Planters Profile: Jonathan Pardoe, Director
Planters Artificial Profile: Jonathan Pardoe, Director
Updated on 8th Sep 2016 by Planters Artificial
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Getting to know Jonathan Pardoe

What got you into the landscaping business?
I have always had an affinity with plants which has never dulled in my 32 years working with them.

How did you begin in the industry?
I started doing landscaping and found I enjoyed it a great deal. In order to progress within the industry, I attended university to study Horticulture. After completing my degree, I continued in landscaping for a few years before applying my knowledge to interior landscaping.

Why did you choose Planters?
I was living in England at the time, and the prospect of working overseas was exciting. I took the opportunity to come to Dubai with Planters in 1984, which was a young company at the time, and I have never looked back.

What is the most challenging project you have ever worked on?
That would be the Zen Gardens in Dubai International Airport. We went to Florida to select numerous 7-metre araucaria palm trees, then proceeded to undertake our largest ever shipment of plants. They were shipped by airfreight and in order to preserve their condition, they needed to be unloaded, removed from their boxes and put into the airport building within just two days. To facilitate this, we worked non-stop from 7:00am on the first day until 10:00am the following morning. After catching some sleep, work had to commence again at the first light. Our hard work resulted in a great success and the two Zen Gardens are photographed thousands of times a day due to their peacefulness and their unique aesthetic - such a feature is so foreign within airports. To top it off, this challenging project also won the top tier award at the British Association of Landscape Industries awards gala.

What is your proudest moment working at Planters?
There have been so many, from watching the development of our staff through the years, to completing pride-instilling projects and winning awards for our hard work.

What advice would you give the owners of new commercial properties?
Plants are astonishingly beneficial in the areas of air purification, health, productivity, stress reduction and promoting a positive business image. These benefits have been extensively researched over many years; our brains are hard-wired to respond very positively to the natural environment, including elements such as gently running water. It’s important for new business owners to know that it really does make a difference - to them, their staff, and their customers.

Do you consider Planters to be the best in interior landscaping? If so, why?
Yes, most certainly. We have a principle here at Planters that we find to be unique within the region: once a company entrusts us with their project, we take pride in executing it professionally and conclusively, taking full responsibility for the project from beginning to end. Our approach allows the owners to focus on other important business without worrying about what we are doing. Our solid work ethic and our proven ability to manage the project internally ensures that no one outside the company need be involved. Furthermore, we take pride in our staff, investing in their training and ensuring job satisfaction so that work is carried out at an optimum level, leaving everyone happy.
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