Updated on 17th Mar 2019 by Planters Artificial
Artificial Trees - Ibn Battuta
Investing in well-maintained plants and trees is probably the best decision you can make in today’s business environment. After all, human beings are known to have an innate emotional feeling and connection towards plants and other living things. From creating a relaxing mood to even improving the overall quality of...
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Updated on 28th Feb 2019 by Planters Artificial
Artificial Plant Walls at Parkers
Here we are, moving into 2019 with steam! This year promises to deliver quite a number of new exterior and interior design trends, and Planters Artificial is excited to showcase our collection of artificial plants and trees that will ‘wow’ everyone from guests to customers. Before getting started, take a...
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Updated on 24th Dec 2018 by Planters Artificial
Artificial Plant Installation
Artificial indoor plants and why your office needs them  With 2019 just around the corner, there is an increasing pressure for offices and workspaces to update their old boring office designs. The world is moving forward and so should you. One great way of transforming your décor to bring...
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