22 Indoor Artificial Plant Design Ideas for Your Businesses and Homes
Artificial Tree in an Indoor Landscape
Updated on 5th Mar 2018 by Planters Artificial
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Artificial Plant Design Ideas

In recent years, artificial plants have gained great popularity and is now one of the biggest trends in interior design. Those who want a touch of greenery inside their homes have started to invest in these artificial greeneries. They are a great way to complement your home furniture whether traditional or modern, while giving texture to your interior space. But, it is not limited to homes. There are indoor landscaping ideas that can be achieved using artificial trees or plants in your offices too!

Artificial Tree in an Indoor Landscape
You might think artificial plants in Dubai or Abu Dhabi are going to lose its popularity in a few years’ time. But do you know that artificial plants are one of the landscaping trends in 2017? Compared to their live counterparts, the artificial plants are more versatile and diverse now than ever.

If you think that your artificial plants would appear to people as out-of-date or boring, you need to stop worrying. No doubt about the fact that people can easily identify fake and old artificial plants even from afar back in the days. However, due to the technological advancements, you can hardly notice the difference between the artificial plants and the real ones nowadays. Many manufacturers can now produce natural-looking artificial plants, trees, plant walls and preserved palm trees which can be integrated not only to your interior landscapes but also viable outdoors!

In this article, we are going to show you 22 indoor artificial plant ideas for your businesses and homes, and some useful tips in choosing the best artificial plants for your interior designs. But first, you have to know what to expect from these greeneries before even thinking of placing them anywhere your design.

Benefits of Artificial Plants

Artificial Plant Wall
Artificial plants are highly durable

When you have indoor artificial trees and plants in your office or home, you won’t be worrying about them being damaged during harsher weather conditions or even when you move them around. Unlike their real counterparts, the leaves, stems and flowers don’t fall off easily.

They require little to no maintenance

Unlike live plants that require watering, sunlight, fertilisers, pesticides, and even trimming, the artificial plants only require slight dusting which will reduce the maintenance cost. Artificial trees for indoor use are a good option because even with minimal maintenance, they still maintain their shapes, colours, and heights for years. Low-light interiors may not be perfect for live palms, but preserved palms can strive in these spaces.

Artificial plant walls and trees are practically free of pests and diseases

When you have live plants in your homes or offices, you would have to deal with pest control and disease prevention. You can be assured that preserved palm trees and other artificial greeneries are pest-free and healthy all throughout.

Health benefits

Studies have shown that having artificial plants around, whether outdoors or indoors, can help improve your mental health. If your employees are mentally healthy, they would be more productive and efficient. So, even if it doesn’t give out Oxygen or purify the air, artificial plants and trees still have their health benefits.

There are different species and varieties

When it comes to artificial trees and artificial plants, choices are unlimited. Whatever your requirements are, there will always be something to suit your taste.
So, if you want to liven up your office with a tropical vibe or create a Mediterranean feel at your home, you can consult artificial plant suppliers near you, or you can check for the best plant species, varieties and interior design ideas available for you.

Interior Design Ideas Using Artificial Plants

Nothing can be compared with a well-curated display of artificial plants even if you’re in an ultramodern city like Dubai or Abu Dhabi. The arrangements, sizes and colour combinations are important. Using artificial plants in your interior spaces can be very easy and does not have to be complicated. Here are some of interior design ideas to start with:

1. Maximise the Walls

Crawling Artificial Plant Walls

Having an artificial plant wall can make your design more composed and more grandiose. You can use trailing plants such as English and Holland ivy trails, I & T English ivy bush, I & T Pothos bush green and many more. If you have any bare walls along your pathway or anywhere in your interior, adding artificial plants placed in tall plant containers can be a perfect way to get rid of the dullness of that certain space. The shape and size of the plants depend on your preferences.

2. Fill In the Empty Corners

Furniture can’t fit all corners of your home. Some need the addition of another piece of decor. Artificial plants or trees can definitely fill out that space. Just ensure the plants are large enough so it will occupy the empty corner. You can make use of natural trunk trees like bamboo, olive trees, bay trees, Dracaena, Japanese maples, Bougainvillea, small preserved palm and many other options. The idea is to make the artificial greenery to accentuate the interior and not to make it look cramped.

