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Artificial Plant Walls - Dubai Media
The rise of artificial office plants Plants have long been known to bring a number of benefits. Whether in people’s homes or businesses, the effect is the same. Now, a newer and far more cost-effective trend is taking root throughout the UAE - artificial office plants. Previously, there was not...
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Expectations of Artificial Plants vs the RealityThe rise in popularity of artificial plants in landscapingOver the last decade, more and more individuals and companies have been turning to artificial plants to solve their various landscaping needs. There is a good reason for this shift to artificial and the current trend...
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Artificial Plant Walls
Artificial: The real green alternativeWith all the recent advances in artificial plant and green wall technology, the possibilities of installing a green wall design are indeed endless. The wide range and variety of artificial greenery available today have seen the design of green walls become an art form in itself...
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