Artificial Plants for your Hotels & Restaurants in the UAE
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Artificial Plants Abu Dhabi | Vines
Updated on 9th Jul 2018 by Planters Artificial
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Artificial Plants - Dubai and Abu Dhabi

In recent years, we have seen a rapid rise of new hotels and restaurants opening their doors in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This rise, while great for businesses, does throw up challenges of its own. Now, owners and managers have to do a little bit more in order to ensure that their business stands out from the rest. One of the ways that they are doing this is the integration of artificial plants in their hotels and restaurants.

Artificial Plants Abu Dhabi | VinesIn a city like Dubai or Abu Dhabi, the use of landscaping within the hospitality industry had to be somewhat sparing. This is because the cost of maintaining a green infrastructure can run fairly high depending on how many restaurant table plants you have or the size of the outdoor plants used in your hotel. Each and every one of these green features, while adding to the décor and overall warmth of your restaurant or hotel, will come with a cost, especially in maintaining your greenery. Artificial landscaping is the ultimate way of ensuring that you reap the benefits of having greenery in your hotel or restaurant without having to continue to keep paying for them long after they have been planted.

The use of artificial landscaping as a means of introducing a green element to businesses is not that new a concept. What is new is the use of this type of low maintenance green infrastructure within the hospitality industry in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The rapid growth within the hospitality sector in these cities has led to a small revolution in the way owners and managers are looking at their interior landscaping. In this article, we will be looking into how and why this revolution is taking place, the benefits that artificial landscaping can offer your hotel or restaurant and the best indoor plants for restaurants and hotels.

Why Artificial Plants Are Good For Your Hotels and Restaurants?

Although saving watering cost is what sets the artificial landscaping apart from using real plants and trees, it is by no means the only benefit. There are many more reasons why restaurant and hotel managers and owners should consider the artificial trees Dubai restaurants favour or the artificial plants in hotels in Abu Dhabi for their interior design.

Here is a list of just some of the main and most beneficial reasons:

No need for natural light

Noodle House Artificial Plants
In the previous years, you have to consider the amount of natural light in your hotel or restaurant before you consider adding greenery in your interior. This meant that not only were these owners and managers limited to where they could place the plants as well as how many they could use, but they were also limited to the type of plants as they would need to be low-light living species. This has all changed recently with the introduction of artificial plants for restaurants, indoor plants for cafes and even artificial green walls Dubai and the whole GCC has begun seeing in the hospitality sector.

The fact is that there is no longer this inherent need for a hotel or restaurant to have an abundance of natural light in order to make the most of a green interior. The world of artificial landscaping has come on leaps and bounds, and restaurants and hotels with little to no natural light have benefited greatly from these advances; let alone the increase of innovative artificial plants Abu Dhabi and Dubai landscapers are now able to offer to the growing hospitality industry.

Low Maintenance 

If you have ever owned or run a restaurant or hotel that had any form of plants as part of its décor, then you know the work that is required to keep your plants healthy and green. Not only that but you are also aware of the various costs attached to the maintenance of indoor or outdoor plants for restaurants, and more so for hotels. That too, has now changed completely with artificial landscaping.

Now you can choose to fill entire rooms with green features like the artificial green walls in Dubai or the artificial outdoor plants Dubai is becoming known for. The artificial trees Dubai landscaping contractors like Planters are becoming known for throughout the hospitality industry require no watering and are low maintenance. This means that if done correctly, once you have put in that initial investment, your green infrastructure will remain green for years and years to come without ever costing you another penny.
The only maintenance that it requires would be the occasional dusting to maintain your landscape’s beauty.

Build Atmosphere with Natural Textures and Forms

Plants are known and loved for their ability to help create atmosphere. This is why the best hotels and restaurants throughout the UAE and all over the world enlist the help of restaurant plants & flowers as well as the outdoor plants used in hotels in order to give their guests or diners that cosy atmosphere. When plant features are flawlessly integrated into the landscape design, they can make your hotel or restaurant stand out from the rest.