3. Use the Plants as Dividers

There are areas in your office or home that you do not use too often. Some areas are vacant, and it sometimes makes you feel that there’s something missing. You can isolate some of these spaces by using artificial plants as dividers. Some of the plants you can use are foliages & leaves like cherry blossom, ficus exotica, and grasses & rushes like dog tail grass, zebra grass, pompom grass and lavender grass. There are more available options depending on your locality. If you’re in Dubai or in any part of the UAE, these are some of the most common ones.

4. Hang the Plants

Hanging the plants would be another option if you do not have enough space or do not wish to sacrifice the available floor area for your plants. You can brighten up your interior by using some artificial plants like Topiary, morning glory and geranium flowering plants.

5. Display the Plants as Centerpiece

If you are looking to complete the look of your entire table in your office or home, the idea of displaying artificial plants as centerpiece is a perfect option. You can make the room appear larger by going for leafy, blooming plants. Perfect examples are gardenia bush flowering plants, cyclamen, dahlia, fuchsia and pansy.

6. Beautify your Hallways

You should decorate your hallways since these are one of the areas where your clients or visitors pass through. When you use the perfect type of artificial plants, you’re actually improving the appearance of your entire hallway, making it look more inviting or welcoming, especially for your guests. The best types of artificial plants you can use are the ones with blooming flowers like dahlia and cyclamen because they induce positive emotions.

7. Include as Focal Points

Indoor Banana Tree in a Planter
The idea of adding plants as focal points is popular in the present-day interior designs. You can make use of coconut palm, majesty palm, banana tree and phoenix palm. Using these types of greeneries can create a unique interior design. As mentioned in the earlier section of this blog, using these tall plants and trees can make your interior smaller so try to choose the perfect type for your space, considering the height of the artificial plant and the available vertical space.

8. Add the Relaxing “Green”

Forget about the multi-coloured artificial foliages like palm trees and flowering plants. Just by adding artificial “greeneries” to the indoors can already bring a relaxing feeling especially in areas where you have an indoor swimming pool or even in a light-coloured office. Just by adding artificial grasses like topiary mats across the floor will make a huge difference, giving a life to a previously dull interior.

9. Make Zen Garden

For an individual who likes outdoor gardens, why not try to bring it indoors? All you need is to look for an available space within a room, whether in the office or at home. It doesn’t have to occupy the whole room, but just enough to provide an essence of nature. Aside from the artificial plants you’ll use, rocks, white sand and gravel can also be added to form a mountain or hill-like landscape. This concept of indoor zen garden will definitely encourage meditation and relaxation especially for the employees in the office.

10. Include Artificial Plants in your Sunroom Decoration

Most people think artificial plants can’t thrive in a sunroom like the live plants. In this modern-day period, artificial greeneries are now UV-protected, ensuring their long life even when exposed to UV rays. You may also opt to combine both the artificial and the living plants to maximise the benefits you’ll get from them. You’ll enjoy the health benefits of the real plants while adding more variety to the decoration using the artificial ones. Who says you can’t have both?

11. Adding Plants to your Kitchen

Yellow Green PlanterThere may be people who would find it difficult to add any accessories in the kitchen. Many are also cautious about adding plastic decors including artificial plants to the room because it may worsen the situation in the case of fire. However, there are some amazing options you can use to decorate your kitchen. You can either add small, potted artificial plant in the kitchen counter or a tall plant to stand in your extra space. Depending on the colour of your interior, choose a plant that will complement your design and will not ruin it.

12. Decorate the bathroom

You can give your bathroom a touch of serenity by decorating it with artificial plants such as foliages, grasses, rushes and smaller plants. If you don’t have enough space, you can place the plants over the laundry or toilet. But if you do, you can place it at the corner. Dark green foliages can be a good option.

13. Decorate your window

Do you know you can offer your guests a feeling of joy even before they enter? You can achieve this by placing artificial plants on the windows of your office or home. This idea is perfect for places with limited exterior, and even interior space.

14. Save your floor space

If you really want to save floor space, you can just buy some artificial plants and put it in mason jars. You can mount them beside your computer monitor or on top of the centre table.

15. Make use of hanging pots or terrariums

You can create beautiful gardens by putting artificial plants in pots or terrariums and place them on shelves or hang them from the ceiling. It is a great idea for contemporary and modern homes and interiors. A perfect example of artificial plants you can use is the flowering pansy plants.

16. Decorate the balcony

Your balcony can be a point of attraction for you and your guests if you can employ the idea of decorating it with artificial plants like zebra grass or topiary.

