14 Indoor Artificial Plants: Fit Greenery Onto Your Office Desk
Office Desk Plants
Updated on 31st Jul 2019 by Planters Artificial
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Office Desk PlantsThe use of artificial plants, both at home and at the office, has been gaining traction over the last few years. This can be attributed to the numerous studies done by researchers and other stakeholders. According to a study led by Marlon Nieuwenhuis from the School of Psychology, you can simply enhance your employees' productivity and quality of life by investing in landscaping the office with some green plants. By introducing green plants, whether artificial or natural, you can increase productivity by up to 15%. Today, artificial office plants are a newer and more cost-effective trend that has swept over the UAE. Professional landscaping companies in the UAE are creating artificial plants that can fit on office desks and offer numerous benefits to organisations. Here are a couple of artificial plants that you can place on your desk.

14 artificial office plants that can be put on your desk

Like natural plants, there are thousands or even hundred of thousands of different artificial plant varieties around the world. With that being said, all of these plants have different characteristics and offer various benefits to their environment. But what are some of the suitable artificial office plants that you can place on your desk?

Artificial succulents

A quick review of any décor magazine will show you that succulents are one of the most preferred plants in gardens. People are adopting these cactus-like plants in their homes and the trend has also found its way onto office desks. There may be various reasons that explain the increased adoption of this trend. Maybe there is an explosion of environmental consciousness or the advantages of having an artificial succulent is prompting various individuals to take up the plant. 

Artificial Succulent Samples
One of the main reasons for the popularity of succulents is their low maintenance and upkeep. Artificial succulents even make it easy for people to beautify their spaces without the need for day to day plant care. The diverse range of artificial succulents has arguably made it popular too. These are some artificial succulents that can be a great addition to your office desks. 

1. Artificial Cactus

Cactus plants have been loved for years and are a must-have for those who want awesome home styling with little effort needed. A faux cactus plant placed on your desk will liven up the room and even introduces a form of bohemian style to your offices. Whether you want to purchase one for your office desk or you want to gift your employee, you can be rest assured that it will breathe some new lease of life into the office. Artificial cactus are often handcrafted from a strong and long-lasting poly foam that is also UV treated to maintain its colour for longer periods. It may also feature some surreal spines and some even come with colourful flowers. 

2. Artificial echeveria

Anyone who loves succulent plants should try keeping a faux artificial echeveria. The echeveria has diamond-shaped leaves that are attached in lotus-like rosettes. You can never go wrong when you decide to get an echeveria stem for your office desk. Each stem of the faux echeveria is handcrafted to ensure it looks and feels like the original plant. Its refreshing look and feel will guarantee you a spike in productivity when you place it on your desk.  

3. The artificial Yucca plant

Do you want an artificial succulent that will liven up your office space? The artificial Yucca is a great way to brighten your office desk without the hassle of maintaining a natural plant. With its green foliage, it is hard to distinguish a faux Yucca from a real one. The artificial Yucca is a great addition to your office desk if you want an exotic vibe at your workplace.  The stunning look and vibe that it oozes coupled with zero maintenance make it a worthy option. Get that tropical vibe every day with an artificial Yucca plant on your desk. 

Artificial mini trees

Mini trees are a great option for an office with restricted space. They are also a good option if you wish to have some greenery on top of your desk. Artificial mini trees come in all shapes and sizes but your preferences will determine the type of tree. Here are some of the options that you can go with.

4. Mini palm trees

Another awesome way to add some tropical feel in your office space is to get a potted golden cane palm silk tree. With that said, palm trees are not easy to keep and maintain their greenness throughout the year. An artificial mini palm tree helps to solve this problem. A silk mini palm tree will add some feeling of the warm sun to your desk while eliminating the headache that comes with maintaining a natural mini tree. The mini palm tree is potted and stands at a couple of feet tall, which means you can either put it on your desk or get a taller tree to decorate your office space. Either way, the mini silk tree is a great way to add some spice and beauty to your workplace. 

5. The potted mini fig tree

It is not uncommon to see a potted fig tree in all the popular décor magazines. Yet the truth is that these plants are generally difficult to keep alive. With an artificial mini fig tree, you not only get all the benefits of a fig tree but do not also have to struggle with its maintenance. All you will have to do to keep this baby looking all fresh is to wipe it with a cloth to get rid of dust. 

Office Desk BonsaiMany people around the world are using the mini fig tree as artwork or even furniture for their office. This mini tree comes in a standard pot but you can get a larger and sturdier pot depending on the size of the plant you want and your office desk space. The tree is well-designed to emulate the real trees and your guests will be unable to resist the temptation of touching its leaves. 

6. Bonsai mini tree

The highly detailed nature of the bonsai makes it a great addition to your office desk. It is characterised by soft leaves and a partially-exposed root. The beauty and good looks of the faux bonsai will catch the eye of your office visitors. It's also an ideal size for an office or smaller living space. Get this mini trees to enhance your productivity at the office by placing it on your desk. 