Filling your space with greenery, whether inside or out, can cost you big time, especially if you are using real plants. Artificial plants, however, can offer the same aesthetic benefit with lesser maintenance requirements.

New Top Quality Lifelike Appearance

Artificial Tree at Grosvenor House Dubai
As with most things in life, if you want to create something special that lasts, then you will have to pay for it. Top level craftsmanship can cost a fair amount these days, but luckily, when it comes to artificial plants or landscaping in general, the cost is clear at the start and there is no likelihood of unforeseen or additional costs that come with real plants. Gone are the days of artificial plants looking fake from a distance and absolutely horrible up close. And yes while there was once a time when having fake plants in your hotel or restaurant would have made the space look cheap or tacky. This is no longer the case. In fact nowadays it is far from the case.

What the help of the top artificial landscaping contractors like Planters Artificial, you are sure to receive the best value for your money. The artificial green walls, artificial trees and artificial plants in hotels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai which they’ve installed are made using the newest technologies. This innovation in technology enabled them to create artificial greeneries that look and feel like their real counterpart.

Space is key so use it well

Normally, hotels and restaurants would think that they need to have large space for them to consider an indoor or outdoor landscape for their hotels and restaurants. With this mind, it just makes it close to impossible for businesses in the hospitality industry to actually go for it, considering the amount of space which will be sacrificed.

The artificial outdoor plants Dubai has begun to use in their hotels and the artificial plants for restaurants that contractors can now offer do not require large amounts of space, nor do they require additional space for the maintenance. Choosing artificial landscaping allows you to install green features in spaces that would otherwise be impossible to use in this way. Now walls and ceilings can be covered in real looking artificial plants like the large artificial green walls Dubai hotels are now using to wow their guests.

Remember, these are just some of the many benefits that are offered by using artificial landscaping in your hotels or restaurants. With the new artificial plants, some of which are almost indistinguishable from the real thing, the benefits and possibilities for your business are endless.

What kind of Artificial Plants or Greenery can be added to your Hotel or Restaurant’s landscape?

With so much on offer today in terms of interior design, and both style and function attempting to keep up with the growing hospitality industry, it is hard to know what way artificial landscaping can be incorporated into your business. For the owners or managers of hotels or restaurants that are interested in introducing some green features into their décor, choosing to go artificial is a wise decision. But that is just the first step, now they will need to decide what type of artificial plants or greenery would be best for their space.

While there is plenty to choose from, here are a few of the options that the best contractors are now able to offer for hotels and restaurants who want to revamp their space.

Artificial Plant Walls or Vertical Gardens

Artificial Green Wall
The plant wall has come a long way from its humble beginnings where bushes would climb up old houses and create a feature of natural splendour. In this modern day and age, the plant wall has perhaps lost a small amount of its quaint origin in favour of a more organised and defined structure. All over the world, the hospitality industry has become a large fan of the green wall or plant wall for its ability to utilise a space that would have been empty before. The wall was reborn as it gave birth to gardens in restaurants and hotels alike. And the new development of artificial plant walls means that there is no longer a need for watering systems or planting systems. This also means that walls that would have not been suitable for real plant walls can now be used to hold the artificial types.

Contractors are now able to offer artificial plant walls for a hotel’s or restaurant’s interior space as well as their exterior spaces. With no need for natural light and very little weight, an artificial plant wall can be installed on almost any wall or ceiling without any worries. Not only are they able to be installed almost anywhere, but the best artificial landscaping contractors will be able to offer artificial plant walls in various sizes and complexities, as well as designs like the three dimensional multiple planting design.

Artificial Trees

Indoor Artificial Tree
Artificial trees have come a very long way in recent years. Whilst they were once somewhat visibly fake and not well made, now they are incredibly lifelike and are almost impossible to distinguish from the real ones. This new breed of artificial tree is painstakingly recreated using new technology.

