5 Ways to Make Artificial Green Walls Look Extremely Realistic in Appearance
Updated on 24th Jul 2017 by Planters Artificial
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Make Realistic Artificial Green Walls

Finding comfort and contentment in a space is largely tied to aesthetic. How well does a room, home, or office reflect one’s personality? A bit of interior landscaping can do the trick, and one of the best ways to do this is with artificial green walls. As far as artificial plants, artificialDubai is a great place to use them due to the arid climate and hot weather. Here are five ways to make artificial green walls look realistic in appearance.

Incorporate colours and styles that are common in the region

The first step in creating a realistic looking artificial green wall is to identify plants that are native to the region. Landscaping is designed to increase the appearance of an area without greatly impacting the amount of available space, and artificial plants spread on a wall do just that.
  • Artificial green walls in Abu Dhabi and Dubai often feature preserved palm trees in front of them, a signifier of warm climates and relaxing days on the beach. Preserved Palm trees look incredibly realistic. For indoor spaces with raised ceilings, they add an outdoor feel and often appear to bring an artificial green wall behind them to life.
  • Three-dimensional multiple planning designs are the best way to really bring out the plant life of Dubai and Abu Dhabi with artificial plants. They work better indoors than actual plant walls because they require no sunlight or water and don’t need regular upkeep.
  • Find shades of green that really jump out at you. A mix of lighter and darker shades accompanied by artificial trees and landscaping is the best way to make an artificial plant wall look realistic.

Use specified colours and patterns

Along the same line as the colours and styles you’ve chosen for your artificial green wall, be sure to use colours and patterns that aren’t going overboard. It is recommended to gain some knowledge of living green walls and landscaping design patterns used throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi prior to designing the artificial plant wall. That way, you’ll have a realistic pattern that appears as if it is a natural arrangement. The professionals at Planters Artificial can assist you is crafting the perfect colour and design patterns for your wall.

While the majority of the wall should be made up of different shades of green, strategically placing colours that really jump out at viewers in the centre or around the edges can help make the design look more realistic. Vibrant reds and yellows are a plus, adding a floral appeal. But multiple varieties of green should own the show, just like they do in living gardens.

Locate artificial plant walls in highly visible areas

Simply put, you want people to view the wall and remember it as a major factor in the design of the space. People should be talking about the plant wall when they leave. By emphasizing your landscaping, people will view the artificial plants as a source of pride. This helps people to think of them as real despite the wall being artificial.

Artificial Plant Walls in the Lobby
  • Lobbies and waiting rooms are great spots for a artificial green wall. Guests immediately feel more relaxed and in their comfort zone when surrounded by artificial plants.
  • Office spaces and cubicle rooms are other strong options. The soothing appeal of artificial plants keeps Dubai and Abu Dhabi workers feeling calm and productive. The culture of office space helps the walls seem more natural even though they are indoors.
  • Rooftop patios are the best place to make an artificial green wall seem natural. Many will presume the wall to be natural simply because it is outside. The artificial plants blend with any surrounding natural elements, particularly if covering an entire wall or section of panelling. By sending the landscaping over the top of a wall and down the other side, you’ll add an even more realistic touch.

Cover an entire section of a wall

We’d like to really emphasise this point. Covering an entire wall or column with artificial plants gives the impression of long-term growth happening over the course of many years. This appears very realistic. It allows the artificial plants to make a major decorative statement. Installing artificial fauna on only a section can work if it is designed to frame something else or spell out a message, but other than that, it appears tacky and synthetic. Allow Planters Artificial to work with you in identifying a space that lets the artificial plant wall shine and make the mark it is intended to make.

Use the wall as part of a bigger landscaping project

This is perhaps the easiest way to make an artificial plant wall seem realistic. Perhaps you have a garden or floral area in front of the wall (we offer the perfect artificial trees and preserved palm trees for the occasion) or are bordering a lawn. In the mind of visitors, more green equals more plant life. As only part of the ornamentation instead of the entire focus, you will increase the overall visual appeal and effect of the artificial green wall. Let it blend in with its surroundings, and hardly a soul will ever be able to tell it is fake!

Bringing them all together

These five ways will help you make artificial green walls look extremely realistic in appearance and realise the potential of artificial landscaping. Whether you’re out to spruce up your home, office environment, or commercial store, Planters Artificial is your go-to source. We offer the best products and an expert staff of knowledgeable designers and installers to work with you in bringing a bit of the serene into your daily environment.

With the complete planning of design and colours and a thorough examination of the best locations within your space, one or more of these projects are sure to meet your decorative vision for interior and exterior planning. It will take an honest effort to realise that the wall doesn’t contain live plants. Guests will be wowed when they find out. They look so real, you may even begin to be convinced yourself!
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