Artificial Pothos 

The artificial pothos is one of the highly versatile houseplants that you can get today. The species is native to French Polynesia but it made its way to many tropical and subtropical areas around the world. Pothos plants are a preferred specie because of many reasons but their inability to wither even in difficult circumstances takes the cake. Natural pothos plants are difficult to kill even when left in a dark corner. This makes them good office desk and indoor house plants. With artificial pothos, you get all the benefits of pothos plants plus little to no maintenance needed on your part. These are some pothos varieties for your office desk. 

7. Golden Pothos

Also known as Devil's ivy since it is almost impossible to wither. This is one of the most common types of pothos plants that you will get when visiting a store. It is often used as a decorative element in many homes, offices and even public spaces since it needs little care. It is also an attractive plant variety that many people use to decorate their private spaces. It has slightly variegated leaves with a golden hue that will impress even those with exclusive taste. Now imagine having these features of the golden pothos in its artificial counterpart - impressive isn’t it?

8. Neon pothos

Another plant in the pothos family is the neon pothos or simply neon. This plant variety gets its name from the bright lime or chartreuse green nature of its leaves that resemble the neon colour. It is a vining plant with an average of two feet vines. This makes it a great option for those looking to beautify their office desks. It is also revered because of its simplicity and captivating foliage, which makes it stand out. 

9. Jade pothos

The jade pothos is a pothos plant that takes its name from the colour of its leaves, which is predominantly jade. This is a low growing plant with beautiful creeping stems that make it the best variety for those who want hanging baskets. Pothos plants including the jade pothos are not only known for their beauty but are also popular for being air purifying plants. Though the artificial jade pothos may not help in purifying the air in your office space, but you can still choose this type of faux hanging plant and reap its aesthetic benefits. 

Artificial foliage plants

Potter Fern on TableEssentially, the term foliage means a collection of leaves. Foliage plants describe green plant varieties with ornament-like leaves. Foliage plants are not only popular for their beauty but they also improve air quality in homes. Since many of us crave good air quality, they are a great option for indoor use. Here are some artificial foliage plants that can fit onto your office desk.

10. Garden ferns

Garden ferns are feathery foliage plants that will add a fresh, green element to your office space. Ferns are a suitable indoor plant since they require little to no shade. With artificial garden ferns, you can place them on your desk, regardless of the light that your office gets. There are different types of garden ferns such as the Dryopteris filix that is known to have a wavy frond with cresting. Having garden ferns at your office desk will not only lighten up your mood but will also boost your productivity and creativity. 

11. Artificial Heuchera

If you would wish to get some stunning green foliage plants on your office desk, then the Heuchera is your best bet. These are ideal plants for ground cover, pots and hanging baskets. You can pot a Heuchera from your office desk or go with the classic hanging basket that will liven up your mood at the office. Artificial Heuchera comprises of green leaves, small flowers, and strong slender stems. 

12. Artificial Hostas

Albeit not as popular as the others, the Hostas are also great foliage type. Many people are unaware that natural Hostas have beautiful flowers in addition to its stunning leaves. They are among the most versatile foliage plants. For example, they are known to have more than 2000 varieties. A mix of artificial Hostas and other plants at your office can add some good vibes to your office. A reputable landscaping company in UAE can supply you with potted artificial Hostas or install these as hanging plants in your office. 

Artificial Ferns

Artificial ferns and junipers add some old school charm to any room they are installed in, maybe due to its prehistoric roots. But regardless of your reason for choosing faux ferns, you can rest assured that they will infuse your office space with some sophisticated greenery. Unlike their natural or living counterparts, these artificial ferns do not need any maintenance and can exist in any tough conditions. These are some types of artificial ferns that you can opt for your office desk. 

13. Boston ferns

Artificial Boston Fern Bush
Boston ferns are a popular type that can be found in many households. It is, however, worth noting that living Boston ferns need a lot of care and maintenance for them to thrive. You have to ensure that you pot them in the right soil and the humidity is right too. They are also susceptible to pests, which doesn't make them suitable in your office if you do not have time for maintenance. Artificial Boston ferns, on the other hand, give you all of these benefits without the need for maintenance. They are known to be mood boosters due to their green and appealing nature. With a Boston fern on your office desk, you will see a spike in your productivity and enthusiasm, and impress your visiting clients too!

14. Feather Fern Burgundy

Another option for fern lovers is to go with the feather fern burgundy. If you would love a plant that gives life to your office space then this is a serious contender. It can be used as a hanging plant as its highlights of burgundy gives it an awesome flash of colour. It also has green leaves that can instantly improve your mood once you walk into the office. For best results, try placing it alongside Devil Ivy for a beautiful effect. 

Ready for Your Office Desk Makeover? 

One way to increase your productivity at work and to boost your team’s mood and yours is by installing green plants. While this may be appropriate for your home garden, installing living plants on your office desk may present some problems. First, you do not want to find pests and other living organisms on your desk. Second, plant maintenance and care may take up some of your work time and reduce your productivity. This is why you need artificial plants from a reputable landscape company in the UAE. We have extensive knowledge and a wide range of products. You can rest assured that you will get the best services if you choose us. We offer quality artificial plants that need no maintenance and are also UV resistant. Call us today to get a quote
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