Can You Install Artificial Trees Outdoors?
Artificial Trees
Updated on 10th Oct 2017 by Planters Artificial
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Artificial TreesOutdoor Artificial Trees

You’ve seen artificial plants lining shopping mall corridors, hotel lobbies, and office buildings. But can we use them outdoors? In short, the answer is yes, we can – but for the proper use of artificial plants, plant walls and trees outdoors, special landscaping and planning processes should be followed. For businesses struggling to maintain live trees and foliage surrounding their property in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, artificial plants are a great alternative.

Appropriate artificial plants can be used to enhance the comfort level of your office building or storefront. They can provide shade for resting and break areas. Plus, they can be used to keep spaces cool while also increasing visual aesthetic. Artificial plants in Dubai are increasingly used to create a visage of not being in a major metropolitan area but in a relaxing natural setting.

In this article, you will learn that:
  • Identifying the space and determining the size of the artificial tree to be installed can help you select the right plant.
  • Choosing artificial plants with high quality fabric can facilitate extended lifespan. Planters Artificial prides in the use of highly durable fabric, thereby offering a 5-year warranty for their products.
  • Installing Artificial Trees outside a store or a restaurant can draw passerby’s attention while one outside an office creates a welcoming environment for clients as well as employees.
  • Developing a thorough plan beforehand reduces the chances of a botched-up landscape.
Let’s take a look at the benefits and challenges of using artificial foliage outdoors and analyse some of the more popular reasons which compel many to do so in residential, office, and commercial settings.

Landscaping and Installation for Artificial Trees in Outdoor Settings

Artificial Trees

One of the biggest benefits of artificial trees is that they can be fitted to an appropriate potting size when necessary. For accents to outdoor walkways or plazas, businesses and consumers have the ability to purchase artificial foliage that perfectly fits the size and space available.

The first step is to identify the space and determine the size of the artificial tree needed to fill it. Ensure there is enough room underground to bury the stem of the tree. Then, dig the hole to be several centimetres wider than the base of the tree. The hole will be filled with cement, leaving adequate room for the tree. The artificial tree will then be installed in a manner that ensures sturdiness in the face of the wind or adverse weather.

A professional from Planters Artificial can handle the installation of your artificial trees. After the installed artificial tree has had a chance to thoroughly dry and set, mulch and other aesthetic elements will be added to make the scene appear as natural as possible. For plants to be properly installed into ground-level settings, there are a variety of pots that will suit the situation well. Sturdy nursery pots are popular, as are Mache or other solid moulds that won’t crack under pressure. Artificial trees installed above ground level should follow a similar installation method.

Artificial Tree Fabric: What Businesses Need to Know

One of the most important factors in installing artificial green walls, artificial trees, and any artificial foliage in outdoors settings is the fabric used. Many companies use a fabric that doesn’t handle weather very well. Clients find the colours fading and their artificial trees losing vibrancy after just a couple of years. Planters Artificial's trees and artificial plants are built to last for many years and come with a five-year warranty.

Another advantage of artificial plants is that they greatly minimize the fire risk when compared to live plants. All artificial trees we offer come with the option of using fire retardant foliage. In the case of an emergency, these trees can actually help to prevent the spread of a fire instead of easily lighting up and furthering the process.

Sample Situations for Artificial Trees

Throughout your property, you’ve identified one or more areas that need a sprucing up. Many businesses wish to attract attention to an outdoor area of their facility that is underused. Artificial trees catch the eye of all who pass by and can make that space more inviting. Those wanting to lower the time required to have an attractive yard or garden often see artificial plants as a viable and affordable solution.

Restaurants can take advantage of their artificial trees to create a more romantic setting that relaxes diners and gives them a perfect chance to encourage upsells and optimise per-customer spend. Hotels in the UAE are using artificial foliage to liven up outdoor common areas.

Businesses love how artificial plants create a more welcoming environment for visiting clients as well as employees. In otherwise boring corporate office parks, artificial trees help a building to stand out.

Above all, artificial plants are ideal for situations where regularly scheduled watering and maintenance of live plants is either not doable or not desired. The hot climate of the UAE means that those choosing artificial plants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are saving money on both of those factors.


Hopefully, you’re beginning to consider the benefits of artificial trees in outdoor situations. It is important to note that artificial plants in the UAE do present a few challenges that businesses should be aware of.

JW Marriott Artificial Trees
First of all, the trees must be installed correctly. Failure to do this can lead to damage to the plant, particularly during seasons with higher amounts of wind.

While this one may seem obvious, you’d be surprised at how many businesses move forward with their landscaping without ever developing a thorough plan. The entire goal of using artificial trees is to make an area more visually appealing and relaxing. Bringing in an expert landscaper or designer to sketch up multiple samples for review is highly recommended.

Evaluating Artificial Trees for Your Situation

No one wants to work, shop, or live in a non-stimulating environment. Planters Artificial aims to help businesses and individuals design and implement appealing landscaping designs that motivate and inspire. Artificial trees are one of the most convenient ways to transform a hot, dull, or sterile setting in a vibrant space that people actually want to be in.

With proper planning and installation, artificial trees deliver a setting that gets people talking. With less maintenance and upkeep than traditional plants or trees, and an upfront cost in line with live landscaping, the increasing popularity of artificial foliage is no surprise at all. Overall, they will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make for your home or business.
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