorption capabilities and tranquil environment creation, artificial green walls also offer a myriad of other interior benefits. Primarily, they possess aesthetic benefits given their beautiful imitation to nature thus making them a preferred alternative to interior décor in the urban setting.

By creating a façade that connects one to nature, artificial plant walls have also been seen to uplift people’s moods, make them alert and even happier due to the concept known as biophilia. Studies have shown that artificial greeneries, just like their living counterparts, provide both aesthetic as well as psychological benefits. Psychological benefits include reducing mental fatigue, decreasing one’s level of aggression and anxiety, and reduction of stress.

These positive psychological effects arise as a result of our bodies’ automatic reaction after experiencing the riveting feelings that nature brings. It is even more fascinating that you do not have to go through the hustle of maintaining them, as compared to the hustle of watering and pruning living plant walls.

4. Artificial Plants are Durable

Artificial Plant Wall in the Office
Of course, there are many ‘cheaper’ faux plant options to choose from, but as the age-old saying goes – you get what you pay for. When you buy your unique artificial greenery from a reputable artificial plant company, you’ll soon understand that there are a lot of high quality and very realistic looking artificial plants out there, so much so that they’re often mistaken for real ones. Today, the majority of these plants are constructed to last, thanks to the latest artificial tree and plant wall technologies such as UV coating, which protects the faux plants from fading. This means that they’ll remain lush in their colour just like a real plant would maintain its verdant green hues – this makes exterior landscaping easier in countries that are renowned for their scorching hot summers such as the UAE.

The durability of artificial greeneries extends not only in their ability to withstand time but also the trials of nature. Be it for outdoor or indoor purposes, artificial plant walls are designed to withstand changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature without blemish. A change of weather is insignificant to the standard of quality and maintenance of an artificial plant wall’s aesthetic state.

To enhance their durability, some advanced artificial plant walls are treated with fire retardant. In the event that an individual drops a hot cigarette butt on the plant, there will be no fire; at least not from the fake plant wall you have at your office. Since these artificial green walls are durable, you will only need to make a single purchase, which when installed, can last you a lifetime.

5. Say Goodbye to Landscapers with Artificial Plant Walls and Trees 

Who has time for gardening these days? The average person or company certainly does not; and because it’s such a specialised area, it is extremely difficult to find good exterior or interior landscapers. Exceptional landscapers come at a cost but with artificial plant walls, you’ll be able to save time, money and stress in the future – there will be absolutely no need to hire anyone to maintain your grounds.

Also, considering the building structures within the UAE, the idea of choosing the right green walls, especially for a CEO’s office design, becomes important. Yes, it would be cumbersome and quite expensive to have a plant wall maintained, constantly watered, weeded and trimmed. This is especially true if it is at the top floor of, say, a 15-story building or even for a taller building as those found in Dubai. Yet, you can have professional artificial plant wall suppliers from Abu Dhabi or Dubai install a onetime long-standing green wall and you will probably never have to see them again for maintenance.

Plus, you can choose your ready-to-use framed designs in various sizes depending on your preference instead of having a landscaper regularly visit your office looking to trim your plant wall’s hedges at a fee. Get to enjoy the biggest landscaping trend this season while you focus on sustainability, affordability and increased aesthetic appeal. Get to experience the versatility of the unique artificial green designs now trending in Dubai and Abu Dhabi market. And if you are full of doubt, wondering if the artificial plants will go out of style with time; erase that doubt. Unlike live plants, artificial plants can be rearranged and relocated making them flexible enough to change with the times. Be smart and quick enough to invest in the artificial green walls as one of our stylish clients.

6. Not Anyone Can Install an Artificial Plant Walls

You might think that they look easy to install, and they are if you’re a certified artificial plant wall installer, which is why you should hire the experts to come out, measure your exterior or interior landscaping space, and build a green wall to your exact specifications.

Just so you get a general idea, artificial plant walls are normally mounted onto lightweight steel frames which can manageably be handled in panels and sections as they are transported. The green wall systems are usually custom made to fit the required shapes and dimensions needed for the client’s wall space. After ‘planting’ which entails the mixing of colours and shapes depending on the client’s specifications, the finished ‘plant’ is mounted onto the designated wall like hanging a large picture.

As easy as that procedure may seem, there are a lot of ways installing your artificial plant wall can go wrong resulting in damages to the artificial plant wall, your property or your neighbor’s property at work or at home. This is why you should find yourself competent artificial plant wall suppliers within Dubai or Abu Dhabi to handle the installation; Planters Artificial being a perfect example of where to look.

