The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Greenery (Myths, Facts, and Tips Revealed!)
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Updated on 24th Apr 2018 by Planters Artificial
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Office Artificial Trees

All About Artificial Greenery

When it comes to designing our living space, every trick in the book has been tried. There is not a single method or idea that hasn’t been explored. Even though the ideas are countless, one of the most striking is the idea that you can introduce your outside environment in your inside space. The mere fact that you can have your living room look like the Garden of Eden is mind-blowing. Many people have invested millions of dollars in acquiring different plant species that they can grow on their walls and have others potted on their table. This whole shebang seemed full proof until its flaws started becoming evident. The cost and hustle of maintenance far outweigh its advantages. If only there were a solution that could make it easier to have an indoor garden without the stress associated with it. 

That is the whole concept behind Artificial Greenery. In a nutshell, Artificial Greenery is the art of designing your space using artificially-made trees, plants, foliage, grasses and plant walls, and preserved palms. These designs are usually great for indoor settings. The plants are formulated to look very realistic. At a glance, no one can tell whether they are real or fake. It requires a close examination for you to actually tell the difference. 

Ever since the introduction of artificial plants, Dubai residents have been skeptical. Artificial greenery has always been a subject of great controversy, especially with many international bodies and personalities advocating for a greener world. Different myths have been formulated in order to tarnish the name of this beautiful phenomenon. It is usually the lack of proper facts that lead people to come up with their assumptions and spread beliefs that are misconstrued. 

Therefore, before discrediting it at face value, it is essential first to understand everything about it. We will give you an in-depth analysis of Artificial Greenery focusing mainly on the facts, tips, and myths. We have already lightly brushed on some different facts and tips which can be found in our blog page. After this article, you will be able to understand everything about artificial plants and how it improves your living and working space in the Middle East. 

Before we get to the facts on the ground, let’s fast dispel somemyths and rumors that are circulating regarding artificial greenery. Have you come across some of these popular ones?

Discovering Myths on Artificial Greenery

They Are Harmful To the Environment

A lot of people have been led to believe that when it comes to the use of artificial plants, Abu Dhabi or Dubai would be littered with plastics and latex that are harmful to the environment. That is furthest from the truth.  The fact that you can mix artificial trees with living plants means that they are made using fabrics that do not harm plant life. The materials used have been tried and tested to see whether they are compatible with the environment. There are also government policies in place to ensure that the surroundings come first. 

You can also play your part by getting the right professionals and invest in high-quality artificial gardens. If you go for the cheapest option, expect to get what you deserve. 

They Appear Fake

Artificial Plant Wall at Pret to Go

Most people believe that you can tell an artificial plant from afar. They think that there is no way they can replace the beauty of nature and the aura it brings. Chances are these people have come across an artificial greenery system without even noticing it. With significant advancement in the landscaping technology, these artificial plants or artificial trees entirely resemble their natural counterparts. You will have to touch them and feel the texture to know the difference. It has taken years of research and practice to achieve this kind of mastery. If you happen to see one that looks fake, it is likely that whoever has it opted for the cheaper option. Again, you cannot compromise on the price and quality.

Using Real Living Plants is Much Better

Actually, it isn’t always the case. The idea of having cute flowers growing in your living room is exciting in theory, but once you have it, you then discover how stressful it is to maintain. First, you have to make sure that it gets proper exposure to sunlight. Secondly, the leaves have to be pruned now and then, and no weed should grow around it. The hardest part is watering them every single day. It only takes a day for your flowers (or plants) to die. Imagine if you have a whole wall full of it. It will be a disaster if you can’t properly maintain it.

With artificial plants and trees, all you have to invest in is the installation. Once you have the right professionals, your work is as good as done. Planters Artificial is recognised all over the Middle East and can get you the best artificial green garden for your business.

The biggest advantage you will have is cost. It may be costly to install, but there will be little to no need for maintenance. With live plants, you will need to have a gardener on standby. Your water bills will go up and your couch will be crawling with all kinds of bugs. Living plants can impress if you have the means to maintain them.

Facts on Artificial Plants, Trees & Greenery!

Government Regulations

Preserved Palm behind a Car
For anyone who doubts whether the use of artificial plants for commercial, retail or hospitality use is legit and approved by government authorities, you can rest assured that there are policies in place to govern their use. Landscapers and interior designers have to abide by them. These rules ensure that they are installed in the right way. Things like the mode of construction, used materials, and height limits have to be considered. There are specific ways of constructing the wall that the government doesn’t approve. The same goes for height. Basically, the government is trying to ensure that your design plan doesn’t harm the environment or infringe any human rights. Other than that, any effort to make the environment more conducive to everybody is lauded.

Plant Walls Are Installed By Professionals

The fact that there are government regulations shows that you can’t just wake up and put up a green wall on your own. There are professionals who do this kind of work. There is so much that goes into ensuring that the design fits in well and the general outline looks realistic. Planters Artificial has trained professionals that knows exactly how to execute every single detail and deliver a smooth finish. There is a whole lot of hard work and art that goes into setting up artificial plants in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or in the whole UAE.

For starters, no single layout fits all walls. All artificial greenery systems that you see are tailor-made for the client. The accurate dimensions of the intended erection space have to be acquired. Steel frames that will support the artificial plants have to be constructed from one section to the other. After that, the artificial plants are developed according to the client’s specifications. This is usually a complicated process since some clients have very complex needs which require a lot of more time to create. Once we have all the necessary details, the mounting part comes in. 
All these steps need patients and a lot of expertise. 

