Artificial Greenery to Transform Your Business: 4 Killer Tips
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Artificial Trees at Royal Mirage
Updated on 11th Dec 2019 by Planters Artificial
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Artificial Greenery for your Business

Artificial Trees at Royal MirageKey Takeaways: Ever since man first put up four walls and a roof together, he has been on an eternal quest to make his surroundings as beautiful as he possibly could. We have indeed come a long way from the crudely primitive cave wall paintings, but the need to beautify our environment is still very strong.

Civilisation brought about great advancements in technology that widened the scope of interior and outdoor design. One of the biggest milestones designers ever achieved was incorporating greenery into their designs. Man, being a part of nature, has always been drawn to it. There's just something that happens to you when you're out surrounded by the wild, that really can't be replicated indoors. The key then was to bring the wild indoors, and it was done with pretty great results.

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, for instance, was a great example of how greenery could transform a space into an object of breathtaking beauty. However, proper care and maintenance of such natural greenery requires a lot of time and resources that many businesses just cannot spare. That's why the advent of artificial greenery in all its varieties is getting popular. It completely changed the interior and outdoor design scene. Designers were finally able to bring the greenery inside, right in your apartment, your office, without all the hassle and stress that usually came with it. The variety of options you can opt for are almost mind-blowing.

Do you want a fleshy cactus, an exotic bonsai tree or a majestic fig for your office? Well, we have you covered. These plants have been designed to look and feel like the real thing, so much so that even the pros have a hard time telling the difference.

Offices have for long been plagued with drab and depressing décors. While it's true they are places of business, a little sprucing up never hurt anyone. In fact, studies show that exposure to the colour green increases productivity in workers. Plus, customers are more likely to remember a business that had a vivid and memorable design. With the right help, synthetic greenery can transform your office from drab to fabulous: with refreshed and energetic staff to boot. Let's look at a few ways you can use artificial greenery to completely transform the aesthetic of your business.

What is artificial greenery?

Artificial greeneries include plants that are designed to accurately imitate the look and feel of nature. Mostly made out of plastic, these products have developed to such a great degree that it's hard to tell the difference with the real thing.

Currently, there are hundreds of varieties of imitations in the market. This gives you so much variety for your design decisions that you might even be unable to make any. You may be asking yourself, why would I go for imitation plants when I can get the real deal at a lower cost? It's a valid question. After all, it is only till recently the practice of heavily incorporating greenery into interior design. However, with how widespread the use of such plants has become, it only makes sense to require help from top landscaping companies such as Planters Artificial.

These artificial greeneries are packed with advantages and benefits that make them the obvious and preferred choice over natural greenery especially in arid cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Read on and find out why.

So, why should you opt for artificial plants?

Artificial Landscape at Sama LagoonsFor starters, artificial plants, being synthetic, do not need water to grow. Gone are the days of brown and wilting leaves just because you forgot to water your plant for a day or two. With a fake potted plant or climbing vines, you get three hundred and sixty-five days of fabulous green without the hassle of watering them every day. Since the UAE doesn't enjoy a lot of rainfall, businesses will save a lot of time on resources that would have been spent on the water. Maintenance too, is a big responsibility plant owners have to assume.

Artificial plants are like pieces of art, forever stuck in the pose their artist left them in. You don't have to spend time pruning and cutting to maintain the plant's beauty. They require no maintenance, saving you and your employees time to make more money.

Most plants are seasonal, and they thrive and fail depending on the season. Artificial plants, on the other hand, need neither sun nor rainfall. You will never have to worry about your plants shedding leaves and flowers or wilting because it's the wrong season. They thrive in all climates and they are eternally green. And speaking of eternally, faux flora is a lot more durable than natural plants. At one point, your potted pot is going to reach the end of its road.

Fake plants, with proper care and maintenance, can last for up to years without losing lustre. Due to the variety of designs available in the market, you can incorporate them into your design, no matter what your vision is. There's always a plant that can fit your design, that’s for sure.

You also won't have to stress about the weeds and pests usually attracted to greenery. Be it a potted plant by the counter or a gorgeously green lawn, weeds and pests will never be an issue for you and your business. Since these plants aren't grounded by roots, they can pretty much be moved anywhere you want. This is especially helpful as you can move them depending on any design changes you make without worrying about shade and such. They thrive wherever they are out. Managers seeking true value for their money will find that these plants end up paying for themselves. They are cheaper to maintain, guaranteed beauty all year round, and flexible and adaptable to your design needs. You couldn't go wrong with artificial plants.

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Innovative Ways you can Use Artificial Plants to Transform your Business

Artificial plants cover a broad category. This gives you the freedom to go wild with your designs. Check out some of these plants and how you could use them to spruce up your business.

1. Artificial grass and its versatility

Artificial Grass and Plant Wall
Artificial grass has become quite common in landscape design these days. It is made of synthetic fibres designed to look and feel like real grass blades. It was initially used for sports arenas but its use in interior design has become widespread. One thing that we love about artificial turf is how versatile it can be in the design.

Do you want to make a statement that your customers won't forget? Do you want a little pop of colour that won't overshadow but complement the decor you've chosen? We have you covered.

Artificial turf can be in a form of throw rugs, fun little shapes for desktops, or even carpeted right onto the floor. A design many people have gone for is cutting the turf into long, geometrical shapes and installing them in artful and creative patterns. The concept works beautifully, especially if you have concrete or even wooden floors. The contrasts between the vibrant green of the grass and the grey and brown of your floors are magnificent.