Indoor Artificial Plant Wall

7. There are Government Regulations in Installing Artificial Plant Walls in Dubai

Don’t let the words ‘government regulations’ put you off. For any kind of exterior landscaping you do, there are always going to be some type of restrictions in terms of construction, height and what not. This is perhaps another reason to get in contact with a group like Planters Artificial – they’ll be able to advise you on what you can and can’t legally do; they’ll essentially give you a peace of mind.

The factors to look out for in this case include possession of necessary work at height certification for working on your building, and other construction and building regulations. You can only rest assured once you have established that your artificial wall supplier and installer adheres to the official requirements for green wall installation in the UAE.

8. Artificial Garden Wall Installations vs. Artificial Flower Arrangements

You were probably wondering how your fake plants are attached to the wall (which was before you came across fact number 6 of this article). Many people are under the impression that artificial plants are attached to the walls in the same way that artificial flowers are arranged but this couldn’t be further from the truth. To ensure the faux plants are stable and affixed properly, they’re attached using wire unlike the use of foam in artificial flowers, which just adds to the artificial green wall’s durability. Also, artificial wall plants cover wall space rather than a spot in the room making its aesthetic visual coverage wider relative to an artificial flower’s coverage. However, you could combine these two to achieve an even better aesthetic view within the intended room.

Speaking of combining artificial plants, you could combine your artificial garden wall with a living green one, but before conducting any of either combination, be sure to consult with competent artificial green wall supplier first for expert advice.

9. Faux Exterior Garden Walls are Safe

On the subject of wire, it should be stated that the wire used to fasten plants to fake green walls is stainless steel, meaning that you won’t have to worry about rusty wire or bits sticking out, which also means avoiding any unnecessary health and safety lawsuits in the future.

On the aspect of safety, fake garden walls are also treated with fire retardant which helps its structural design to avoid any risks of fire. The last thing you would want is a highly combustible material covering a majority, if not the whole wall space of a public institution considering the potential accidents it can cause. Due to its artificial nature, you will also never worry about the possibility of your wall harboring harmful bugs as their natural habitat, which can form another basis for a lawsuit.

10. Make a Bespoke Artificial Green Wall

Bespoke Artificial Plant Wall
When you choose artificial garden and plant installations from reputable artificial plant companies to fill and decorate your wall space, you’ll have the chance to create realistic looking lush vertical green walls that emulate nature. With a qualified garden wall installer, designs are conceptualised and tested to ensure that you get the right colour schemes which are to your satisfaction.

The beauty of it is that there are numerous artificial plant walls to choose from, all of which can deliver an exquisite design of elegance to your exterior or interior walls especially if they are designed with the right combination. Despite artificial plant walls having the exact imitation of nature, the fact that they are green does not make them all the same. There are over 20 shades of green so the choice may be a little challenging to make, but with expert advice from an artificial green wall supplier such as Planters Artificial, you should not be worried.

Work together with your garden wall designers to find a stylish faux green wall to meet your exact specifications. Choose the plants and colourful foliage that enhance your wall’s visual impact. If, for a second, you’re unsure of what combination of artificial plants works well, don’t be afraid to ask for advice. Bespoke artificial vertical gardens add an extra element to space. With just an extra touch of green, you’ll enhance moods and ease stress in and out of the office. And if you chose the colours yourself then you will not only be gratified by the sense self-approval but also in your discovery of a hidden artistic ability.

Jumping on the Artificial Plant Wall Trend

Conclusively, you may have seen artificial green walls up close or in photos, lined up in shopping malls, office buildings, and lobbies, hospitals you name it. If your answer is yes, you definitely agree that these are objects of undeniable beauty. With that in mind, it would be a waste to have bare walls knowing that you can have them covered in something appealing.

Artificial green walls have given people the opportunity to transform their homes and work institutions into tranquil sanctuaries with their preferred shades of green. They are custom-made in sizes and combinations not to mention installation of one’s preferred specifications.

With very little maintenance required, which is basically a little dusting once in a while, yet you get to enjoy most of the green benefits that living plants would provide without the trouble that comes with it. What more in cost-effective, space conscious, durable, green-conscious interior or exterior décor would one ask for?

Enjoy your new faux vertical green wall for its decorative and functional purposes and even add value to your property. There are just so many benefits of getting in touch with your local artificial tree and plant experts to create a green landscaping masterpiece. One thing’s for sure, you’ll soon be wondering why you didn’t jump on board the artificial plant craze earlier.

Make yours so spectacular no one will think for a second that you’re faking it!
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