Real vs Artificial Plants - Which One is for You?
Indoor Artificial Trees
Updated on 4th Mar 2020 by Planters Artificial
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Indoor Artificial TreesEven though artificial plants have objective benefits, and have been used for a while now for both outdoor and indoor landscaping, there are still some people who have second thoughts about purchasing them to beautify either their living or commercial space.
If you don’t know yet what the advantages are of using faux greenery, then take a look at our article about why artificial plants and trees are beneficial for your retail business. You will find there a series of objective benefits that can help you create a better experience for your customers.  

Nevertheless, artificial plants can also be a great way to decorate an office building, giving the workers more connection with the outdoors and with nature. This has been proven to stimulate the brain and help people be more efficient. By using the artificial plants, you get the most of it, with the minimum effort! 

However, all these advantages don’t mean that natural plants don’t bring any added value and they should be permanently excluded. The main idea is to find the right option for your own space and the activities you intend to perform there. So, if you are still confused about which one would suit you better, we have prepared a list to your answer questions.  

Real vs Artificial Plants – a Fair Comparison 

Maintenance: a time-consuming investment

Plant Maintenance
When it comes to choosing which option suits you best, the first question you should ask yourself is whether or not you have the right amount of time to invest in the maintenance of the plants. Lack of proper care taking would lead, in the case of natural plants, to big losses, that would be costly in the long term. You must keep in mind that plant maintenance doesn’t only mean watering the plants every now and then, but also cleaning them of any parasites that might appear, changing the pots and the soil regularly and always making sure that the new size is fit for the place where they are stored. When it comes to real plants, they continuously grow, and their needs will grow with them.  

People may argue that artificial plants also need maintenance and it’s more complicated for people who haven’t been in contact with this industry. That is only partly true, because artificial plants do need some maintenance. So, how do you clean artificial foliage? The answer is not that complicated. For medium sized plants, dusting them with a feather duster might do the trick. For the small ones, or the plants with small details such as flower petals, you can use a paintbrush in order to sweep off the excess dust, and for the bigger ones, you can simply attach a cleaning brush to the vacuum and suck up all the dust and dirt. You may also use a wet rug to wipe the leaves. Some special cleaning substances that are not harmful to the fabric of the plant and for your kids are also widely available. 

Value for money

How long do artificial plants last? Faux plants are long lasting. If acquired from quality manufacturers, they can last for years. They just need to be taken care of and not exposed to degrading factors such as intense sunshine. They can even last longer when they have inherently fire retardant foliage. So even though the trend may change, you can still hold on to some of the plants and just use them in a different combination or season. Therefore, faux greenery is a long term investment, and it will definitely be a great decorative asset. 

Real plants, on the other hand, need to be maintained properly. Once neglected, it may die and will need replacing. For real plants, you’d need an employee to take care of them daily, and that is a big cost to be taken into consideration. If you’re still sold to the idea of having a landscape using real plants, ask your landscape contractor if they can provide a plant maintenance package. This takes away the responsibility from your shoulders, and you may even get discounts or competitive rates!

Seasons pass by but the faux stays green

Ibn Battuta Mall Artificial Cherry Trees
One of the greatest advantages of artificial greenery is that it’s season resistant. It doesn’t have a cycle and it will not lose its petals or leaves in a couple of months. Therefore, you can have everlasting blooming flowers around you, all year round. Seasonal plants are a bit of a hustle. With artificial plants, what you see is what you get for the whole year. You don’t have to worry about adapting your yard every season to the new shape and state of the plant, or trying to cover up the empty twigs. Nevertheless, it’s less cleaning, since there will be no dead leaves falling from the trees. If what you are looking for are low maintenance plants that are good looking regardless of the month, then faux plants are the best choice for you.

Pollen – the hidden enemy

One advantage of natural flowers is their fresh smell. It can help people relieve stress and relax, feeling more connected to nature. There’s always a catch though – pollen can be really harmful for people with allergies. If you have such flowers at home, in the office or even at medical centres, there is no way to control where their spores go. The artificial plants may not offer similar benefit as that of real ones, but it provides similar aesthetic benefits without risking your customers and clients’ health. 

A one-time investment

Little Manila Artificial Tree
Natural plants can involve additional costs besides maintaining. This includes insecticides, fertilisers and other chemicals that will help them look great and keep the pests away.  If not properly maintained, you may have to replace them with new ones, meaning, you’ll have to shed new investment for your landscape. If you have the expertise and time to keep the plants in their best shape, they can grow with you and your business. With artificial flowers, you only need to buy them once. The only maintenance they need is dusting which doesn’t really involve much expense. It’s a pretty straight forward deal, and you know beforehand what you will be signing up for. 

No need for any skills

There is another factor, when it comes to having real plants – gardening. Some people simply don’t have the proper skills and regardless of how much they try, their plants will never thrive. This is where landscape contractors come in the picture. They have the knowledge on how to properly maintain each type of greenery. If you lack the skill but are still keen on having some greenery in your business premises, this can be easily attained by having faux plants. They will still be green and blossoming, even if you go on vacation for two weeks. It doesn’t take added responsibility and techniques to take care of it, and you can focus your attention on more important things for your business. 

More diversity and colour

Planters Artificial Plant Wall and Artificial Tree
Environment is another important factor when it comes to growing real plants. Each plant grows in a specific environment and you cannot expect to easily grow it anywhere. Depending on the environment, there will be certain colours and shade for the flowers and leaves. You cannot get a crude, Irish green in an arid environment because the plant would not survive. With indoor plants, it may be easier, since the temperature indoors can be controlled but it will still be a challenge to take care of a plant that is taken out of its natural environment. This is, again, not a problem for the artificial plants, since they don’t depend on the environment. You can mix any type of plant or flower, regardless of the temperatures outside. For more diversity, you can also opt to combine real and artificial plants within your landscape. 

No more mosquitos or other types of annoying bugs

It’s not unknown that plants attract a lot of insects. There is nothing more annoying than having a nice garden, full of plants, and not being able to enjoy it because of the mosquitos. Sure, you can use some chemicals to drive them away, but that means yet another investment. As mentioned earlier, artificial plants have no hidden cost. No additional investment needed after the purchase, and no bugs and insects too!

So, Are Artificial Plants for You Then?

Real plants and artificial plants have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the main point is to find the ones that better fit your requirements and abilities. In the end, it is your investment, and therefore, it should be something that will bring additional value to you.

If you have the time and money to invest in real plants, then by all means choose the best types for your interior or exterior premises. Remember that real plants, though offer a lot of benefits, also come with added responsibilities. So, if you just want to enjoy a touch of green within your office but do not have the luxury to maintain them, choose faux plants.  

For more landscaping insights and tips, check out the other articles on our blog, and if you want to discuss your landscaping requirements with one of our experts, contact us today. 
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