17. Make use of the space beside your table

Do you still have an available space beside your table in your office? Why leave it useless when you can utilise it by adding artificial plants. You can opt for a simple flowering spath or a little more boastful like the Ficus Natasha Tropical.

18. Make use of your door

Welcome your guests with beautiful and elegant artificial plants. You can place potted trees on the sides. Just ensure you look for trees or plants with the perfect size, shape, and colour, complementing with that of your doorway.

19. Make your reading room attractive

When you are surrounded by greeneries, you tend to be more refreshed and relaxed. So, having them in your reading room can make a big difference. Some businesses have libraries, and with artificial plants around, it could bring positive energy and other psychological benefits to those inside the room. Just add a few tall plants in the empty corners or small potted green plants on the tables will make a huge impact.

20. Decorate your staircase

Placing plants on the edges of the staircase can be good idea especially when you’re trying to save some space while enhancing the beauty of the interior. On the alternative, you can place ivy and trails along the walls or the stairs.

21. Send a message

Plant Wall at Pret to Go

You can use the artificial plants to send a message to your guests. For example, if you can have placed three potted plants in the hallway, staircase, or doorstep, you can display a message like “JOY.” Each word will be on each pot. You may also choose to install artificial plant walls and add your company’s logo, name or any message you’d like to deliver.

22. Decorate the shelf

You can improve your interior design by decorating the spaces on your shelf and inside your shelf. Try not to leave any space empty. Depending on the height of each shelf, you can add bonsai, air plants and any flowering potted plants. Just keep in mind that all the plants you’re adding should not only complement the room’s interior design, but should also match each other.

Why Add Artificial Plants to your Interior Design?

As mentioned earlier, artificial plants do offer benefits - and these apply to your businesses and even to your homes too!

It helps reduce the noise in the room

Sometimes, noise can be irritating and may even cause the employees to be disturbed or be out of focus especially during business hours. Having artificial plants in the office can help you lessen the noise and remove any unnecessary sounds.

It saves you money and time

An artificial plant would last for a long time even when you don’t give much attention to it. You don’t need to replace them because they don’t die.

Artificial plants need little maintenance

No water, no lighting required. It saves the company money which could have been spent in water bills. With simple dusting, their vibrance remains the same.

Weather does not affect it

Cold or heat could damage live plants. But artificial plants in Abu Dhabi or even in Dubai cannot be affected, whatever the weather condition may be. Opting for artificial plants for your office interior will be a smart choice since you won’t to worry about withered plants, which will eventually affect your clients’ or visitors’ perception towards you and your company.

You can change the arrangement anytime

Office Artificial Tree

When you have artificial trees and plants in your office, you can change the way they are arranged to give the office a different look. Regular clients or customers will definitely notice design changes in your office, leaving them impressed each time they visit.

It lasts longer

You can use an artificial plant for many years without worrying about buying another one. If you opt to change it for something else, you can just store it somewhere safe and still be able to add it back to your interior landscape whenever you want.

How to Clean Artificial Plants

Again, artificial plants and flowers, as well as preserved palms do not need sunlight and water, but they need to be taken cared of because it can easily get dusty especially during summer in the UAE. Cleaning would make them look their best. Here are some few tips on how to take care of your artificial greenery:
  • You can dust the plants using a feather duster. But, if you want to do a thorough cleaning, you would need detergent, soft cloths, water, towels, and bucket.
  • Fill a bucket, bucket, or sink with warm water;
  • Add a small amount of dish detergent to the warm water especially if the plants are dirty;
  • Remove the dust and dirt by moving the plant around in the water;
  • If there is an area with extra buildup, make use of a soft cloth to clean the areas;
  • Use water to rinse the plants; and
  • Dry the wet plant by placing under the sun or leaving it to air dry.
Additionally, you can blow away debris and dirt by using a blow dryer. It will also prevent sticky build up. You can also use kitchen or shower spray nozzle for quick cleaning. Ensure you dry your artificial plants after every cleaning. Once done, you'll see that your artificial plants and trees are as good as new!

Your Final Decision

Before you decide on an artificial plant design idea for your business or home, consider what you wish to achieve first and how much you are willing to spend. There are many available stores in the UAE where you can get cheap plants but if you want to do a more thorough revamp of your office interior using artificial plants, better consult with professionals. Call Planters Artificial today for more available options for your interior landscaping.
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