[UPDATED] Ever Wondered Why Artificial Trees and Plant Walls are so Popular? Here's Why
Artificial Plant Walls at Gems School
Updated on 23rd Jul 2018 by Planters Artificial
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Benefits of Artificial Plants

Artificial Plant Walls at Gems School
For many successful businesses, office decor does matter; it can in fact be one of the things that make them successful. It has been proven that a well-decorated environment has the ability to boost the spirits as well as increase the productivity of a company’s employees. In Abu Dhabi, one of the easiest ways to accent a business’ office decor and utilise all the space available in the office is by using indoor artificial plants, artificial plant walls, and large artificial trees.

There are a few key reasons why many people decide to go the artificial route for their exterior and interior landscaping needs. These reasons which include health benefits, variety, and low maintenance are what make going artificial a popular solution for anyone hoping to liven up their workspace and business environment.

Planters Artificial lists down the top reasons that drive more and more people towards artificial landscaping.

Artificial Plants Do Not Attract Pests and Insects

One of the top reasons that people choose to turn to artificial greenery for their business is that unlike with the real plants, artificial trees and plants do not attract any pests or insects.

Planting a real tree or introducing live plants and greenery to an office or larger business space can often come with a whole host of unwanted visitors. The fact is that real trees and plants attract crawling and flying insects that you definitely do not want in your business’ premises. This also means that there will never be any type of insect or pest-related damage.

Artificials are Low-Maintenance

Artificial Plants in Noodle House Dubai Mall

Real plants and trees bring a genuine touch to an executive’s corner office or a company’s reception area. But in the long run, they can prove costly in both cost of maintenance and the time it takes to maintain.

On the other hand, artificial trees, artificial plant walls or artificial plants in general are the complete opposite. The artificial plants Abu Dhabi contractors have been installing just like the outdoor artificial plants Dubai are becoming well-known for do not require the same maintenance with that of the live plants or trees.

Consider the following benefits enjoyed by those who go the artificial route:
  • You won’t have to worry about too much or too little exposure to sunlight. Artificial versions of the most popular foliage and flora are manufactured with UV coating, ensuring long-lasting colour and appearance.
  • Unlike their authentic counterparts, you don’t need to water artificial trees, artificial plants, or artificial plant walls.
  • Going the artificial route decreases the monetary cost. Someone who has real interior and exterior landscaping needs must factor in pay for upkeep.
When it comes to maintaining artificial plants and trees, the only thing you have to do is cleaning or dusting. Like many things around an office or home, artificials aren’t immune to dust build-up. However, dusting them off at least once a month is a simple and minimum solution.

Using tap water can be a reasonable means of cleaning artificial plants and trees, too. If you’d like to go the extra mile, plant cleaners are available to make the upkeep a bit easier as well.

Cut the cost by going Artificial

From a purchasing standpoint, buying artificial plants and trees can be a relatively inexpensive experience. Take a brief visit to Amazon to gauge the market and you’ll notice that the top 10 best-selling artificial plants cost an average of $20. Among the top 50 best-selling artificial trees, only one is priced more than $100.

There is also a much higher cost in terms of maintaining a real tree. On top of the initial purchasing price, real plants and trees have the added long-term costs of consistent care. The costs attached to real landscaping can climb quickly and you will soon see them adding up with watering costs, maintenance and the large cost of purchase and installation to name just a few of them.

Not limited when it comes to choice

Artificial PlantsEach business environment will come with its very own types of space and landscaping needs. Those people who have chosen to go artificial for their landscaping will soon realise that they are no longer limited to choosing the right type of plant for their space. Gone are the days that you’d have to consider a lot factors in choosing a type of plant for your new or existing business landscape. Because artificial plants and artificial trees do not need suitable environments in order to thrive, you are able to choose from a wider range of greenery.

The best landscaping contractors in the UAE will not only offer artificial trees and plants but will have a dazzling range of them on offer.