They Are a Part of History

The 21st Century would love to take credit for popularising the hanging green wall but it was a fan favourite even in the ancient times. After all, it is part of one of the wonders of the world. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon is the first structure that introduced the planet to the beauty of green walls. It is not about artificial plants per se, but that is how the whole idea came about. Artificial greenery is all about replacing the original plants with more flexible alternatives. The concept is still very much the same to its very core. 

By the time the 19th Century arrived, designers had started incorporating the hanging garden design in their routines. They laid the pathway to what vertical gardens are today. They realised that regardless of the amount of space, there is no limit to what you can do. If you have no ground space, the only way to go is up. Landscaping has evolved to where it is now while still maintaining some elements of the original masterpiece. 

Artificial Plants are Completely Safe

Synthetic materials are usually harmful to human life. It makes sense for you to resist decorating your office with indoor artificial trees and plants. However, as the top artificial plants supplier in the UAE, we can guarantee you that these plants are 100% safe. They are treated with fire retardants to ensure that they do not catch fire under any circumstance. Having combustible materials in your house or office can lead you to serious legal problems in case of an accident. The artificial plants are also fastened with stainless steel wires which don’t rust or wear out quickly. There will be no loose wires hanging out and posing a threat to kids running around the house or clients visiting the office.

You will also appreciate the fact that these faux plants don’t have bugs and creepy insect that can invade your space. You won’t need any particular chemicals or sprays to keep spiders and lizards away. 

They Last Longer Than Real Plants

How long do you think you will be able to maintain a living plant in your living room? It needs sunlight, pruning, and constant watering. If you leave your plant or tree for a few days without taking care of it, it will come crashing down. An artificial plant or tree, on the other hand, can be left for months without withering. In fact, it doesn’t require any watering or pruning at all. Once it is placed or installed to its spot, you can enjoy it for years. You will only replace faulty mounting equipment every once in a while, but that is also debatable since it rarely happens. The only maintenance that it may require from time to time would be the dusting to ensure its best appearance.

It all boils down to what you choose. If you opt for the cheaper artificial trees or plants, you have to expect that they won’t last that long. When you invest in your artificial greenery, you get an indoor garden that is made with the best materials. Outdoor artificial greenery will require a little bit of special care due to factors such as rain, sunlight, human interference and wind. Regardless, they still outlast any living plants even in their worst state.

Artificial Landscaping Tips & Tricks

Now that you are familiar with some of the most basic facts, it is time to discuss a few tricks that will help you maintain your artificial greenery. If you are smart about it, you will have little to no problems at all. Before calling on experts to set it up for you, you must equip yourself with certain artificial landscaping tips and tricks that will help you out when you need them. The experts won’t be there all the time. It will also save you a lot of cash that you would have spent on occasional maintenance. These tips come from years of experience in the industry. A good mastery of them will help you determine which designs best suit your needs.

Utilise Your Walls

Artificial Plant Walls

When it comes to achieving the perfect artificial greenery, your walls can be your biggest asset. There is so much you can do with it. To get rid of the boredom and make it more extravagant, use trailing plants like English Ivy Bush or English Ivy trails. You can spread them all over and turn them into different shapes and designs. 

With just a few containers strategically placed at specific intervals, you can also cover so much wall space with minimal resources. Make sure that the layout is consistent so that the desired outcome is achieved. 

Artificial Greenery as a means of Partitioning

The best way to manage a large or small space is by partitioning so that each area can have its own life. When you feel like your office needs a little more oomph to it, there are plenty of artificial office trees in Abu Dhabi. You can use a green wall to set aside a section for the files and other relevant documents. You can have another section where you take your short breaks and have your meals. You can then turn your central working area into an ‘outdoor’ office where you are one with nature.

Don’t forget to add catchy designs in the hallway. Your clients will be captivated and ready to spend their hard-earned money even before they reach your office. Use types that will make them feel at home.

Back at home, it gets annoying when your bedroom gets crammed up with things you don’t know where they came from. Use artificial plants to make room for them at the corner.

You can also use artificial trees to subdivide your small outdoor garden or backyard. Use it to set up a beautiful picnic area for you and your family to enjoy during the weekend.

A Means to Add Life

Artificial Tree at Smart Dubai

The best approach to artificial greenery is adding life to a dull space. Simply put, if you have an area in your office or home that you feel doesn’t have a good vibe, throw in an artificial green wall or a vibrant artificial tree and give it a character. Walls are especially hard to decorate. Imagine an expansive wall such as that of your hall way, filled with nothing but a cream coat of paint. Now picture it covered in different shades of green plant and a handful of yellow, pink and white flowers. Now that is a wall you can look at the whole day. Use different shades for different walls to kill the monotony but still ensure that the company’s brand is still manifested in the colour scheme. 

Mix Artificial and Live Plants

Wouldn’t it be fun when someone looks at your garden and can’t tell which plant is real and which one is fake? Artificial trees in Dubai give you the versatility to mix them with living plants without anyone noticing. If you have a garden with lovely flowers but you still don’t feel it’s complete, add some artificial greens and make it look full. It will give the impression of a well-maintained lawn. The synthetic materials will not suffocate the living plants. They are very accommodative.

Opting for Artificial Plants in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

By now, you fully understand that artificial greenery is not as bad as most people think it is. It has just been greatly misunderstood and it is about time we turn to facts and ignore the speculations. We have all the information and experts on standby. As long as you are in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, we can turn your office into an artificial green haven. Contact Planters Artificial today and enquire how we can help you with your artificial landscaping needs. Call us at +971 (4) 388 3283 or send your requirements to
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