Available at heights between 2-8 meters, these trees can be custom-made to match certain specifications. These amazingly botanically accurate trees have been used by many high quality projects across the UAE. The rise in popularity with this type of artificial tree is mainly due to the savings in cost when compared to planting, watering and maintaining real trees in a hotel or restaurant. Some of the best contractors like Planters Artificial will even provide their customers with a 5-year warranty for each tree.

Preserved Palms

Preserved Palm Tree
All over the UAE, restaurants and hotels have begun to see the benefit and beauty of the Artificial Palm Tree. Palm trees are notorious for their need for water and light as well as lots of maintenance in order to keep them looking fresh. This is not the case with artificial palm trees. Now these artificial palms can be designed to match your exact needs. With sizes ranging from 2 – 15 meters, straight or curved trunks available and crown canopies varying in width from 2 – 7 meters, this is a very adaptable choice for your artificial landscaping. Their weight which is around 10 -13kgs per meter in height means that loading is not a problem and they can be mounted in places that real ones could not.
Artificial contractors like Planters Artificial will now be able to offer a range of artificial palms including: Tropical Date, Washingtonia Fan, Cocus and their new Areca Palm, they also have a range of Junipers now available for you. Cutting out all the maintenance, these palms merely need to be dusted once every four to six months to keep them looking their best.

Artificial Landscaping Projects in Hotels and Restaurants in the Gulf

JW Marriot Hotel Landscape
JW Marriott Hotel - Here we can see just how much the use of various types of artificial greenery can completely transform a space. The wood and stone perfectly compliment the green features to create a space full of calming atmosphere. This makes the hotel more welcoming for the guests.

Le Meridian Artificial Trees
Le Meridian – Le Meridian had used two large artificial trees to create a frame around their reception desk. These two artificial trees standing on the sides of their front desk create a great feature piece as well as a bold yet welcoming space. The artificial trees make a perfect harmony with the interior’s colour and design.

Movenpick Artificial Palm Trees
Movenpick Hotel - The preserved palms at the Movenpick Hotel are an excellent example of how large artificial palms can be used to fill aerial or vertical space. The higher your building structure is, the greater the vertical space it creates. This sometimes leave you a dull and gloomy interior. With the aid of a carefully chosen and custom-made preserved palm as shown in the image, you will no longer have to deal with empty vertical spaces.

Artificial Plant Walls at Parkers
Parkers – The use of green walls has become far more about style and concept lately, especially as the new artificial green walls that are available today allow for them to be installed just about anywhere within a hotel or restaurant. This can be seen here where the green wall has been taken from the wall and across the ceiling to make a green filled space that any diner would be happy to eat in.

Now we have seen how the different types of artificial landscaping on offer today that can be used within a hotel or restaurant. It is now just a matter of choosing the right contractor for the job.

The Best Contractor for Artificial Plants and Trees for Hotels and Restaurants

When choosing the contractor to install your artificial green infrastructure, you should choose a company with a vast experience; one that uses skilled craftsmen and have a glowing track record for installing amazing artificial trees and plants in some of the gems of the UAE hospitality industry. You should take into account the quality of not merely the products themselves but the service that comes with it.

One of the most important choices you will make when it comes to your hotels’ or restaurants’ artificial landscaping will be your contractor. Check out the landscaping companies in the country as well as their reputation and completed projects to ensure that they are able to provide a full end-to-end service and all works are carried out by trained and skilled professionals.

Choose a landscaping contractor in Dubai that has the knowledge, expertise and passion needed to provide the absolute best quality artificial landscaping in the hospitality industry. Choose Planters Artificial because they lead the market when it comes to the product range, experience and vision that is needed to create natural looking environments both inside and outside your hotel or restaurant.

Contact Planters Artificial today and ask what they can do for your hospitality business.
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