Convenience is a key factor

Convenience is just another major factor why so many people decide to flock to artificial as opposed to the real deal. Real trees and plants can sometimes be far more hassle than they are worth. There really is no comparison when it comes to the time and effort needed to install real live trees and plants and the relative ease of artificial landscaping. This means that the installation itself will be faster, cheaper and take far less time to complete than the its counterpart.

The convenience enjoyed from artificial trees is what is raising the popularity of artificial plant walls, outdoor artificial trees and decorative artificial plants all across the region and indeed all over the world. Artificial trees and plants do not depend on natural light like their real alternatives and so can be used for the décor of a business that does not have the luxury of a large amount of natural light.

Weather and Seasons

There are few things that will affect the type of trees and plants that you are able to use for your businesses’ décor. Most real plants grow seasonally which means that no matter how well you maintain them, they will be likely to lose their leaves for some time and then bloom months after. This is no good for a business that requires a green décor all year round. To skip this seasonal problem, all you need to do is to opt for the artificial. The artificial outdoor plants in Dubai can be an example of how easy to maintain a green infrastructure is regardless of weather conditions or seasons.

If your business is located within an extreme weather environment, then you will also need to take that factor into account when deciding on real or artificial trees and plants. Artificial trees and artificial plants can be used to decorate the exterior or interior of a business located in any type of weather conditions and so are perfect for use in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi where the heat is usually a huge problem for landscaping choices.

Be as creative as you feel

By choosing real plants and trees, you often limit yourself when it comes to creativity within the installation. There are so many limitations when it comes to installing real trees within a business’ décor, and this is mainly due to the planting and watering needs of real plants as well as their weight and need for maintenance. Artificial plants do not, however, come with the same limitations. For example, artificial green wall installations that cover the ceilings of Dubai restaurants can be a proof that no matter how weird and wonderful your design is, artificial landscaping can make your dream a reality.

Now that your creativity is no longer limited, you can really explore the possibilities that artificial landscaping can offer. From creating a mesmerising green oasis between meeting rooms to utilising artificial green walls indoors to create partitions to split up a large open room; the possibilities are endless.

Variety is the Spice of Life... And Artificial Plants and Trees Too

Dubai Mall Artificial Trees
From lilies to orchids and preserved palms to hydrangeas, there isn’t a shortage of choice when it comes to artificial plants and artificial trees. Whatever it is that you’re looking for, there’s bound to be an answer.

Are you hoping to create a Mediterranean feel for your space? Perhaps you’re looking to liven up your office with a tropical vibe. No matter the time or the season, you can count on having artificial versions of the most popular trees and plants available.

Listed below are just a few interior landscaping and exterior landscaping options that drive the artificial market.


  • Dracaenas come in tropical, palm-like form. They feature ornamental leaves and look well in an indoor environment.
  • Palms are among the most popular choices for trees. Coconut and phoenix palms are two of their more iconic categories.
  • Bamboos are another tropical-looking option that can add an exotic touch of greenery to any environment.
  • Ficuses bring a stately and rustic green to whatever space they call home.


  • Cactuses are perfect for anyone looking to add a little piece of the desert.
  • Agaves can be paired with cactuses to bring more desert flair to their space.
  • Aloes provide that old world, tropical charm in a succulent and small-in-stature form.
  • Bromeliads are colourful, showy and can accentuate any level of interior and exterior decor.


  • Orchids have characteristics that are sometimes showy and uniquely shaped. These can add a vibrant and colourful look to any space.
  • Roses are a classic, ornamental choice, commonly found in red, pink, yellow or white.
  • Lilies boast a trumpet-shaped form and offer a tall and slender look.
  • Hydrangeas have rounded and sometimes flattened heads of flowering florets. They are a popular choice if you’re looking to add a touch of spring.
We could go on, but this is just a small snapshot of what you can expect on the artificial tree and artificial plant market.

Health Benefits at a Lower Cost

Artificial Ficus at SAMA Lagoons Lobby It’s no secret that adding a little greenery to your environment can make you feel better. Plants and trees are aesthetically pleasing and offer added health bonuses; thanks to their presence.

