The Viable Alternative of Artificial Forestry
preserved palm trees
Updated on 14th May 2017 by Planters Artificial
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preserved palm trees

Artificialy Forestry 

As our fast-paced society changes and our global needs expand, so do many of our limitations as a society. How can we maintain the beauty of the outdoors inside our homes and businesses without breaking the bank, or opening ourselves to the risks of indoor mould or bug infestations?

Artificial plants offer a great solution to many modern landscaping problems. Better yet, artificial plants can be used in both exterior landscaping and for interior landscaping to make your space beautiful for a one-time investment.

The creation of artificial plants for interior and exterior landscaping provides an ingenious solution. An artificial tree or artificial green wall is a wall of facsimile forestry that has been hand-crafted to look like real live vegetation. With these materials, you can build an indoor or outdoor world where the sky is the limit. Artificial green walls don’t require water and won’t be damaged by the sun, freeing you to design in new and powerful ways.

Why Choose Artificial Plants and Trees?

For many homes and businesses, beautiful green walls and artificial trees provide innumerable benefits. Aside from bringing the inherent beauty of nature indoors, studies have shown over and over again that humans reap mental health benefits from being both near and in the great outdoors.

According to Harvard Health Publications, most modern human beings spend more than 89 percent of their waking lives indoors. As we age, the amount of time spent outside decreases significantly and there are some serious health risks that come with this lifestyle. Yet, disabled seniors and many others who live in particularly arid climates aren’t always able to travel outdoors. In these situations, artificial trees and walls can bring the vibrancy of the outdoor life into your home or office.

A good artificial tree or artificial green wall will appear virtually identical to its live counterparts, and can truly bring the ambience of nature inside. In fact, some artificial trees and artificial plants might even attract wildlife. With the correct lighting, the two are virtually indistinguishable to the human eye. Yet, there is an even better positive aspect to using artificial trees, and that’s the fact that they help those living in arid conditions to save water and cut costs on both their interior landscaping and exterior landscaping bills.

Lowering your water bill can also help protect your bottom-line because artificial trees are a one-time investment. You won’t need to worry about mould, rot, or bug infestation if you choose a artificial green wall. Instead, you can focus on creating something that is truly beautiful, as artificial green walls are an art form unto themselves. You’ll be able to build intricate designs, which truly reflect your style and personality as either an individual or company. Imagine your company’s logo blazing across the wall in a artificial plant design. This sends the message that you are professional, and you’re mindful of the ways in which you present your brand.

Cutting Water Costs

Artificial trees are wonderful for a variety of reasons, but they are especially useful in conditions where water shortage is a reality. Yet, even in areas where there is bountiful water—water can have a high cost. In high heat areas, the cost of water can be substantial. Artificial green walls don’t need any water at all and totally avoid this expense. Additionally, they are not as prone to damage from sandstorms or harsh sun.

While green walls and easily kept indoor forestry can help improve indoor air quality, artificial trees can also offer an eco-friendly solution in areas of water scarcity, like in the Middle East. This is an important feature because water access is absolutely crucial to human survival and Planters Artificial understands that we all need to do our part.

As of 2016, according to the Huffington Post, there were around 3.9 billion people living in conditions where regular access to clean water was a problem for them at least 30 days out of the year. The increase in water scarcity demands that we create new solutions to this problem, and artificial trees offer a sensible resolution. Instead of diverting water into high-maintenance indoor forestry, the widespread use of artificial trees frees more water, that can be diverted for use with crops and for human consumption. Over time, the numbers add up to sizeable water conservation.

Artificial Green Walls will Help You Feel Better

Artificial Plant Wall Behind Brown Couch

In addition to this, artificial green walls are great at absorbing sound. This means, that they will almost certainly inadvertently increase your sense of relaxation. When those in your office are no longer being assaulted by the annoying hustle and bustle of the outside world filled with sirens, car horns, and construction sounds, productivity will almost certainly increase. Furthermore, artificial green walls can help to isolate cubicles, offering additional privacy—all of which is crucial to a sense of well-being. Plus, the insulation of artificial green walls can also help cut costs in both the heating and cooling of your building. By maintaining a cool and comfortable indoor temperature and atmosphere, your employees will be less likely to get sick.

You Can Design Your Artificial Green Wall to Maximise Light within Your Space

The benefits of natural light have been well-recorded and lauded by health experts around the globe. By being outside, we get a healthy dose of vitamin D which can help with ailments like depression and concentration difficulties. Yet, in our modern world, spending time outside in the sun isn’t always an option. While Planters Artificial green walls can be a fantastic alternative in many of these cases, artificial trees also bring home some of the benefits of the great outdoors into your home or office. The coverage of the artificial green walls often provides many opportunities to bring in space for more natural light.

Some Closing Thoughts about Artificial Green Walls

There are so many wonderful reasons to build a artificial green wall inside your home or office. You’ll be able to show-off your creative side, by also cutting water costs and providing additional insulation to your building. Artificial green walls allow you to have a little bit of the outdoors inside your space at just a fraction of the cost. Not only that, you also won’t have to worry about bug infestation or plant rot. Instead, you’ll have a beautiful wall that will literally last a lifetime. Planters Artificial does it all best.
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