Artificial Plants in Dubai: Expectations vs Reality
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Updated on 27th Sep 2018 by Planters Artificial
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Expectations of Artificial Plants vs the Reality

The rise in popularity of artificial plants in landscaping

Over the last decade, more and more individuals and companies have been turning to artificial plants to solve their various landscaping needs. There is a good reason for this shift to artificial and the current trend has not come about by chance. The list of potential benefits for a person or company choosing to go artificial is long.

There are a number of benefits ranging from creative possibilities, right through to cost and ease of installation. One of the main forces behind the current push for the use of artificial plants Dubai-wide at least, has much more to do with what is possible with artificial and not so with real plants. The indoor artificial trees and plants Dubai restaurants, hotels, offices and even homes are introducing into their décor are proving to be not only a great investment, but one that far out-weighs the cost of real trees and plants.

indoor_ artificial_trees_and_plants_dubaiSince the first appearance of artificial landscaping plants, there have been many questions raised about what is and is not possible. As well as questions regarding expectation and reality. Well, as one of the best artificial plant supplier Dubai has to offer, we would like to offer you some of the answers.

Let’s look at some of the most common expectations about artificial greeneries that led many to disappointments.

Anyone can create an artificial plant, tree or landscape

  • The Expectations
Due to the fact that artificial plants, trees and landscapes are just that, artificial, it is understandable that some people would be led to believe that they can make them themselves. The idea of being able to create your own artificial landscape full of plants and trees that you have made yourself seems somewhat achievable. After all, how hard can it be right? The expectation is that all you have to do is make yourself some artificial plants and trees and then you have all you need to create that amazing landscape that you have pictured in your head.
  •  The Reality
The reality of creating your own DIY artificial plants and trees will be very different from most expectations. The truth is that in order to create even the most basic quality artificial trees and plants, it takes skill and experience. Following DIY tutorials might get you some of the ways there but you would still require a range of materials that are neither cheap nor easy to get. There is so much that goes into creating life-like artificial plants and trees which is why artificial plant suppliers like Planters Artificial have skilled craftsmen with experience in creating the most botanically accurate artificial greenery. As for the landscaping itself, it will take a lot more than vision and some home-made plants to create a beautiful artificial garden. The best professional artificial landscaping contractors have decades of experience in the industry and will be far better able to help you achieve the artificial landscape you are dreaming about.

Artificial Landscape does not cost much

  •  The Expectations
One of the massive benefits attached to choosing artificial plants and trees for your interior or exterior landscaping needs is the cost. The cost of choosing artificial landscaping is considerably lower than going for the real alternative. This does, however, lead some people to believe that there is, in fact, little to no cost involved in going artificial. There is a belief that because there is less initial cost, lower weights involved, fewer costs regarding maintenance, that all of this means that you will be able to get the absolute best and most beautifully landscaped artificial garden or décor for next to nothing.
  • The Reality
As with most products and services, there are of course cheap alternatives. You could choose the lowest cost artificial plants and attempt to do the landscaping yourself. Or, you could choose a low-cost landscaping contractor to make your dream garden come to life. The reality though is that low cost comes with its own set of limitations. A low-cost artificial plant will not be anywhere near the same quality as some of the better plants and trees available in the market; just as a low-cost landscaping contractor will be a lot less able to provide the level of products, services and finishes as compared to more experienced ones. There is little that can substitute experience in the artificial plants and trees industry. So then, the reality is that while choosing to go artificial is far cheaper when compared to using real trees and plants, there is still a cost attached if you want to have a good quality finished landscape.

The cheaper the price, the better

  • The Expectations
For those who think that the low cost of artificial choices like the artificial office trees Dubai hotels are installing is the only benefit, it would be easy to stretch to thinking that the lower the price the better. Logically speaking, if you are only choosing an artificial landscape over the real alternative because of its low cost, then you will be tempted to save as much as you can. The market does offer some very low-cost options and because of the lack of other costs involved past installation, this may seem like the most cost-effective way to go. If you can save more money by going for cheaper products and landscaping costs, then surely you will save more money overall.
  • The Reality
Although the initial cost of choosing artificial plants and trees over real ones is far lower like what was discussed in the previous point, there is still a fairly varied price range attached to artificial products and services. You will be able to find some very low-priced artificial plants and trees but the reality is that they will also be of a very low quality. You get what you pay for when it comes to artificial landscaping. And if you want your décor or landscape to look lifelike, then it will cost a little bit more. The cheaper products in the market will not offer you the same as those on the top end. Good quality artificial plants and trees not only look real but they are hard wearing and especially resistant to light and heat. Top quality products are fire resistant and botanically accurate reproductions of their real counterparts. This means that when you pay a little more for your artificial products and services, you will end up with a far more effective and lifelike landscape.

