Office Landscaping: How to Create a Zen Zone with Artificial Greenery
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Updated on 29th Jan 2020 by Planters Artificial
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Artificial TreesKey Takeaways: 
A Zen zone can easily create some breathtaking views in your modern office. They are not only perfect for meditation but also present other numerous benefits such as increasing productivity. 
Every office ought to have a Zen garden or zone where employees or clients can feel relaxed and enjoy a better office environment. That being said, you may not have the time or space to create a natural Zen garden. However, a Zen zone using artificial greenery offers the same, if not more, benefits. While this may sound complicated, you can easily create a Zen zone with artificial plants. 
To ensure you get started with creating the perfect Zen zone for your office, we have compiled a couple of simple tips. Your office can finally enjoy the pleasant aesthetics and benefits that a Zen zone offers.

Simple Steps to Help You Create the Perfect Office Zen Zone

Creating a Zen zone in your office using artificial plants should not be a complex affair. Here are some tips to help you get started.

1. Choose a Private Area

One of the first steps to take if you wish to create a Zen zone in your office is to select a private space. Offices often get busy and you wouldn’t want work interruptions in the middle of your Zen zone. Always remember that you can get a tranquil space in your business no matter how small your business premises are. Space should, however, not be your main concern. All you have to do is to pick a quiet place.
If you are unable to find a private space in your office where clients and employees can relax, then you should create your oasis of tranquility. You won’t even have to invest much. Simply remodel or set up a place where your clients or staff can escape from the hustle and bustle of the office.

2. Clear everything

Offices can easily get cluttered with files and paperwork that show the years of work done by the company. De-cluttering is one of the easiest ways to build a relaxed yet productive workspace. Offices such as law firms that thrive on paperwork should get a comprehensive and orderly filing system to keep things in check. Any extra furniture such as chairs and tables should also be removed to pave way for a clean and composed space.
Having a spacious room to move in helps you relax from all the stresses that you may be experiencing at the office.

3. Ensure it is well-lit

There is nothing as worse as working in a poorly-lit office. Many people complain of headaches and eyestrain when working in such spaces. Others feel drowsy and even depressed when they work in a poorly-lit office. In many cases, we have little control over how well-lit our work premises are. However, this does not mean that we cannot create Zen spaces with the right amount of light. 
If you are lucky to have large office windows then you should always open the curtains and let the natural light flow in. If you have small windows, you may want to invest in glass panels.

You can also set up light fixtures with dimmer switches that help you adjust the brightness of the room. This will come in handy in your Zen zone as it helps set the mood. 
A professional artificial landscaping company can help with your office landscaping to help you get the best out of your premises.

4. Go Green

Artificial Plants and Trees - Office Landscaping
It goes without saying that green artificial plants offer a variety of benefits to both your clients and employees. As a business manager, you should go green as it will shoot your employee’s productivity to the roof. 
Studies by Washington State published in the ‘Journal of Environmental Horticulture’ have shown that workers in a plant-filled office have up to a 12% higher productivity than other employees in normal workplace environments. The attention of the participants was also seen to rise by up to 10%.
Artificial plants offer a myriad of benefits. Not only will they enhance productivity at your offices but they also improve the aesthetics and only need a little maintenance.

5. Decorate in style with faux green walls

Artificial Green Walls
A quick way to change your Zen zone is by using faux green or moss walls. With green walls, you can finally bring the calm and appealing ambience that you can find in a Zen garden. While installing green walls may not be an easy task, getting the services of a reputable office landscaping company may come in handy. They will help you determine the best faux green walls to install, which will enhance your staff’s wellbeing.
These walls can also be fixed on the ceiling if there is little space on walls or if they will interfere with the office’s interior décor.

6. Install an elegant water feature

Water also plays a crucial role in the Zen philosophy by symbolising the nature of our human minds and our energy. That said, a stylish water feature in your Zen zone can make the place more relaxing. The water will not only improve the aesthetics of the place but will also provide a soothing sound when your staff or clients need some meditation. You can also use some light streams to create beautiful rays throughout the day.
A water feature can be perfect for periods of contemplation, brainstorming, solving problems or even writing.

artificial Lawn

7. Use artificial lawns

Lawns are a useful feature that can be added to both interior and exterior décor. While a natural lawn may work best for exterior spaces, it is advisable to use artificial lawns when creating a Zen zone in your workplace. Lawns have a natural appeal that relieves stress and will enhance the well-being of the office staff. 
Artificial lawns will save you both time and money. You will neither have to care for the plants nor buy any lawn maintenance equipment.

8. Customise your Zen zone with indoor artificial plants and trees

You can easily customise artificial plants and trees to ensure they fit well in your Zen zone. For example, you can choose to integrate a faux ficus tree on the corners of your Zen room to add more beauty and help relieve stress. At the same time, you can also use faux juniper bonsai to beautify your table or to add a touch of class in your Zen zone.
One of the major reasons to incorporate faux plants and trees is their durability. Unlike live plants that die when not in certain conditions, artificial plants and trees can be placed anywhere. They also blend well with most interior décor and it is difficult to tell if they are faux plants. Artificial plants and trees will create an interesting work environment and attract people to your Zen zone.

9. Ensure your Zen zone has the perfect scent

It is often easy to overlook the importance of good fragrance in your Zen space. The scent of the room is synonymous with its look. Focusing on one of these elements and leaving the other will not bring out perfect results. You want to create a Zen zone that not only looks good but also smells as good as it looks. To get the perfect scent for your room, you can install air pumps connected to a sweet-smelling fragrance or have a small basket of scented potpourri.
Some artificial plants with flowers such as faux orchids may come with a good aroma. These plants are easier to maintain than natural flowers.

10. Get a reputable landscaping company

Sometimes, hiring the experts may be the best option. While you may save a couple of bucks with a DIY set, you may not get the results that professional landscapers will get you. But getting a good landscape company to offer you the best office landscaping ideas is not an easy task. Numerous companies purport to offer these services but they have no reputation in the market.
To get the numerous benefits that a Zen zone can bring you, you ought to get the services of professionals that will give you a plethora of office landscape designs. While it may prove costlier than doing it yourself, the results would be marvelous.

Getting Started with Your Own Zen Zone

Working the whole day can easily get tiring. Between writing reports, making phone calls or even attending to clients, stress can easily creep in. With a Zen garden in your office, you can help both clients and staff to relieve their stress and get more productive. But what if you do not have space or resources to create a Zen garden? With the simple tips above, you can easily create a Zen zone right within your offices.
All you need to do is to choose a professional yet reliable landscaping company such as to walk you through this important revamp. At Planters Artificial,we have years of experience working with clients in the Gulf region. Contact us today to get a quote.
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