The Leonardo Glass Cube is a perfect example of how artificial grass can transform your space. Its design is truly breathtaking – wide open floor spaces and clear glass walks with panoramic views of the exterior. On the lawn, grey pavement contrasts beautifully with fake turf installed in creative patterns. The grass complements both the interior and exterior design of the building, creating an effect that you won't forget easily.

If you're feeling a little more adventurous, carpet a wall or two in fluffy green turf. Spell out your business name and design your logo with the turf. You could also go the classic way and carpet your lawn in thick and green turf. It looks pretty good and it will shake up your business’ aesthetic. Whatever you decide to go with, your business will not look the same.

Need more creative tips on how to use artificial grass in your office design? Read more on our latest blog.

2. Use lone artificial trees for mood and a touch of colour

Instead of making greenery the focus of your entire design, you could decide to use it moderately to complement your existing one. Green is a vivid, bright colour. It has been associated with feelings of openness and productivity in workers. Let's say you opt for a monochromatic colour scheme for your decor. One strategically placed artificial tree will stick out, drawing the eye towards it.

Seibu Artificial Tree - Landscape by Nendo
                                                               Image Source: Nendo

The Seibu department store in Tokyo displays this beautifully. The designers, inspired by European city parks, installed screens to imitate wrought iron fences. Artificial trees pepper the entire place, the vibrant green contrasting quite nicely with the monochromatic design. In the changing rooms, synthetic plants crawl down from lit gaps built along with the ceiling. They give the business a touch of colour, and they can even lighten the mood of customers. Plus the contrast between the greys and greens is pretty pleasing to look at. You could be even smarter with your design, and use the trees to sell.

Since their vibrant green attracts the eye, you could place the trees next to your high-value products. You'll be killing two birds with one artificial tree: your design needs will be met and your higher value products will enjoy higher sales.

3. How about exterior artificial trees for your lawn?

Due to the climate in the Emirates, the landscaping options are reduced. So, if you're looking to revamp your lawn into something both your employees and customers can appreciate, you'd better opt for artificial trees. Planters Artificial, for examples, has a selection ranging from four to eight. These trees are of truly superb design and quality: they are UV-protected and have fire retardant foliage. They can go for years in the sun without any loss of colour. A single one can completely shake up your lawn. You could choose from our selection of maples, ficus, red and green Japanese or oaks. You see, with artificial trees, you need not worry about roots compromising your building's structure, or leaves raining down onto your lawn every few months. They stay pristine all year round and you stay worry-free.

If you want to go all out, pair them with some artificial turf for your lawn. You'll end up with a lush, green lawn peppered with vibrant, healthy trees, making the area conducive for relaxation or recreation. Or, you could go even wilder with your design by creating your little forest surrounding your premises.

Hannae Forest of Wisdom
                                                      Image Courtesy: Yoon Joon-hwan

The Hannae Forest of Wisdom, for instance, employs the use of artificial trees. Glass and concrete enclosures interspersed with rows of trees come together to create a truly wondrous effect.

Lenne's office with Artificial Trees
                                                         Image Courtesy: Terje Ugandi

A former factory building in Estonia designed by Kamp Arhitektid also incorporates trees in its interior design. This time, they went for angular wooden rooms decorated with five-meter high trees. The beauty of this is that you can design it to your specifications, with whatever type of trees you see fit. Since the trees don’t shed the leaves, you and you’re employees will have a shaded little forest all year round. It doesn’t have to be a grand affair. With the right help, whatever size you decide to go with will look spectacular, especially when juxtaposed against an urban backdrop.

4. Customised artificial trees

Great strides have been made in the artificial greenery industry. We have come a long way from the plasticky, fake-looking plants of the way back. Our production processes have been refined and matured over the years, and it shows in the grade and quality of products we release. Artificial trees are after all, man-made, and we can make them however you see fit. If you can dream it, we can certainly build it for you. Businesses with quirky designs or who are just looking for something unique can see their visions met. Trees can be custom-built to match your specifications.

Tree of Tenere
                                                              Image Source: Studio Drift

An interesting example of customised trees done right is the Tree of Tenere, exhibited in 2017 at the burning man festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada. Its design is spectacular. It uses algorithms to make the thousands of LCD screens inside the leaves react like a flock of birds in beautiful spectacles of colour. This just goes to show how much can truly be done with artificial greenery technology. Do you feel a certain colour will best complement your design? Do you want to recreate a tree you saw in the past? Or do you want to create something unique? We can custom-make trees that will completely transform your space.

Final Words

As you can see, artificial plants aren't just limited to the quaint potted plants you see in hotel lobbies. Far from it. They come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny, hand-sized succulents, to towering palms. Their applications in design are numerous. You can employ fake turf for explosions of green indoors – be it throw rugs, carpeted floors and walls or creative designs, the turf will work for you. You could go with artificial trees, placing them strategically to complement your decor. What's awesome about these products is that they're completely customisable.

Do you fear your designs are too radical and that no one will be able to deliver quality work? Fear not, for we can design from scratch anything you envision. Artificial plants are a great way to shake up your design and create never seen before aesthetics. They require little water and maintenance, last longer and because they aren't seasonal, they will always be green and fabulous. You really couldn't go wrong if you chose that direction.

Planters Artificial has been a staple in the landscaping industry, producing and installing top-grade artificial greenery all over the UAE. You can check out some of the installations we've done here. Our team of specialists will be ready to help you completely transform your business design into something profitable. Contact us today if you want artificial greenery to transform your business space.
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