Updated on 28th Feb 2019 by Planters Artificial
Artificial Plant Walls at Parkers
Here we are, moving into 2019 with steam! This year promises to deliver quite a number of new exterior and interior design trends, and Planters Artificial is excited to showcase our collection of artificial plants and trees that will ‘wow’ everyone from guests to customers. Before getting started, take a...
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Updated on 10th Dec 2018 by Planters Artificial
Artificial Plant Walls - Dubai Media
The rise of artificial office plants Plants have long been known to bring a number of benefits. Whether in people’s homes or businesses, the effect is the same. Now, a newer and far more cost-effective trend is taking root throughout the UAE - artificial office plants. Previously, there was not...
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Updated on 24th Apr 2018 by Planters Artificial
Office Artificial Trees
All About Artificial GreeneryWhen it comes to designing our living space, every trick in the book has been tried. There is not a single method or idea that hasn’t been explored. Even though the ideas are countless, one of the most striking is the idea that you can introduce your...
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