Work can be stressful and overwhel-ming at times. Adding a little foliage to your space is a proven way to make one feel more at ease with their surroundings. A drab room with white walls and grey carpets can all of a sudden turn visually stimulating with the addition of a few plants or trees.

Along with visual bonuses, noise levels are dramatically reduced, too. Having a few pieces of greenery can shift the acoustics of your space and reduce reverberation. A quieter environment breeds a more productive atmosphere.

There’s been quite a bit of research that supports the added benefits of interior and exterior landscaping. Researchers at Washington State took note of this in a study published in the “Journal of Environmental Horticulture”.

They found a 12-percent increase in productivity for test subjects working on a simple computer task in a room with plants. In addition, Washington State scientists also discovered people who tested in the presence of plants felt 10-percent more attentive than their plantless counterparts.

A research also shows that the mere presence of greenery promotes healing and improves ones’ mood.

These aforementioned health benefits don’t just come with the purchase of the real deal. Substituting artificial plants, artificial trees and artificial plant walls work just fine too - all at a lower cost to your budget and time.

Artificial plants and trees do not die

Whenever a business decides to spend money on real landscaping, they are essentially investing in something that will at some point die. Nothing looks worse than dead plants and trees inside a business and sometimes even with the right maintenance and care, a plant or tree will inexplicably die anyway resulting in a costly replacement and loss of investment. Artificial trees do not, however, come with this particular concern.
Artificial trees and plants do not die.

When you invest in good quality artificial landscaping, you will be assured knowing that your new green infrastructure will last as long as your business does. This also means that they will not fade or age in the way that their real live counterparts are prone to and will stay attractive and pleasing to the eye far longer than you expected. Of course, occasional cleaning and dusting is still required if you want your artificial plants to be always at their best.

The perfect fit

KHDA Artificial Plant Wall
It can be nearly impossible at times to find the exact size or shape of tree that will work perfectly for your business or office. With real trees growing naturally even if you were to find the tree or plant with the right size, it would soon grow taller and wider than your space requires. This is no longer the case thanks to artificial landscaping. Artificial plant suppliers in the UAE pride themselves on being able to offer a wide selection of not only plant and tree types but also a range of sizes to suit every need.

The amazing variety of artificial plants and trees on offer today will allow you to easily find the perfect plant, the perfect tree or even the perfect artificial green wall to fit your business. Not only that, but the best artificial landscaping contractors will be able to take you through every step of the process from design to installation.


Safety has to be one of the most overlooked reasons for the rise in the popularity of artificial trees and artificial plants. It has been proven that in the case of any fire within a business, the green infrastructure can sometimes play a part in helping to spread the fire and even feed the flames. The best quality artificial trees and plants are made using fire retardant materials that stop them from playing any part in the fire except maybe stopping it from spreading.

There is also less risk of falling plants or breaking branches due to the lightweight and strong composition of artificial plants and trees. This means that there is less risk of any type of safety-related problems occurring as a result of your business’ green infrastructure.

Summing It All Up

Decorating a space is no easy task. But accenting an environment with greenery is a great way to start. When it comes to deciding whether to go the real versus artificial, the choice is ultimately yours. You have to weigh the pros and cons, and which type is most suitable for your space and business goals.

It is clear to see then that the smart choice would be to find a contractor who specialises in the best quality landscaping whether it be real or artificial. If you choose the artificial route, be sure to choose a landscaping contractor who is on the cutting edge of the industry and one who can offer you the widest variety of artificial plant and tree options in the region. Choose an artificial landscaping contractor that has decades of hands on experience with the installation and upkeep of artificial plants and artificial trees.

If you are looking for the best artificial landscaping company in the UAE, then look no further. Planters Artificial is passionate about supplying their clients with the best products that the artificial plant industry has to offer as well as offering top quality service and support at every step of the process.

Contact Planters Artificial today and find out all the amazing ways in which you can install artificial plants and trees in order to get the very best from your business.
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