Preserved Palm Trees
Updated on 1st Nov 2017 by Planters Artificial
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Preserved Palm Trees

Preserved Palm Trees for Décor

The Sheer Magic of a Tranquil Environment

The idyllic setting of sandy beaches and crystal waves while sitting under a lush and beautiful palm tree calls to each of us in a way that entices us with promises of relaxation and calls us to leave our stresses and worries behind. Imagine if you could step into that world every single day from the comfort and luxury of your own home? Landscaping this picture-perfect world, whether indoors or outdoors, is easier and more affordable than you could imagine.

Elegance & Class

Artificial trees are a great way to start decorating, whether for business, pleasure, or a desire for greater creative expression. If you are searching for that perfect tropical date tree, without the hassle of traveling, an artificial design is waiting for you. If date trees aren’t what you are looking for, feel free to enjoy a popular Juniper, or a Cocus. These are only a few of the most popular brands of trees especially in the UAE. Washington Fan and Areca Palm are also members of this elite popular family and any of these will be a welcome addition to your home away from home.

Cultural Significance

From remembrances of Cleopatra being serviced with palm branches, to the tiny palm umbrella in your favorite beverages, the palm tree is a symbol of happiness and enjoyment. From all around the world, individuals and companies have been building artificial landscapes to put themselves and others into a state of comfort and bliss. Check out the Dubai Airport followed by a visit to the Dubai Mall for a look at how high preserved palm trees and landscapes can truly set the bar.

Dubai Mall Preserved Palm Tree Project
Hospitals such as the Sharjah Teaching Hospital have an idyllic array of artificial plants throughout their facility in order to bring a sense of serenity and healing. Companies such as Microsoft and Apple, and hotels like the Ritz Carlton are recognised for their use of ornate artificial walls alongside varying brands of artificial trees and artificial plants.

Emotional Wellness & Earth-Wise

Studies have proven throughout the years that the addition of artificial plant and palm trees can have an advantageous effect on people’s physical and mental well being. Companies around the world understand the business benefits of having happier, healthier, and less stressed employees, as well as customers. That is why so many companies invest in placing Palm trees into the lobbies of their business, as well as the offices or meeting rooms of their employees.

The artificial movement so to say has been taking the world by storm for decades and has become a booming business. The concept of artificial landscapes is not one of simply having an aesthetically pleasing home decoration. The benefits of building these captivating worlds is far-reaching and comes with bonuses of major value. Take for example Planters Horticulture’s specialist department, Planters Artificial, who is world renowned for their innovative artificial trees and landscapes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Skilled Craftsmanship Meets the Modern World

Planters Artificial not only focuses on the authentic look and feel of the trees, plants, plant walls, and landscapes, but on so much more. We live busy lives in today’s world and finding the time and attention to detail to properly care for a live Palm tree would be difficult to say the least. Some situations and locations simply do not allow for the proper maintenance of luscious palm trees. That is one of the fundamental values of owning an artificial tree.

A real palm tree requires a great deal of sunlight which may not always be readily available. The trees must be feed and watered and tended on a daily bases to ensure that the tree survives and thrives in its environment. An artificial tree needs no such attention. Whether the sun is beating down at a hundred degrees, or snow is dusting the ground with wintery coldness, a preserved palm tree will remain picture perfect.

Authentic Guarantee

Preserved Palm Trees in Mirdif City Centre
Many of the artificial products, especially those of renowned companies such as Planters Artificial, have taken artificial trees to a new level with environmental protection. In a world where our forests are being dismantled piece by piece, an artificial tree has become an earth-friendly alternative. Many of these preserved palms are actually created to withstand UV radiation as well as being fire retardant. These spectacular new ways of creating artificial walls, plants, and trees, not only saves the life of real trees, but actually helps to protect the earth with its additive properties.

Some people have expressed concerns over the fact that the artificial landscapes they are creating may look too artificial. The truth is that every day companies are developing new and safe ways to bring the realness quality out in all of your artificial needs. Planters Artificial even goes so far as to process real trees into their artificial ones giving them that extra authentic value.

Companies today understand the need to be environmentally cautious while still producing that natural feel that people are looking for. That is why no real trees are harmed while making this amazing transfer to artificial trees. The techniques used are not only safe and harmless to the real trees, but actually add benefit to the artificial trees themselves.


In addition, there are many tips to use in order to make your area even more realistic. It is always a good idea to be familiar with your natural surrounding and choose plants that go well with the area vs something that will stick out as unnatural. There are also sprays you can buy that will prolong the natural quality of your plants and walls without the worn out look that can occur after a long period of time.

With a wide range of pricing, the ease of relocation, and the lightweight maneuverability, a brand new artificial landscape can be anyone’s new reality in no time at all. Kick off your shoes and fix yourself up a nice cool beverage and then relax in the stunningly beautiful world of Palm trees, exotic plants, and walls of natural greenery. Surround yourself in the vacation of your dreams right from home.
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