Planters Presents New Preserved Palm Trees for Commercial Spaces
preserved palm trees
Updated on 7th Aug 2017 by Planters Artificial
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New Preserved Palm Trees

Planters, the most trusted interior landscapers in Dubai, offers the popular preserved palm trees to decorate your indoor space. With their preserved palm trees, it’s possible to enjoy natural plantation indoors without the usual maintenance requirements. These indoor preserved palms are totally natural and preserved to ensure they neither grow nor die.
preserved palm trees

The Next Step in Interior Design

As well as offering a wide range of artificial and inherently fire retardant (IFR) plants, Planters is providing companies throughout the United Arab Emirates an innovative new way to decorate their commercial and corporate spaces. Through preserved palms, Planters allows companies to enjoy the visual benefits of natural palm trees, without the costs involved with maintenance.

In office spaces that are temperature controlled and which may not prove to be the best environment for plants to grow, preserved palms are an exciting and modern alternative.

Preserved palm trees do not require watering or feeding. Ideal for shopping centres, office buildings, or general commercial space, these trees can be installed as if they were artificial plants. They are also not susceptible to the same levels of degradation as many artificial plants. In terms of cleaning, the leaves can be maintained simply using a soft cloth – no special chemicals or cleaning fluids are required.

What Are Preserved Palm Trees?

Preserved Palm from Planters Artificial

A preserved palm tree is a real tree that is customized to fit any specific size that suits the interior landscape. The trunk is rebuilt around a plastic or steel core with a natural bark to form the shape of a natural tree. The bright, healthy-looking fronds, which are chemically treated, are then secured to the crown of the trunk. Though a modified real tree, these preserved palm trees still provides the benefits of a real tree.

Planters, UAE’s trusted interior landscaping specialist, can provide a variety of trees. A few popular trees are as follows.

Tropical Date Palm

The Tropical Date Palm supplied are between 5 and 12 metres in height. When preserved, it features composite fire retardant leaves, as well as a steel core to keep it straight. It can be straight or naturally curved. The outer covering is natural palm bark, and its phoenix canariensis palm frond leaves have been preserved through natural absorption methods.

Every Tropical Date Palm comes with a solid base and base fixing – and the tree can be fixed to a variety of different substrates.

Washingtonia Fan Palm

The Washingtonia Fan Palm also comes in sizes between 5 and 12 metres, with a canopy diameter of up to 3 metres. The leaves are preserved using natural absorption techniques, and the inner section is fire retardant and made of steel. The flare at the base is between 60 and 100 cm. As with the Tropical Date Palm and other options, the tree can be bolted onto a range of materials, including wood and concrete. It can also be bolted onto counterweights, to ensure it remains stable when presented in planters.

Cocos Palm

The Cocos Palm is available in heights between 5 and 8 metres, making this a smaller option for businesses with lower ceilings. It’s made with a fire retardant inner section and the usual steel core for stability, and is available naturally curved or straight. The nominal diameter ranges between 12 and 20cm.

The leaves are again preserved through natural absorption methods, with a frond length that reaches up to 2.5 metres. The diameter of the foliage canopy spans up to 4.5 metres. Every tree has a complete base fixing, meaning the tree can be attached to a range of materials, including marble, concrete, and wood. They can also be installed into planters.

Custom Trees Made for You

Customised Preserved Palm Trees
Perfect for interior and exterior landscaping, these preserved palm trees from Planters are custom made for every order. Every customer can decide the height of the tree they’d like preserved and delivered, meaning smaller buildings can enjoy shorter trees, and larger buildings can have fully grown, adult trees.

Planters also makes it possible to install curved trees, which have been grown specifically to create an angle. Multi-trunk trees are also available, meaning it’s possible to access the species of tree you prefer, as well as the size, nature, and curvature.

Is a Preserved Palm Tree Right for You?

A preserved palm tree offers a multitude of benefits, making them convenient even if you have the ability to accommodate living palm trees. These trees are fire retardant, meaning that in the presence of extreme heat, or even the presence of sunlight magnified through glass, they will not easily ignore.

The trees are also lightweight and easy to install, significantly more so than living palm trees that require soil, space for rooting, and regular maintenance. If your property does not have access to an abundance of light, they are also particularly useful. The trees don’t need access to sunlight to stay looking healthy and lifelike.

If you own a commercial property that requires foliage, but which does not have the room for the plants to root and the sunlight for them to grow, then Planters is here for you. Their high quality preserved palm trees will last for many years, cost less to maintain, and are significantly easier to install than the natural alternatives.

They’re also particularly useful for UAE businesses, who are concerned about the potential of fires, or of the degradation of artificial plants by the presence of sunlight.
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