The Best Indoor Landscaping Ideas for Your Office Using Artificial Plants
Artificial Plants
Updated on 11th Sep 2017 by Planters Artificial
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Artificial Indoor Landscaping Ideas

If you’re trying to create a vibrant indoor landscaping display, you’re likely interested in doing more than just setting a single artificial plant on a desk. Luckily, there are ways to highlight quality artificial based on your design preferences and the available space.

Artificial PlantsPoints covered in this article:
  • Accessorise artificial plants to make them look more attractive. Also, add in some accent lighting to enhance their beauty by focusing attention on their lush greenery.
  • Artificial plants give you the leeway to display them in different locations such as on shelves and window-sills, making the room look less stuffy. You can also hang them from your ceiling, thereby drawing more attention up and around the room.
  • Artificial turf serves as the perfect addition to a relaxing space. Add in few bean bags and you are good to go.
  • Plant walls are an excellent landscaping option offering you beautiful looking walls that require little to no maintenance. You can also create an artificial plant business nameplate to stand out from the crowd.

Add Accessories

When you bring artificial plants into a workplace, they don’t have to stand on their own. Since artificials are highly durable, you can accessorise these plants with fun additions. For example, place a hat or a pair of sunglasses on a small, plush artificial plant to inject some personality into the space. Ribbons or bowties are also excellent choices and can add a sense of whimsy to the display.

Select artificial plant accessories that best match your industry or business culture, and you can make any indoor landscaping display more visually interesting in a matter of minutes. You can also change out the accessories seasonally, allowing your display to remain current all year round.

Create a Business Nameplate

Since artificial plants don’t require trimming or watering, they are great for vertical displays that may be hard to achieve with live plants. For example, artificial foliage can be added to letter frames, allowing you to spell out your company’s name in beautiful greenery.

The process is fairly simple considering how impactful the nameplate can be once it's complete, and makes a great centrepiece for entryways or reception areas. Just make sure to create one large enough so that the letters are easy to read from a reasonable distance, and you can enjoy your new sign for years to come.

You can also make your business nameplate stand out by having it backed with an artificial green wall. The interest created by the plants draws the eye, making sure your company name is highly noticeable.

Hanging Pots and Planters

Another benefit of the lessened maintenance requirements associated with artificial plants is that it is easier to display them at greater heights. Additionally, these plants are often lighter weight than their live counterparts since they don’t require heavy soil to grow. This makes artificials an ideal choice for hanging pots and planters.

Once they are installed, you won’t have to worry about reaching them for trimmings or watering, and you don’t have to worry about water spilling onto the floor or the heads of passersby. This means your hanging plants aren’t just visually stunning, but they are safer for employees and customers too.

Hanging pots and planters can be added to the wall or hung from the ceiling, so the installation options are nearly endless in most spaces.

Use Accent Lighting

Artificial Plant Walls

If you want to truly highlight the beauty of lush greenery, even when using artificial plants, then adding accent lighting is a necessity. Skillfully placed lighting can draw attention to artificial green walls or highlight artificial trees in your interior landscaping. Individual potted artificial plants can be emphasized with table lamps to bring a sense of life and visual interest into dark corners, or simply brighten up a reception area or employee’s desk.
Accent lighting makes sure the colours of the artificial plants really stand out, creating a more pleasant and vibrant environment all around.

Install Shelving

By placing artificial plants on shelves, you can draw the eye up and around a space. You can use potted artificials on existing shelves to make the office more visually appealing. For example, adding a potted plant near the end of a row of books creates interest and may improve the balanced appearance of a shelf. It can also make a room feel less stuffy or sterile and more lively, creating a sense of additional energy without the upkeep associated with live plants.

Often, shelving can be added to almost any wall, allow you to bring in more artificial plants without taking up valuable desk or table space.

Artificial Turf

When people think of indoor landscaping, they don’t often consider adding artificial plants to the floor. But bringing in artificial turf can be a fun way to create a relaxing space. Consider adding a section of turf to an employee break area. Add some fun chairs that promote relaxation, like bean bags, and craft an oasis that your workers can retreat to when they need to recharge.

Artificial turf can also be used in public areas, like the foyer, creating a striking first impression while managing the dirt and debris that may otherwise be brought in from outside. It will be an unexpected design choice but can help make the entrance into your office space stand out from the crowd.

Windowsill Gardens

Windowsill gardens, also known as window boxes, can let you highlight natural light sources with vibrant greenery. Often, the planter is slim, so it won’t intrude into public areas or walkways, but is long enough to hold several artificial plants in a row. This lets you create an instantly lush feel even if you don’t have a lot of room to dedicate to indoor landscaping. And, since it is near a natural light source, you might not need to add accent lighting to enjoy the full vibrancy of the display.

The planters themselves can be created in a variety of materials, so you can maintain the overall feel and aesthetic of your office with ease.

Green Walls and Partitions

Replica Plant Walls
Artificial plant walls and mobile dividers can dress up drab spaces, reduce noise, and increase privacy. Permanent versions can be added to interior walls, allowing you to draw attention to specific areas that employees or customers may need to find.

Adjustable partitions are also an option since artificial plants are durable and can support frequent handling. This can be a great option for flexible work areas that may have varying needs from day to day, or in cases where one workgroup needs to be temporarily separated from the other for noise control or privacy when working on sensitive projects.

Overall, artificial plants can be an excellent choice for indoor landscaping in office buildings and other professional work areas, allowing you to bring in colour and a sense of energy without the maintenance requirements of live plants. The options above are all easy to add, so you can select those that speak to your design aesthetic and ultimately work best in the available space.
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