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Planters Artificial is part of the Planters Group and is wholly owned by Planters Horticulture LLC.

Planters Artificial specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of preserved palms, artificial plant walls and artificial trees. We also supply artificial floral and foliage displays. The company has offices in both UK and Dubai. We supply Europe, Middle East and Asia with the experience and capabilities of supplying worldwide. We have been supplying preserved palms, artificial trees for over 20 years to meet the highest international standards in design and safety. Our consultants have the expertise to assist you in all aspects of your project, from the initial design through to supply and installation.


As cities grow and the urban population expands. Our vision is to provide the best and most innovative landscaping solutions so as to fulfil the deep need for humans to reconnect with plants and nature in the urban environment. To make a significant contribution towards ‘greening’ cities for the enhancement of natural sustainability and human happiness.

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We are a diverse team of dedicated and hard working professionals - passionate about greening the environment.
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