 Zero maintenance forever


  • The Expectations
One of the main reasons for companies and homeowners choosing to install artificial infrastructure is the lack of maintenance required. Other than the low-price tag, this is one of the biggest benefits attached even to the famous artificial plant walls Dubai shopping malls and hotels are using as statement pieces. The expectations are that once you have bought your low-cost artificial trees and plants, there is nothing left to do but sit back and enjoy your new artificial landscape. Because they are artificial, there is no need to water them or tend to them at all. This, of course, saves any and all costs attached to maintaining your interior or exterior landscape. These costs can, in some cases for real trees and plants, be quite considerable so going artificial in order to completely cut out the maintenance seems like a great idea.
  • The Reality
While most of the people’s expectations from an artificial landscape regarding maintenance are in fact true and a great reason to choose artificial over real, the idea of absolutely no maintenance ever is wrong in some cases. The reality here is that artificial plants in cities like Dubai are exposed to different conditions as real plant or tree elsewhere. In Dubai for example, indoor artificial trees and plants can on occasion become dusty after some time. If placed in areas that are prone to dust, do not expect 0% maintenance if you want your plants and trees to look their best. While this does mean that there is some maintenance involved, this maintenance will be as simple as cleaning and dusting from time to time. It can be as simple as using tap water to clean the plants or trees once a month, although there is a wide range of plant maintenance contractors available to assist you in looking after your artificial plants and trees.

It is as colourful as you might imagine it to be

  • The Expectations
When shopping for artificial plants and trees, and mentally planning out how your future artificial landscape will look, it is easy to imagine a blur of beautiful colours. Even if you are filling your space with more subtle plants and trees, the expectation is to have bright natural and more importantly real looking greens and browns. If you have chosen to use artificial landscaping to brighten up a space or to create a more natural feel within the environment, then you will expect that your new plants and trees will be as colourful as you imagine. And that they will stay that colourful for as long as you have them.
  • The Reality
When it comes to the colour of artificial plants and trees, it is a very similar case to the quality in that you get what you pay for. If you choose to go for a lower cost of artificial plant or tree, then you can expect that both the quality and colour will result in a less true to life product. The lower quality artificial plants will not only begin life with a less realistic colour but that colour will over time begin to fade. The reality is that not all artificial plants will be as colourful as you expect as some are less. Others are darker perhaps due to the materials used in creating them. It will always depend on the type of plants that you choose to include in your design as well as the quality of the materials used. There are some artificial plants that will hold their colour well and will remain colourful for a long time, but there are also others that will easily fade over time.


Any artificial plant, tree or plant wall will suit any interior design

  • The Expectations
The fact that artificial plants and trees are not limited by the same things as their real alternatives means that they can be put anywhere. Spaces that do not have the luxury of daylight can now be filled with plants and trees. Areas, where certain types of real plants or trees could not be installed, can now house the type of artificial plants Dubai businesses are now favouring. There is a widespread belief that because you can put any type of artificial plant or tree anywhere, any type of these greeneries will suit any interior design scheme. Surely there is now no limit to the selection of plants and trees that you can use in any given space.
  • The Reality
The number of products that are currently available in the artificial plants and trees market is staggering. The choice is so wide that it would be easy to believe that you could just select any artificial plants and trees and they would fit right into your design plan. The reality is somewhat different. The fact is that in order to get the very best out of your chosen space, you will need to choose the right artificial plants and trees. To maximise these choices, you will also need the expert help and vision of designers like those who work with Planters Artificial. The creative input and expert advice that a great landscaping company can offer will be priceless in the end. It can mean the difference between getting a simple artificial garden and getting one that is stylish and functional, with the artificial plant and tree types that work best for the chosen space. By choosing artificial products that fit and suit your space best, you will ensure that your artificial greenery exceeds any expectations.


Artificial plants are just for decoration

  • The Expectation
When it comes to using artificial plants and trees as part of your business’ décor, some expectations are that this is the only purpose that this type of landscaping offers. The low cost attached to going artificial means that you can select plants that will simply serve as decoration and at best bring a touch of brightness and colour to an otherwise bare space. The wide selection currently available and the fact that there are no restrictions as to what plants can go together means that artificial landscaping is a good way of decorating a space. There is, however, an expectation that this is the only way to use artificial plants and trees.
  • The Reality
Assumptions that artificial landscapes are only used for aesthetic purposes are far from the truth. Not only are artificial plants good for decorative purposes, they can also be used for many other purposes. The use of artificial landscaping can stretch further than decoration as the ability to install it anywhere means it can also be used as infrastructure. You can use artificial plants to separate working spaces, to break up space or create partitions. Artificial plants can be used to cover up fixtures and fittings or even ceilings or walls. If you enlist the help of a trusted artificial landscaping contractor like Planters Artificial from the beginning of your project, they will be able to show you all kinds of design options that are available and much more than an artificial landscaping fit-out can be.

 Making better choices in choosing your Artificial Plants

As with most areas of design and landscaping, there will always be a vast difference between your expectations and reality. But once you are aware of those differences, then you will be able to make better choices to avoid being disappointed in the end. This will help you get the absolute best from your artificial landscaping design and to maximise the use of your chosen artificial plants and trees.

Just remember that when you opt for an artificial landscape for your business space revamp, it is very important for you to choose a contractor that knows what they are doing. As we have already covered, you get what you pay for. With industry-leading contractors like Planters Artificial, you will be choosing the most cost-effective route to having a great artificial design and fit-out. Why not contact Planters Artificial today and benefit from our decades of industry knowledge and expertise, not to mention a design team with both the passion and vision needed to get the best out of your chosen space. So, whether you are choosing to go for the artificial plant walls Dubai is becoming famous for, or you simply want to install some artificial office trees, there really is only one choice of landscaping contractor and that is Planters Artificial.

Call us today and let us exceed your expectations.
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